1 rockin green detergent bag

Have you tried Rockin Green yet??? Let us know here and get a chance to win 1 Rockin Green detergent bag.


September 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Kelly M replied:


  2. Krista replied:


  3. Jessica replied:


  4. Kristy D. replied:

    Yes, I’m a convert!

  5. Jessica Deratany replied:

    Nope! Want to though!

  6. Joy replied:

    1Absolutely! Love it

  7. amy s replied:

    nope – tiny bubbles gal here

  8. Janae replied:

    i haven’t tried it yet but i would love to!

  9. Heidi K replied:

    I got a sample of it and have used it a couple times.

  10. Rob replied:

    we love it. gets the diapers nice and clean

  11. Robin S replied:

    yes, love it!

  12. Maria replied:

    No, but I want to!

  13. Yuri Y. replied:

    haven’t tried, but i want to!! i hear they work great and that they smell yummy!!

  14. Christine replied:

    Yep I got the Motley Clean scent, mmm

  15. erin replied:

    haven’t tried but have heard lots of good things from other cd’ing mamas.

  16. Jennifer H replied:

    Yes and i love it!

  17. Donna replied:

    I have not tried it yet!

  18. Jessica replied:

    I haven’t tried it

  19. Lisa A replied:

    I have not tried it yet but I am very curious about it and would love to try it!

  20. Amanda K replied:

    No! But I want too. I

  21. Angela H replied:

    Yes, I have tried the sample… lavender mint revival. Orangevana is going away, and I really want some of that!

  22. Gretchen replied:

    I haven’t tried it yet 😦

  23. Heather Moore replied:

    Yes! I love it!

  24. kristen huss replied:

    yes, and I love it!! So sad Orangevana is being discontinued… 😦

  25. Sarah replied:

    I have tried it but I am running low! Trying to hold out for the new Mighty Mighty Marshmallow!

  26. Terran replied:

    I just ordered about 6 samples to try!

  27. Jannell replied:

    A sample but that is it.

  28. Sara replied:

    No, but I’d love to!

  29. Paula N replied:

    Oh yeah! Totally LOVE it!

  30. Nicole replied:

    I love RnG, but we’re almost out!

  31. Britiany T replied:

    No and I really want to

  32. Krystine replied:

    No maam

  33. Victoria replied:

    I have not tried it yet 😦

  34. Carrie replied:

    Not yet, but am curious…

  35. Marla replied:

    Yes I have! I love it! I love the Lavender Mint Revival and I am trying the Bare Naked Babies! I really love this Rockin’ Green detergent! Pick me! Pick Me!

  36. Amanda O. replied:

    No, but I really want to!

  37. Masha replied:

    No, but we recently moved to a place with very hard water, so I’m thinking I need to!

  38. Robin replied:

    yep -hard rock lover here

  39. Allison replied:


  40. Rachel replied:

    Not yet

  41. Tori replied:

    No, I haven’t. I really want to though!

  42. Jodi replied:

    Not yet…I want to!

  43. Jessica Roberson replied:

    Not yet but I’d like to!

  44. Therese replied:

    OMG, yes!!! i LOVE RNG detergent! I just did a load with Smashing Watermelons! πŸ™‚

  45. Aimee replied:

    Yes, I’m a fan!

  46. kristen replied:

    Have thought about trying it, but have not yet…this would be a great way to try it out!!

  47. Erika F-P replied:

    Yes, I have the Motley Clean Hard Water right now.

  48. Victoria S. replied:

    luuuurve mt Rockin’ Green!!

  49. Emily G replied:

    So far, I’ve only tried detergents available in stores. I’d love to try Rockin’ Green though – I’ve heard tons of great stuff about it!

  50. leasa replied:

    I LOVE it!!! WOuld love another bag

  51. Crystal replied:

    yes! I just rocked my first soak and it’s awesome!! My inserts were fluffier?!?! So exciting!

  52. Lenore replied:

    No, but I’ve heard great things. I’m a Tide addict so far.

  53. Joanna F. replied:

    Not yet, but I plan on it after our little one arrives in December!

  54. Jessie H replied:

    Tried it and LOVE it!

  55. Becky replied:

    YEP! We use that exclusively. SOOOO excited you guys are now carrying it!

  56. Amy ashlock replied:

    Not yet

  57. Shoshana replied:

    I tried a few samples that I got free with an order. I liked it and it smells yummy!

  58. Jill replied:

    Not yet but I’d love to!

  59. Chelsey replied:

    RnG is all I use on our diapers πŸ™‚

  60. Michelle replied:

    yes and I LOVE it !!! Heard today they are getting rid of orangavania… haven’t tried it — really wish I could have!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. brett replied:

    yes and love it!

  62. Jodi replied:

    Not only have I tried it, it’s what we use on our diapers.

  63. Patricia replied:

    Yes and I love it dearly!
    It not only saved my diapers, but saved me as a cloth diapering Mama. Love the smashing watermelons! =)

  64. Isha Tan replied:

    I’ve been trying to win a bag for months now. Fingers crossed!

  65. Catharine Bushman replied:

    No but I was just at a CD class here in town and they recommended it so I’m thinking about it!

  66. Kristina replied:

    yet but dying too!

  67. Peter replied:

    Not yet.

  68. Amy replied:

    Yes, love it!

  69. TammyD replied:

    No, but I hear about it everywhere!! I am going to try it this weekend! Nellie’s isn’t cutting it!! πŸ™‚

    • TammyD replied:

      But I do like how you recommend tide, I have to finish reading that blog later though!

  70. Sally Clark replied:

    not yet. would love to try it.

  71. Betsy replied:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard great things.

  72. Kendra replied:

    not yet!

  73. Cyndi replied:

    Yes! I have softgreen right now. I would love to try a scent next time!

  74. Leah R replied:

    Yes! Love it!!

  75. Jessica G. replied:

    haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my registry:)

  76. Stephanie B. replied:

    YES! We use it for our clothes and diapers, we may be needing a new bag soon!!

  77. Sara replied:

    YES, Love it!

  78. Kristen Hackney-Redman replied:

    I have had four bags, yes.

  79. Lauren replied:

    No, but I would love to.

  80. Tracy replied:

    Not yet – I bought a GIANT box of detergent locally when I started CD’ing and haven’t finished it yet…

  81. Jamie replied:

    No. New washing techniques are SO welcome here at this point. Getting frustrated.

  82. jennifer p replied:

    Yes, I have!

  83. Kierra replied:

    I have not, but I have heard it might be the answer to these crummy dorm washing machines, so I’d love to try it!

  84. Ashli L replied:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but want to!

  85. Sarah G. replied:

    I’ve tried it a couple of times.

  86. SharpieB replied:


  87. AussieAbbie replied:

    would love to try.. gives me an excuse to order more AL!!!

  88. Diana replied:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but would love to!

  89. Elisha replied:

    No, but I want to!

  90. Jessica Foster replied:

    Yes! I use it for almost all my laundry πŸ™‚

  91. Natalie replied:

    Yes and I love it!

  92. Ellie replied:

    I just ordered some samples and have yet to try them. I hope it works! So, yes, I’ve bought a few samples but haven’t tried it yet.

  93. Cupcake & Baby replied:

    Yes I have..working on my very first bag of raging rasberry hard rocking green…switched from charlies

  94. Michelle F. replied:

    I love love love Rockin Green!!

  95. Kara replied:

    YES!!!! I LOVE ROCKIN’ GREEN!!!!! Lavendar Mint Revival is my favorite scent and I use Hard Rock 2.0

  96. tiffanie replied:

    yes a sample

  97. Julie replied:

    No, but I’ve been wanting to! We’ve got hard water out here in the boonies!

  98. Aaron replied:

    I’ll have to ask my wife, I use what I am told but I don’t know the names.

  99. Jessica replied:

    yes, glad that you carry it locally, has worked great for us so far!

  100. Tamara Sz replied:

    I’ve tried it and we love it!

  101. Autum Lynn replied:

    Not yet but I want to!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  102. Beth replied:

    Yes!!! I love it, we’ve switched all our laundry to it. I’m almost out, too! So I definitely could use a new bag!! LOL

  103. Aubrey G replied:

    Yes, sometimes it needs a lot of rinsing, but does get them clean!

  104. Amy replied:

    I haven’t.

  105. Michelle S replied:

    I just picked up a baby powder and a lavender scent sample yesterday but have not tried them yet.

  106. Diaper Dad replied:

    No I have not, but I hear good things for hard water.

  107. Katherine replied:

    I haven’t but I really want to!

  108. Carina replied:

    No,not yet!

  109. Ryan replied:


  110. Shaunna B. replied:

    No, but i would like to try! I love all the scent choices!

  111. Kelli replied:

    Yes and no. I tried it but got some from the recalled batch. RnG said they would send me a replacement bag and they never did. Reminds me that I should contact them.

  112. Shannon replied:

    Nope i haven’t but definitely interested

  113. bambi bittner replied:

    i have used it. it worked very well for us

  114. eryn replied:

    I have not…but would love to…I keep seeing it everywhere and I do need to prep some dipes!!

  115. Val replied:


  116. Jennifer L replied:


  117. Brittany N. replied:

    No, but hopefully soon!

  118. Nicole replied:

    I did but then got the recalled bags (caused a little rash on my daughter). I did receive the replacement bags but have been a little chicken to try it.

  119. Melissa Phinney replied:

    I’ve tried classic and hard 2.0 and did a review on my blog of their detergent! (Check out SAPsMaMa at http://sapsmama.blogspot.com for a Rockin’ Green Giveaway right now!)

    Love Rockin’ Green! πŸ™‚

  120. Linnea replied:

    Yep, and mine smells like grape soda!

  121. Lindsay K. replied:

    nope not yet. I have a sample on order though!

  122. Mariah replied:

    I haven’t, but am definitely interested!

  123. Jen @ Eating My Vegetables replied:

    I’d love to try it!

  124. Jen replied:

    Haven’t tried it yet. Have been using Allen’s Naturally, but would love to give it a try since I hear it smells great. Have used the rockin’ green shake it up, and love it for the diaper pail.

  125. Dora B replied:

    no, but heard good things so I thought I’d try it when I needed to buy more detergent.

  126. tasha davey replied:

    yes, we love it!

  127. Leah replied:

    YES! LOVE IT. Have the old kind, and old packaging so the smell isn’t really there anymore. Would love to win some… at the bottom of my current bag anyway. BUT would you ship it to me in Canada if I won?? πŸ˜‰

  128. Shannon T replied:

    No but I really want to!

  129. Allison replied:

    No, but i’m seriously dying to!! We are still working our way through a GIANT jug of Allen’s naturally:) I’d love to try it out!

  130. Mark replied:

    yup! I got it to get rid of my organic fibers stink issues. we used country save and it worked great for my prefolds, but not for my organic bamboo diapers. It’s been 3 weeks. Seems it is working okay.

  131. Lisa B replied:


  132. Candice replied:

    Yes, but I got a bad bag… replacement bag came destroyed 😦

  133. Natalie replied:

    No and I’m dying to try it!!! This whole blog thing is making me want to shop — have the website opened in another link. Gah!!!

  134. Lisanne replied:

    yep, and I love it πŸ™‚

  135. Karen replied:

    I have and I really like it!

  136. Abbie Neary replied:

    I haven’t tried it yet. I would love to.

  137. MalinaDock replied:

    I haven’t tried it but everyone loves it so I’m kinda dying to….

  138. Nicole Rodriguez replied:

    NOt yet but I have heard amazing things! ANd want to try it badly

  139. Adelaida replied:

    I haven’t tried it yet. But want to so desperately. And it’s made where I live!

  140. Stephanie replied:


  141. Jessica replied:

    I have a bag, but I haven’t tried it yet. Once my other detergent is gone I’ll have to try it & I hope I love it!

  142. Hillary Westbrook replied:

    Yes! It’s saved a diaper and a WHITE comforter!! I love RnG!

  143. bECCA replied:

    i have! but mine didn’t smell….

  144. jen replied:

    Not yet, but I really want to!

  145. Meredith Miller replied:

    I have, I was actually one of Kim’s first customers (starting out buying diapers from her and remember her introducing Rockin’ Green), I have since switched to a different brand, but think about going back sometimes.

  146. Michele replied:

    Yes! It’s great!

  147. Mamie replied:


  148. Jeremy Laurin replied:

    My shirts have tried it thanks to the wife !

  149. Miranda replied:

    Not yet, but I’ve been wanting to

  150. Sascha Wagner replied:

    I’ve only tried a sample and it wasn’t enough for me to decide what I though about it.

  151. Sarah Connor replied:

    NO, because right when I learned about it (and you guys started carrying it) I had just ordered a HUGE million-pound tub of Charlie’s Soap (which I’m about halfway done with now) and I’ve been waiting until I’m almost done with that before I order some Rockin Green… but it would be GREAT to get to try it if I win it!!

  152. shannon fitzpatrick replied:

    Not yet!! But its all I keep hearing about!

  153. Elizabeth replied:

    Yes, it’s all I use! I love it!!!

  154. Tiffany Williams replied:

    yes! I use it for everything. best cleaner ever!

  155. Sarah Hull replied:

    That’s what my fluff is currently sloshing around in my washing machine in!

  156. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    I have. I use Rockin’ Green and Lulus. Both are great.

  157. Chelsea replied:

    Yep, I dig it!

  158. Cassandra replied:

    Not yet. I’ve been waiting to use up what I have left of my homemade detergent then I’m going to buy some RnG. Though I would love to win some so I could try it sooner…

  159. Karli replied:

    YES and LOVE it! Haven’t tried any scented ones yet, just the bare naked babies but love, love, love it!

  160. Lisa replied:

    No, I haven’t I’ve heard mixed reviews.

  161. Sarah F replied:

    No, I have not tried it yet.

  162. Britney replied:

    I’ve only tried samples but I love it

  163. Ryan Benigno replied:

    Yep, we use Classic Rock Unscented.

  164. Angie K. replied:

    Yes and it is great! Won’t use anything else!

  165. Kate C replied:

    Not yet!

  166. kforrest11 replied:

    just switched to it

  167. Maria replied:

    I tried a sample for a blog review!

  168. April replied:

    I have not but I’m ordering some samples this Friday!

  169. Brian F replied:

    No, not yet.

  170. Cari C. replied:

    Yes – last year’s holiday sampler. I think I need the Hard Rock version or the newer formula….?

  171. jennifer replied:

    not yet.

  172. Jen K. replied:

    Tried classic rock; planning on trying hard rock next.

  173. Jamie replied:

    Yes. As a new CD mama though, I can’t really comment yet on how great it is because I am not aware of what happens to diapes when you don’t use proper CD detergent.

  174. Phillip replied:


  175. Heather S. replied:

    Not yet, but a good friend has “rocked the soak” and loves what it did for her diapers.

  176. merritt replied:

    No, but I hear great things!

  177. Adrian B replied:

    Nope, but I have heard great things about it

  178. Jennifer Lutz replied:

    No i have not yet, i would really love to and the orange scent before it is gone!!!

  179. tearah parker replied:

    No, I have not.

  180. Jillian replied:

    I have never but would love to

  181. .tif replied:

    Never tried it, but I’ve heard good things about it.

  182. keenglund replied:

    yes–i had a really hard time choosing my scent!

  183. Kristin M. replied:

    Not yet

  184. Janelle replied:

    I haven’t tried yet but I’d like to

  185. cynthia hegarty replied:

    I tried it once, I got a free sample and it smelled so good. It worked fine.

  186. Jessica Lister replied:

    I am currently trying the hard rock

  187. Jess replied:

    not yet

  188. Lori replied:

    I have not but I hope to do so soon.

  189. Rose replied:

    I have, love the hard rock!

  190. Janessa Solem replied:

    No, but I really want to!

  191. Tara replied:

    Nope… would love to

  192. Noelle replied:

    Yes, I love it! The watermelon scent is so yummy!

  193. Kerrie E. replied:

    I have tried the hard rock samples and loved it! It knocked the stink right out of our dipes! I have not had a chance to buy more on the count that I am still trying to build my stash.

  194. Rachel K replied:

    have not tried and i’d love to!

  195. Carla replied:


  196. Amy replied:

    Use it daily!

  197. carissa buckson replied:

    not yet, the local cloth store is always sold out.

  198. Colby replied:

    I’m in love with Rockin’ Green Hard Rock, its saved my little one’s tush!

  199. Madeline replied:

    It’s the one detergent that I haven’t tried that I do want to try!

  200. Emilie replied:

    I have, but just a couple sample packets.

  201. Christy replied:

    Yes, its been working well for us!

  202. fancygrlnancy replied:

    yes we use it now.

  203. Lizz replied:

    I’ve actually gotten a sample size of it and I loooove it. Will be buying some from you guys soon! lol

  204. AussieAbbie replied:

    Would this be better than the publix brand free and clear we currently use???!!!!

  205. Naomi Rozak (was Curlett) replied:

    No, haven’t tried it, and have had it recommended a few times!

  206. Becky replied:

    Yes and I LOVE it!

  207. Laura B. replied:

    It’s the only thing we use now. Country Save gave my daughter a rash, so I switched to RNG and love it!

  208. Tammy Weiss replied:

    Nope but would like to

  209. Jessica A replied:

    Yup! I’m running low, though…

  210. Carrie (DangerousCrayon) replied:

    I have tried it, and I want more!

  211. Hannah replied:

    Not yet, but it would be great for our hard water!

  212. Lisa H replied:

    not yet

  213. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    Yes, I’ve tried the classic rock and I think it is great! About to need another bag…

  214. Michelle replied:

    Yes and I love it! It’s the only thing that has taken care of my toddler’s nighttime amonia smelling diapers!

  215. Sarah Sparks replied:

    Yes and I love it

  216. Jen Scaggs replied:

    Yep, that’s what we use!

  217. Patti replied:

    I hve and I like it

  218. Betsy replied:


  219. Andrea replied:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but would like to!

  220. Rebecca M. replied:

    I have tried a sample and would love more!

  221. Stephanie P. replied:

    Yes, and love it! Classic rock ftw!

  222. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    I’ve tried 2 samples and love their detergent.

  223. Dallas Griswold replied:

    I have the Hard Rock but am still on the fence. So used to my Allen’s Naturally but do get some microfiber stink. I should give it a better try.

  224. sarah replied:

    Yes! Love it!!!

  225. Nicole replied:

    I’ve never tried it but I’d like to.

  226. Shane replied:

    not yet…

  227. Emily replied:

    I use it all the time!

  228. Christina Meyer replied:

    just a sample pack, and i think it might have been part of the recall batch, cause it didn’t work as well as i thought it would have, and it was right around that time.

  229. Kara W replied:

    I wash all my clothes and cloth diapers in RNG’s smashing watermellon and bare naked babies

  230. Sarah replied:

    Not yet

  231. Rebecca S. replied:

    Have not tried it yet.

  232. LingerB replied:

    recently got a sample and I love it! I would LOVE to have a full bag!

  233. Heather A. replied:

    I wash my CD’s with it all the time

  234. Nina Maddux replied:

    I’ve tried a little and love it. Will be getting more when I develop my stash.

  235. Heidi M. replied:

    Loved the smells but baby boy got a rash from even the unscented. 😦

    • Heidi M. replied:

      But I would totally use it for the rest of our laundry! πŸ™‚

  236. Carrie replied:

    Nope, but I’d love to try it!

  237. Rachel W replied:

    I just tried a sample of it. So far, I like it!

  238. jen replied:


    i miss the old scents, but am excited to see what else they come up with.

  239. Libby H replied:

    nope, but I’m hoping I’m about to! πŸ˜‰

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  240. laurie replied:

    nope…but have been wanting to try it out

  241. Karin replied:

    Nope, but want to!

  242. VirtualM replied:

    i have – i like it, but i’ve also used other things that work well for me. then again, can’t knock free detergent!

  243. Tiffany replied:

    Yep and I LOVE it!

  244. Chris replied:


  245. Tina replied:

    Yes, had 2 recalled bags, lol. I’d love some “good” RnG!

  246. teresa replied:

    nope, haven’t tried yet

  247. tyler replied:

    no but i will be ordering some soon! Can’t wait to try it.

  248. Stephanie G replied:

    not yet, but I would like to!

  249. Jessica Shewmake replied:

    no not yet, but I have been thinking about it lately.

  250. Ashley T. replied:

    I’ve tried hard rock, but had to venture out to see what else I like. Would love to get back to it.

  251. Katie Stewart replied:

    No, I haven’t! And I’d LOVE to! Thanks!

  252. Andrea replied:

    Yes and we like it enough to stick with it – it’s worked well for us!

  253. Kara C. replied:

    nope….i have not tried it

  254. Tracie Gasiorowski replied:


  255. manda2257 replied:

    I bought one bag and it ended up being recalled. I never asked for a refund or anything so I could use another bag. I’ve been buying samples.

  256. Emily Skokna replied:

    Yep, and love it!

  257. carly replied:

    yes i have tried samples and i love it

  258. Erin Becker replied:

    Love my RnG! Bare Naked Babies is where it’s at! Unscented, yet still smells awesome πŸ™‚

  259. ryan replied:

    not yet!

  260. craftymontanagirl replied:

    We LOVE Rockin’ Green! We rock HARD with Smashing Watermelons!

  261. Jamie replied:

    Nope but heard good things about it.

  262. Kaylene replied:

    It is the only detergent we use!

  263. ann replied:

    i have been wanting too!

  264. Lauren P replied:

    I haven’t yet, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it. Hmmmm, maybe if I win it… πŸ˜‰

  265. monkeyfamily replied:

    Nope, but I would love to!!

  266. sarah replied:

    Nope, only Tide, and it works great for us.

  267. Katy Lindhag replied:

    Haven’t tried it yet.

  268. Talitha replied:

    I’d love to!

  269. Carly replied:

    Not Yet:)

  270. Shaina replied:

    yes..I’ve washed all my newborns clothes and diapers in it.

  271. Amber replied:

    Not yet! Definately want to

  272. Becka replied:

    Yep we’ve used it. Works great so far for my hard water. Love the smashing watermelon scent!

  273. Meaghan Woodford replied:

    Not yet.

  274. Kali replied:

    Yes and I absolutely love it!

  275. Annemarie Cohen replied:

    I have! I purchased a sample off their website and it’s great!

  276. SaraB replied:

    not yet, but would love to!

  277. Hiro K replied:

    NOT YET…

  278. Nicole replied:

    no , use nelly’s

  279. Melissa Bodzioch replied:

    I just got a sample this week, have not had a chance to try it yet because I’m trying to figure out how to soak on my HE TL (yes you read that right I have an HE TL) go figure.

  280. Jenn replied:

    Yes and it works great!

  281. Michaela T replied:

    I have and Love it! So far Plain green teas is my fav scent!

  282. Rachel S. replied:

    Yes, but I just moved, and I think I might need Hard Rock now!

  283. Andrea M replied:

    No. Don’t know…maybe I’ll try it

  284. amanda olson replied:

    its awesome!

  285. Heidi J replied:

    Yes, I’ve tried it and I’ve had mixed results with it, but I think I have softer water than I thought I did.

  286. Aurelie replied:

    Yep. I have a load in the wash right now washing with Hard Rock

  287. Carli replied:

    I LOVE Rockin’ Green. It’s about time for me to get a new bag as well…

  288. nesta jessup replied:

    not yet! i really want to try it though!

  289. Julie Jensen replied:

    I have not tried Rockin Green but WOULD LOVE TO WIN IT SO I COULD!!!!! πŸ™‚

  290. Jaime replied:

    haven’t tried it yet but would love to!

  291. Natalie replied:

    I had a really rough time CDing with our front loader. I’m hoping to use rockin green when we start up CDing again with our newest babe to be.

  292. Ashley Stanciel replied:

    Haven’t been able to yet, but would love to!

  293. Lisa V replied:

    Haven’t tried it yet!

  294. Porschia Haley W. replied:

    Just tried my 1st sample and the 1st load with it…HEAVEN! no more stink…load #2 going in after I enter this drawing πŸ™‚

  295. jessica browne replied:

    not yet, but would love to

  296. Rachel S replied:

    Yes! Ordered samples from you and love it!!

  297. Heather W. replied:

    LOVE Rockin Green!

  298. Rachel D replied:

    I’ve only tried a sample of the new classic rock- loved it!

  299. Hannah Williams replied:

    yes – LOVE the green tea scent!!!

  300. Jennie V replied:

    nope, but I want to!

  301. serena replied:

    I am on my first bag of RG right now. LOVE IT!!!

  302. Colleen Maurina replied:

    No, I have not tried it yet! Have heard great things about it!

  303. Kristy replied:

    LOVE Rockin’Green (especially Rage Against the Raspberries!) The best detergent to get the stink out of our diapers!

  304. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    Not yet, would love to try it!!

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