Bumgenius 4.0

What’s your favorite new product that we offer?

Winner gets a Bumgenius 4.0!


September 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Adrian B replied:

    BG 4.0’s are our faves!!

  2. Michelle F. replied:

    Fuzzibunz!! And free shipping!

  3. SharpieB replied:

    definitely bumgenius!!!!

  4. Jessica Deratany replied:

    BG elemental!

  5. Stephanie B replied:

    grovia aio!

  6. Kristy D. replied:

    ozocozy birdseye flats πŸ™‚

  7. Brooke P replied:

    I love my Happy Heiny ooga prints!

  8. Hillary Westbrook replied:

    BG 4.0’s

  9. Laura Schuler replied:

    The Ergo performance in gray. I’m saving up to buy one!!

  10. PN replied:

    BGOS and Flips

  11. Sarah replied:

    Not sure about “new” but I love your wet/dry bags and diva cup!

  12. Jessica replied:

    Ergo performance. I want one SO bad!

  13. Patricia replied:

    Flip! I love Flip and so does my little man!
    Plus, free shipping!

  14. Janae replied:

    I love the fuzzi bunz one size. It’s my favorite diaper!

  15. Kelly M replied:

    The weehuggers new bags

  16. Christy replied:

    Favorite NEW product? Well do the BG 4.0s with snaps count? I’m liking those! πŸ™‚

  17. Katherine replied:

    We love the snapping bg 4.0s!

  18. Erin replied:

    Grovia πŸ™‚

  19. Nikki replied:

    I’m excited that you have wool dryer balls now!

  20. Jill replied:

    BG 4.0!

  21. Becky replied:

    I LOVE the bumGenius 4.0!

  22. Allison replied:

    it’s not new, but new to me. Tiny Tush diaper,and BG 4.0’s, and Thirsties inserts!

  23. Adelaida replied:

    I LOVE the BG 4.0 with snaps! It’s a favorite around here.

  24. Rachel K. replied:

    BG 4.0

  25. Madeline replied:


  26. Rachel K replied:

    probably the Ergo performance

  27. Shoshana replied:

    I loooove the the elemental. My faveorite and I have tried most diapers out there!

  28. Lindsay K. replied:

    Ergo Performance Carriers

  29. Tiffany replied:

    BG organic elemental

  30. Nicole replied:

    BG elemental!

  31. Carrie replied:

    Ooohhhh, I haven’t tried them yet, but BG4.0s with snaps are the ones I’m most excited about.

  32. Lyndsey G replied:

    BG 4.0!

  33. Robin replied:

    BG 4.0 snaps!

  34. Lindsey Y replied:

    Ergo Performance Carriers!

  35. Carina replied:

    I am interested in trying the wooltopia balls!

  36. Phillip replied:

    BumGenius 4.0

  37. Jenny replied:

    I must say that the newest Baby Legs styles are way cute!

  38. Sara replied:

    bumgenius 4.0!

  39. erin replied:

    love the ergo… use mine at least once a day!

  40. eryn replied:

    I would say I love the Gen-Y covers and the wetbag….and I adore that you have free shipping!!


  41. Shannon T replied:


  42. Angela H replied:

    New bumgenius 4.0

  43. Kate replied:


  44. Tiffany Williams replied:

    ergo performance *drool*

  45. Krystine replied:

    Bottombumpers OS

  46. Kristen Hackney-Redman replied:

    Applecheeks! Well, I think they would be. I haven’t tried yet.

  47. MalinaDock replied:

    Bummis Easyfit prints for sure!!!!

  48. Erin Patrick replied:

    GroVia AIOs, though I too am wanting to try wool dryer balls (saw a previous comment on them).

  49. Tara H. replied:

    Ergo Performance!

  50. Rachel replied:

    Baby Legs are my favorite!

  51. Carrie replied:

    Applecheeks. Hands down!

  52. Heidi K replied:

    Wee Huggers Hobo Wet bag.

  53. Cassandra replied:

    I love FuzziBunz! They’re my favorite product that you carry.

  54. Lisa A replied:

    Excited about the BG elemental and BGS 4.0 as well! πŸ™‚

  55. Jen Scaggs replied:

    BG 4.0!!

  56. Britiany T replied:

    Wool Dryer Balls! Going to be getting some soon!

  57. Jessica G. replied:

    Bumgenious Elemental!

  58. Joanna F. replied:

    BG 4.0

  59. Cari C. replied:

    Magic Stick and Bottombumpers!

  60. Christina replied:

    I just started using the BG 3.0, so does that count? lol

  61. Victoria S. replied:

    leslies boutique wetbags

  62. Becky replied:

    The ERGO! Not exactly new but we loooove ours!!!

  63. Candice replied:

    Grovia AIO πŸ™‚

  64. Sascha Wagner replied:

    Ergo Performance Carriers

  65. Nicole replied:

    I love Apple Cheeks! Are they still considered “new”? πŸ™‚

  66. Kristina replied:

    the BG 4.0s are my favorite for my little guy. They fit amazingly well! LOVE THEM!

  67. Allison replied:

    Bum genius for sure! Love them!

  68. Lisa B replied:

    BG 4.0!

  69. Nicole Rodriguez replied:

    Gonna have to say Ergo performance!!!

  70. Sara replied:

    I’m loving the Rockin’ Green laundry detergent!

  71. merritt replied:

    BottomBumpers! I was excited to see that you are going to stock them.

  72. Mariah replied:

    Wool dryer balls! I need to stock up!

  73. Jessie H replied:

    WeeHuggers laundry bag!! We LOVE ours!

  74. Amanda O. replied:

    I love the new BG 4.0s!

  75. Terran replied:

    BG 4.0.

  76. Diaper Dad replied:

    Not CD I know, but the Ergo Performance πŸ™‚

  77. Heather Moore replied:

    The New Fuzzibunz!! In love!

  78. kristen huss replied:

    wool dryer balls!

  79. Natalie replied:

    BabyHawk Oh Snap! I’m so excited to try one soon!

  80. Hallie replied:

    I’d like to try the wool dryer balls – those are new, right?

  81. Joy replied:

    ergo performance carrier

  82. Diana replied:

    Ergo Performance!

  83. Jen replied:

    BG 4.0

  84. Jessica replied:

    I am pregnant and haven’t actually tried any of the products out yet, but from what I can tell without using them, my Flips diapers look really nice!

  85. Aimee replied:

    wool dryer balls!

  86. Sally Clark replied:

    Well…I love CDs so you feed my obsession. I love flips. Would love some new grovias. I stocked up on grobabies and can’t find another excuse to explain to my husband why i need more..ha ha.

  87. Michelle replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0—- I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Paula N replied:

    FuzziBunz love all the way!

  89. elspethcordelia replied:

    I’d really like to try the BG 4.0, so I guess that’s my new favorite!

  90. Peter replied:

    I love anything with snaps.

  91. Gretchen replied:

    Ergo Performance! πŸ™‚

  92. Melissa Phinney replied:

    ERGO! for fluff I’d say BG elemental! πŸ™‚

  93. shannon fitzpatrick replied:

    Ergo performance!! Want one so badly!

  94. Patti replied:

    the ergo!

  95. Abbie Neary replied:

    BG 4.0

  96. Tracy replied:

    Ergo Performance Carriers! Hope to get one before my little man is too big!

  97. Donna replied:

    I love some of the new fall Pedipeds!!

  98. Rebecca S. replied:

    The Ergo Performance, my sister has one and I’m jealous. πŸ™‚

  99. Sarah Connor replied:

    BumGenius 4.0… if only I had thousands of dollars to spend on cloth I would have some of every diapers. Seriously it’s an addiction.

  100. Sarah G. replied:

    Bummis Easy Fit in PRINTS!

  101. jennifer p replied:

    BG 4.0’s with snaps

  102. Gretchen replied:

    Ergo Performance πŸ™‚

  103. Tammy replied:

    BG 4.0’s!!!

  104. Kristin M. replied:


  105. Kara replied:

    I would have to say the BabyHawk Oh! Snap!

  106. Chelsey replied:

    Grovia AIO!

  107. Tamara Sz replied:

    My favorite new item would be the Bummis Easy Fit Prints!

  108. Jodi replied:

    Ergo Carrier

  109. Therese replied:

    i was so happy when you started carrying rockin green earlier this year!

  110. Christine replied:

    econappis πŸ™‚

  111. Kara W replied:


  112. Beth replied:

    Is the BG 4.0 new enough? I ❀ mine because it fits my toddler well!! AND it has snaps (he's learned how to undo velcro :p )

  113. Jessica A replied:

    Love the new BGs with snaps!

  114. laura b replied:

    Ergo performance

  115. Chelsea replied:

    Def BG elemental!

  116. Ryan replied:

    I would LOVE to have an ERGO, I it’s nice that you carry them.

  117. Karin replied:

    My WeeHuggers Hobo Bag. Used it for the first time yesterday.

  118. magslove replied:


  119. Heather Hudson-Alouf replied:


  120. Kelli replied:

    The new BGs and the Tiny Tush Elites (though I’m not sure those are new- just new to me!)

  121. Noelle replied:

    I love the Ooga Booga Happy Heiny that I just got πŸ™‚ It’s so cute and fits really well!

  122. Amy replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0!

  123. Emily G replied:

    Weehuggers Hobo Bag! Maybe I’ll get one tonight! πŸ™‚

  124. Jessica replied:

    I’d love to try the ergo performance!

  125. Michele replied:

    One size BumGenius 4.0’s!

  126. Jennifer L replied:

    Bg 4.0

  127. Amanda K replied:

    Wool Dryer Balls

  128. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    My favorite new product you carry are the osocozy birdseye flats. I’m going to order some very soon!!

  129. Leasa replied:


  130. Jamie replied:

    It’s hard for me to say what I like that’s new since I’m new to CD and your site! However, I love the free shipping!

  131. Tori replied:

    I’m really wanting to try the new BG4.0’s with snaps, so I’ll go with those!

  132. Carrie (DangerousCrayon) replied:

    I’m totally wanting the Bumgenius 4.0 (with snaps! I’m glad you’re carrying BG products!

  133. Kate C replied:

    BG and Flips!

  134. Jennifer replied:

    Ditto Ergo Performance. I really want one.

  135. Jessica Roberson replied:

    BG 4.0- they are keeping my super-sensitive girl dry and rash free, even overnight, with double stuffing!! Would LOVE to win one!!

  136. Leah R replied:

    I am coveting the new ergo performance carrier but can’t afford it right now!! one day…

  137. Vicki replied:

    BG’s I have the 3.0’s, I have soo many, too bad to, cause I would love to try the 4.0’s.

  138. Amy replied:

    BG 4.0s! Love the new rise.

  139. Ashli L replied:

    BGOS 4.0s!!

  140. Ellie replied:

    Applecheeks in orange zest

  141. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    I want to try softbums or applecheeks…I don’t know how new those are to you!

  142. Betsy replied:

    Ergo carriers! I would give my left big toe for one! But for now I’ll have to save up actual $$.

  143. Aubrey G replied:

    I’m excited you guys have the new WeeHuggers Hobo Bag!

  144. bECCA replied:

    BabyHawk OH SNAP! πŸ™‚ don’t have one, but want one!

  145. Jannell replied:

    4.0 with snaps are nice so far

  146. Erika F-P replied:

    Softbums is one that I really want to try. One of my favorites that you carry (but I don’t think it’s new for you) is my BabyHawk.

  147. Lauren replied:

    I wish I had just one favorite item! BG 4.0s rock my socks off though!!!

  148. Linnea replied:

    The new Ergo performance. We have the older style, I’d love the new one, but my dh wouldn’t be so pleased! πŸ™‚

  149. Libby H replied:

    Ergo performance!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  150. Shaunna B. replied:

    The Ergo! I would love to try one!

  151. Autum Lynn replied:

    Fuzzi bunz

  152. Lori replied:

    I would say Apple Cheeks, although I have yet to try them. I voted for you to add them.

  153. Laura B. replied:

    BG 4.0’s!!!! I love the snaps, and can’t wait until the new colors and prints are announced!

  154. Meredith Miller replied:

    Out of everything I have tried, I have to say the Applecheeks are my favorite, with a few things coming in a very close second.

  155. Jodi replied:

    I like the new limited edition Econobum covers – I just got my first and I’m loving the fit!

  156. Crystal replied:

    bummis easy fit print diapers!

  157. Jill Morris replied:

    All things cloth diaper related! I’m a total CD junkie!

  158. Michelle S replied:

    SoftBums and Applecheeks “orange zest”

  159. Emilie replied:

    I love BGs, they were one of the first brands I tried, but I have been dying tto give wool a chance and the Disana Wool Cover in pink is absolutely gorgeous!

  160. Janessa Solem replied:

    B.G 4.0!

  161. Talitha replied:

    BG’s definitely! But we haven’t tried the 4.0 yet…

  162. ryanandkatiestewart replied:

    My favorite new product is the ERGObaby Performance carrier!

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  163. Jenny replied:

    I am loving the new style of Ergo!!! And as always the bg’s and a new found love of Pedipeds (from your other giveaway!)

  164. Kendra replied:

    im so behind with the times! my newest things i have are flips. and i love them.

  165. TammyD replied:

    BG 4.0

  166. Adrian replied:

    bumGenius 4.0

  167. Sarah Hull replied:

    Flips! Love them!

  168. Catharine Bushman replied:

    I’m really excited about the Bum Genius 4.0. I haven’t tried them yet (as I don’t even have a baby yet! πŸ™‚ But will try them soon …. DD is in 4 weeks!

  169. Carla replied:

    BG 4.0 (BGs in general are our faves!)

  170. Ashley T. replied:

    AppleCheeks in orange zest.

  171. Leah replied:

    Diva cup or Ergo performance carrier.

  172. AussieAbbie replied:

    I would say a BG v4, i’ve yet to try one, so hint hint?? All I have is pre folds and BG3’s

  173. Julie replied:

    lovin the bg with snaps

  174. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    Hunter orange Applecheeks, or Osocozy Birdseye Flats.

  175. Amy ashlock replied:

    Gro via aio!!! And their diaper stick when it’s finally available!!!

  176. Cupcake & Baby replied:

    Flip disposies<3

  177. Masha replied:

    BabyHawk carriers … drool!

  178. kristen replied:

    I love the Disana Wool in colors…I have the blue. It is gorgeous.

  179. ann replied:

    the weehuggers hobo bag!

  180. shaina replied:

    Apple cheeks Orange zest

  181. Shannon replied:

    I wanna try the wooltopia balls! and maybe bumgenius. I haven’t tried cloth diapers and thinking about it.

  182. Aaron replied:

    We use a lot of Bumgenius, so I will go with that.

  183. Jamie replied:

    I’d have to say the Ergo Performance. Yummy.

  184. carly replied:

    i have been wanting to try BG’s 4.0!! I love my 3.0’s

  185. EmilyER replied:

    the ergo, duh!

  186. Natalie Hetrick replied:

    Definitely BG 4.0

  187. ryan replied:

    The ergo πŸ™‚

  188. Julie replied:

    I feel like it’s totally cheating to say that my fave new thing is the bG 4.0, but it is! Most of my stash is bG, but I don’t have a 4.0 yet!! I’m also really excited to begin trying some wool soon as an overnight solution!!!!

  189. jennifer replied:

    GroVia or Flip Which i do want to try. I also want to try the BG 4.0

  190. Natalie replied:

    Rockin’ green πŸ™‚

  191. Cyndi replied:

    Love the adorable tot bots diaper..they are amazingly absorbant and super cute!

  192. Krista replied:

    I think the WeeHuggers wet/dry bags look awesome! And don’t know if the BG Flips are still considered “new” but I still haven’t tried one and I think it looks like a grest system!

  193. Jeremy Laurin replied:

    Not a product but I like that we don’t have to pay for the shipping!

  194. Tracy replied:

    I’m really feeling the BG love these days – so I have to say the 4.0’s!

  195. Mark replied:

    the new Ergo baby performance carriers πŸ™‚

  196. Michelle replied:


  197. BrassyDel replied:

    How “new” does it need to be? I love the Thirsties Duo Diapers and Duo Wraps, and would love to try out Grovia and Li’l Joeys!

  198. Yuri Y. replied:

    I’m interested in the wool dryer balls! aaaand the free shipping!!!!!!

  199. Jessica Lister replied:

    Weehuggers Hobo style wet/dry bag!

  200. Miranda replied:

    I’m really excited that you have the tots bots!!! Super cute

  201. Elisha replied:

    I have to say the BG 4.0s!

  202. Lisa H replied:

    the Weehuggers wetbag!

  203. Tara replied:

    fuzzi bunz one size

  204. Laura replied:

    I love BGs.

  205. Lizz replied:

    FLIPs!! I ❀ them so! lol

  206. Jen K. replied:

    AppleCheeks envelope diapers!

  207. Jess replied:

    BG 4.0

  208. allison replied:

    Love the Weehuggers Laundry wet bags! I’m trying to justify why I need one πŸ™‚

  209. Andrea replied:

    I love GroVia!

  210. Dallas Griswold replied:

    Ergo Performance

  211. Jenn S replied:

    Ummmm, all of them? LOL! The BG’s most def

  212. Maria replied:

    BG 4.0!

  213. Karli replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0

  214. Alisha replied:

    BG 4.0 for sure!

  215. Christina Meyer replied:

    It’s a toss up here, i’m really likeing the new 4.0 BG, but i’m also loving the new fuzibuns OS that has the elastic adjustments!

  216. bambi bittner replied:

    i love the Tiny Tush OS

  217. Lisa B replied:

    the ergo performance is what I’m most pumped about, but I haven’t tried it yet!

  218. sarah replied:

    Hmm. I just ordered Bumgenius AIO’s and I absolutely love them! Need to get more!

  219. Val replied:


  220. Jennifer H replied:

    The ergo performance

  221. Lenore replied:

    BG 4.0

  222. Ryan Benigno replied:

    Ergo Performance. Something for the guys…

  223. Heather S. replied:

    Ergo performance. I love the spring green!

  224. Janelle replied:

    I like the wool dryer balls

  225. Cat replied:

    Interested in trying the BG 4.0 and of course love some Babylegs! πŸ™‚

  226. Maria replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0!

  227. Britney replied:

    BG 4.0s are actually my favorite new product!

  228. Rebecca M. replied:

    Bummis easy fit prints! So cute!

  229. Heidi M. replied:

    Can’t wait to try the BG 4.0s!

  230. Jenn replied:

    Bottombumpers OS and the Weehuggers Hobo bags

  231. Beth replied:

    BG 4.0s! I want to try a snap one πŸ™‚

  232. Karen replied:

    Fuzzi Bunz!

  233. Jamie replied:

    Osocozy Birdseye Flats! So easy, affordable & customizable to my baby.

  234. Lily replied:

    I really want to try the new BG 4.0

  235. Elizabeth replied:

    I’m planning to use mostly FuzziBunz when my baby is born in January, so I’m going to go with that!

  236. tasha davey replied:

    grovia’s products!

  237. tearah parker replied:

    BG 4.0’s

  238. Stephanie replied:

    BG 4.0

  239. Isha Tan replied:

    The snap BG 4.0’s look great, would love to try!

  240. Sarah replied:


  241. brian replied:

    excited about the new bumgenius 4.0

  242. Shane replied:

    looking forward to checking out the new bumgenius 4.0…hear they are great!

  243. Lisa replied:

    I have an Apple Cheeks diaper that I love. The color is so bright and the fit is awesome.

  244. LingerB replied:

    BG 4.0 all the way! I love our BGs

  245. keenglund replied:

    BG 4.0 with snaps–I hate velcro!

  246. Amy replied:

    BG 4.0 πŸ™‚ Would love to try one, since we love our 3.0s πŸ™‚

  247. Kierra replied:

    Bummis easy fits look awesome. Love to get my hands on them!

  248. Elizabeth replied:

    I love me some bumgenius! πŸ™‚

  249. Rachel W replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0

  250. jen replied:

    flip covers!

  251. Shane replied:


  252. Nicole replied:

    BG 4.0 with snaps!

  253. Jessica replied:

    i actually like the bg 4.0, fits my 2 and my 5 month old…

  254. Stephanie P. replied:

    BGs with snaps!!!

  255. tiffanie replied:

    fuzzi bunz one size

  256. Lauren P replied:

    Not sure which would be my fave, but I am aching to try an elemental.

  257. Suzie replied:

    BG elemental!

  258. Lisanne replied:

    BG 4.0

  259. Cyndi replied:

    The BG 4.0. I REALLY want to try it. eeck!

  260. kforrest11 replied:

    BG 4.0

  261. Heather A. replied:

    Love the new BG 4.0!!

  262. Jessica Foster replied:


  263. Amber replied:

    BumGenius 4.0

  264. Sarah replied:


  265. Colleen Maurina replied:

    The ERGO Performance!!!

  266. Melissa W. replied:

    I’d have to go with the BG 4.0 OS (w/ snaps). I haven’t yet ordered any, but I desperately need to since my 16 mo. is a whiz at getting off the 3.0 with aplix.

  267. Rose replied:

    HH ooga!

  268. Dora B replied:

    wool dryer balls!

  269. Jillian replied:

    bg elements

  270. Kerrie E. replied:

    BG 4.0 pocket

  271. Emily replied:

    BumGenius 4.0

  272. Andrea replied:

    I would love to try the new BG 4.0s – we’ve used the 2.0s and 3.0s with both of our daughters and I can only guess I would love the 4.0s too!

  273. Janet replied:

    I am sure that the BG 4.0 will be my favorite =) I’ll be able to say for sure once we get to try them!

  274. Jodie S replied:

    I don’t have any yet but I want a BG 4.0 so excited they fit bigger babies.

  275. Angie K. replied:

    BG 4.0

  276. VirtualM replied:

    BG 4.0 – I’ve not actually used one yet, but I know I’d LOVE it. πŸ™‚

  277. Theresa Kauffman replied:

    I love my new weehuggers hobo bag!

  278. SaraB replied:

    BG 4.0 in SNAPS!!!

  279. Krista Myers replied:

    Orange Zest Applecheeks

  280. laurie replied:

    Bg 4.0 and the gen-y covers

  281. Tiffany replied:

    BG 4.0 and I really want to try one!

  282. Ashley N replied:


  283. Rachel S. replied:

    My favorite diaper is Fuzzibunz, but those BG 4s look promising!

  284. Tammy Weiss replied:


  285. Helene replied:

    Don’t have one yet but looking forward to trying the BG 4.0!

  286. Becka replied:

    So many great choices but I’d have to say the ergo or I always love OS fuzzibunz and snapped bg 4.0s!

  287. fancygrlnancy replied:

    Ergo Performance Carriers

  288. Chris replied:

    BG 4.0

  289. Pam Koop replied:

    Oh so hard…hmmm, the BG 4.0 with the GroVia as a close second!

  290. Martine replied:

    Bg elementals

  291. Stephanie G replied:

    Ergo Performance Carriers

  292. manda2257 replied:

    HH oogas. I must have one!!

  293. Keeley X replied:

    Fuzzibunz! But I would love to try bumgenious!

  294. Jessica Shewmake replied:

    bg 4.0

  295. Amanda Carrigan replied:

    BG 4.0’s with snaps

  296. Katy Lindhag replied:

    love the babylegs!

  297. Annemarie Cohen replied:

    BG 4.0s!

  298. Betty replied:

    BG 4.0

  299. Carli replied:

    Rockin’ Green! Love the stuff!

  300. Kali replied:

    BG 4.0!

  301. Victoria replied:

    Hobo wet dry bag

  302. Kaylene replied:

    BG 4.0

  303. craftymontanagirl replied:

    GroVia Shells. We love them for travel and laundry day! Trim and they keep the poop IN!

  304. sarah austin replied:

    BG 4.0

  305. Andrea M replied:

    Thirsties Duo wraps

  306. Heidi J replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0

  307. Melissa Bodzioch replied:


  308. Nicole replied:


  309. nesta jessup replied:


  310. Aurelie replied:

    BG aio

  311. tyler replied:

    Gro via AIO

  312. Angela replied:

    Not sure if it will be a favorite, but I am interested in the bumgenius with snaps.

  313. Rachel S replied:

    Thirsties duo!

  314. serena replied:

    Rockin’ Green πŸ™‚

  315. Rachel D replied:

    Grovia AIO

  316. Jennie V replied:

    BG 4.0!

  317. Kristy replied:

    BG 4.0!

  318. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    Bumgenius 4.0

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