1 planet wise pail liner

Are we having fun yet???????? Win 1 planet wise pail liner here!


September 20, 2010. Fun.


  1. Jessica replied:


    • jennifer replied:

      yes, this is my first time doing something like this,and i’m enjoying it.

    • amanda olson replied:


  2. amy s replied:

    lots of fun!

  3. Jessica Deratany replied:

    Wooo YEs!

  4. Candice replied:


  5. Angela H replied:

    This is the most fun I have had in YEARS!!!!

  6. Betsy replied:

    So much fun!

  7. Kristy D. replied:


  8. Lyndsey G replied:

    YES! πŸ™‚

  9. AussieAbbie replied:

    I was just thinking how much fun this is!!!

  10. Rob replied:


  11. Amy ashlock replied:

    Totally loving it!!!

  12. Lisa A replied:

    I am having a blast!! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  13. Marla replied:

    Are you kidding me? HECK YES!

  14. Kierra replied:

    Fo’ SHIZZLE!

  15. Hillary Westbrook replied:

    Yes!!!!! I’m trying so hard to stay awake lol

  16. Tara H. replied:


  17. Amy replied:


  18. Crystal replied:

    seriously…coolest giveaways ever!!

  19. Nicole replied:

    Yes very addicting!

  20. laura b replied:

    omg this is so much fun…

  21. Michelle F. replied:

    This is awesome! Lots of fun!

  22. Jennifer L replied:

    Tons of fun!

  23. Tammy replied:

    Yes, this so much fun!!!

  24. Heather Moore replied:


  25. Gretchen replied:

    FUN πŸ˜€

  26. Natalie replied:


  27. Jessica replied:


  28. Tracy replied:


  29. Allison replied:

    yes, and I need a pail liner!!!

  30. Kendra replied:

    so much fun! but i cant stay up much longer!

  31. Chelsea replied:

    TONS! These are my fave pail liners!

  32. Jessica G. replied:

    tons of fun!

  33. Nicole replied:

    whoo hoo yes I am!

  34. Joy replied:


  35. Lisa H replied:

    What could be more fun than winning stuff?!

  36. Emily G replied:


  37. Jill replied:

    Keep ’em coming!

  38. Christine replied:

    Yes, this is a cute idea πŸ˜€

  39. Shoshana replied:

    This is too much fun!

  40. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    I am having lots of fun, have been looking forward to this for a while!! πŸ˜€ Thanks!!

  41. Madeline replied:


  42. Rachel replied:

    Woo-hoo!! So much fun!!

  43. Carrie replied:


  44. jennifer p replied:

    heck yea!

  45. Masha replied:

    yes. and I LOVE my PW stuff!

  46. Therese replied:

    heck yeah!!!

  47. Jennifer H replied:

    Tons of fun!

  48. Julie replied:

    this is more fun than I’d imagined

  49. Stephanie replied:

    So much fun!!!

  50. Ellie replied:


  51. Jen Scaggs replied:


  52. Sara replied:


  53. Kelly M replied:


  54. Mariah replied:

    Yes, I love these events! Thanks for hosting it!

  55. Amy replied:

    Yes we are, tee hee!

  56. Jessica replied:

    Ahhh ya!!!

    ps. I need a new pail liner, mine is leaking! LOL

  57. Kara replied:

    This rocks! I am learning so much about Abby’s Lane!!! I love it and YES, I AM having FUN!!!

  58. Jeremy Laurin replied:


  59. Chelsey replied:

    Lots of fun! Thanks for the opportunity πŸ˜€

  60. Shaunna B. replied:

    Yay! I love my Planetwise bags!

  61. Lisa B replied:

    oh so much fun!

  62. Kristen Hackney-Redman replied:

    Yes, this is way more fun than last time…well maybe not more fun but definitely less confusing!

  63. Robin S replied:


  64. kristen replied:

    I am having a lot of fun…Thanks!!

  65. Amanda O. replied:

    Yes, definitely!

  66. Krista replied:

    heaps of fun!!!

  67. Maria replied:


  68. Jess replied:

    this is so much fun! I hope I win something

  69. bambi bittner replied:

    OMG YES!!!!

  70. Val replied:

    Too much, love it!

  71. Sarah Connor replied:

    SO MUCH FUN but I’m getting sleepy… maybe another chocolate chip cookie to keep me awake until the end?! πŸ™‚

    • Rose replied:

      Only if you have one for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Krystine replied:

    Yes and my daughter just woke up, guess she wanted to join the fun! She loves her fluff.

  73. Patricia replied:

    I am having so much fun, as my hubby sits in the recliner snoring his head off! I can barely keep my fingers up with the postings!! =)
    This is awesome!

  74. Erika F-P replied:

    Yes! I should have been in bed 1/2 an hour ago but I can’t tear myself away.

  75. Sarah G. replied:

    Yes, I’m having a blast!

  76. Ashli L replied:

    Yes, this *is* fun…could TOTALLY use a second pail liner, and love planetwise, too!

  77. Shannon T replied:


  78. Jannell replied:

    Yeah I really like these. I’m a dork!

  79. Michele replied:

    This is great!!!

  80. Alisha replied:


  81. Nicole Rodriguez replied:


  82. Tracy replied:


  83. Joanna F. replied:

    Lots of fun!!!

  84. Brooke P replied:

    This is a great way to spend Monday night! I really need another pail liner!!!

  85. Libby H replied:

    my scroll bar is starting to make me dizzy. I think I might be pregnant!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  86. Lauren replied:

    So much fun!!!

  87. Britiany T replied:


  88. Tori replied:

    Yes….lots of fun!

  89. Katherine replied:

    Tons of fun!

  90. shannon fitzpatrick replied:

    So much fun! πŸ™‚ this is the casino for mommies! Hehe

  91. Heidi K replied:

    So much fun! I really need a pail liner. Tired of using a bunch of small wet bags.

  92. Linnea replied:

    This is great fun! I’m so glad I remembered!

  93. Laura replied:

    Of course!

  94. tasha davey replied:


  95. Natalie replied:

    This is seriously fun – great idea!

  96. Terran replied:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s my first time and LOVE it!

  97. Jen replied:

    Yes, but my husband thinks I am crazy!

  98. Sarah Hull replied:

    Oh yeah! (I like this so much better than trying to keep up on twitter)

  99. Jill Morris replied:

    Why yes I am!

  100. SharpieB replied:

    this is so much fun…my husband is sitting next to me laughing but grateful for free stuff! thank you so much!

  101. Amy replied:

    A blast!

  102. Mark replied:

    of course!

  103. April replied:


  104. Diana replied:


  105. Catharine Bushman replied:

    Uh.. YEAH! I just baked a rhubarb strawberry pie and its cooling. My husband is so curious about what I’m doing, also!

  106. Becky replied:


  107. Rachel K replied:


  108. Britney replied:

    love it!!!

  109. Peter replied:


  110. tearah parker replied:

    SO MUCH FUN! Id be enjoying myself even more if I had a pail liner to store my dirties, instead of having to use my laundry room sink all the time. pee-yoo!

  111. Jessie H replied:


  112. Melissa Phinney replied:


  113. Lenore replied:

    I’m frantic trying to keep up! Fun

  114. Leah replied:

    SO MUCH FUN. Husband is working out of town all week…. little one in bed, dishes done. ME TIME. πŸ˜€
    I would LOVE a planet wise pail liner!

  115. Tamara Sz replied:


    I’m dizzy just thinking about all the awesome stuff you’re giving away!!!!

  116. MalinaDock replied:

    you have no idea how much fun this is! Great idea!!!

  117. Sascha Wagner replied:

    Whoo hooo! I love this style of giveaway!

  118. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    Tons of fun! -Thanks!!!

  119. Cupcake & Baby replied:

    Ton’s of fun!

  120. Aaron replied:

    Are you kidding? I am blogging on Abby’s Lane for my beautiful wife and watching Monday Night Football! Heaven

  121. erin replied:

    woo hoo! you guys are amazing!

  122. Lori replied:

    Love trivia. I also love wet bags. These things will be functional for years for vacations, pool, etc.

  123. Jenny replied:

    Yes! This is great!

  124. Lindsey Y replied:

    Having a blast, the hubby has the baby, the toddler is asleep…it’s me time!

  125. Tiffany Williams replied:

    of course!

  126. Autum Lynn replied:

    Heck yeah!

  127. leasa replied:

    This is so exciting, yes

  128. Adelaida replied:

    This is a bunch of fun! I think I’m annoying my husband though. Haha!

  129. Janae replied:


  130. Julie replied:

    This is so totally fun! Just wish my computer would keep up a little better! I can’t seem to get anywhere till there are already over 100 comments there!

  131. Jamie replied:

    Absolutely! Thanks for the opportunities.

  132. Carina replied:

    fun! yay!

  133. Jessica replied:

    Never a dull moment! πŸ˜€

  134. Isha Tan replied:

    Of course – great way to spend an evening!

  135. Kelli replied:

    Yes πŸ™‚ And in need of a second pail liner too!!

  136. Abbie Neary replied:

    Lots of fun

  137. Paula N replied:

    Oh yeah! This is too cool!

  138. Sara replied:

    fun, fun, fun!!

  139. kristen huss replied:


  140. Suzie replied:

    Heck yea!!! I’m lovin the giveaways tonight!

  141. bECCA replied:

    heck yes! (can you tell where i reside? :))

  142. Donna replied:

    I’m having fun!!

  143. Amanda K replied:

    It`s always fun!!

  144. Christy replied:


  145. Adrian B replied:

    Heck yeah!!

  146. Diaper Dad replied:


  147. Kristina replied:

    this is totally AMAZING! I am loving this. I have never seen so many giveaways like this!

  148. Jessica Foster replied:

    Oh yeah! Thanks!!

  149. Kate C replied:


  150. Elisha replied:

    Loving it, and I’d love it even more if I win!

  151. magslove replied:


  152. Erin Patrick replied:

    This is fun!

  153. Rachel W replied:


  154. jen replied:


  155. Laura B. replied:

    I sure am!

  156. Kristin M. replied:

    Yes we are!

  157. Dallas Griswold replied:

    Better than watching football, that’s for sure.

  158. Kerrie E. replied:

    This is great! I would love a pail liner I have been using a trash bag…

  159. Caitlin replied:

    woo hoo!

  160. Carrie (DangerousCrayon) replied:

    This is a great way to do giveaways! way more fun that most!

  161. Ryan replied:

    We could use another one!

  162. Lindsay K. replied:

    Very much!!

  163. Kate replied:

    So fun!

  164. Tiffany replied:

    of course it’s fun!

  165. Meredith Miller replied:

    I a having lots of fun!
    Here’s hoping that random.org has decided to like me.

  166. elspethcordelia replied:

    Totally fun!

  167. Aimee replied:

    Yes! Woot!

  168. Jessica Roberson replied:

    Yes, Yes!! Love checking out the mamas comments

  169. Cari C. replied:

    Giveaways are always fun!!! Thank you!!!

  170. Leah R replied:

    Tons of fun πŸ™‚

  171. Phillip replied:

    Yes! Thanks for doing this!

  172. Jenny replied:

    Fun times after a day like today at our house πŸ™‚

  173. TammyD replied:

    This is great!! First time blog chatting!! Having a blast actually!

  174. Sarah replied:

    YES! I love how relaxed it is, no time crunch (well, before midnight but you know, you have more than 5 minutes if you need to tuck in a child etc.)
    Thanks for everything Abby’s Lane!

  175. Karen replied:


  176. Patti replied:

    yes, lots of fun. Way more fun than some of the blog giveaways! I feel like they want my first born to get entered.

  177. Angela H replied:

    My hand is cramping!

  178. Ryan Benigno replied:


  179. Stephanie B. replied:

    yes now that my child is asleep

  180. Jessica A replied:

    Of course! I didn’t think I’d be up for it but it just so happened my 2 yo was wired tonight and didn’t fall asleep til almost 10

  181. Beth replied:

    Definitely!! πŸ™‚

  182. Jodi replied:

    It’s not only fun, but I’m also learning a lot. Some of these questions are really tricky!

  183. Tara replied:

    YES! πŸ™‚

  184. Brian F replied:


  185. tiffanie replied:

    so much entering

  186. Robin replied:

    heck yes we are!

  187. Jodi replied:


  188. Aubrey G replied:

    Yes! Fun, and easier to follow than the last one, THANKS!!!

  189. Karli replied:

    Heck yes, we are!

  190. Katie - replied:

    I could use a pail liner, we don’t have one yet!

  191. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    I’m having fun!

  192. EmilyER replied:

    of course!

  193. brett replied:

    i’ve been dying to try a PW pail liner!

  194. Natalie Hetrick replied:

    Wooooo, pail liner!!! πŸ˜€

  195. Sarah F replied:

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted this much in my life. πŸ™‚

  196. Jessica Lister replied:

    Trying to win prizes is always fun!

  197. Elizabeth replied:

    Heck yes!!

  198. Emilie replied:

    I am having a lovely time!

  199. Naomi Rozak (was Curlett) replied:

    Oh yeah, this is great!

  200. Janessa Solem replied:

    A “butt-load” of fun! πŸ™‚ Excuse my lame joke

  201. Yuri Y. replied:

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  202. keenglund replied:

    This is fun–much more fast-paced than I thought!

  203. Cassandra replied:

    Yes, yes, yes!

  204. Melissa W. replied:

    Absolutely, lots of fun!

  205. Angie K. replied:

    Oh Course!! Great idea!

  206. Theresa Kauffman replied:

    I’m having fun! πŸ™‚

  207. Maria replied:

    Enter me please! πŸ™‚

  208. Heather S. replied:

    Yes!! This is my first time doing this, so glad it’s not a twitter party so I can actually participate (no tweeting here :))

  209. Miranda replied:

    Tons! I have enjoyed it!!!

  210. Janelle replied:

    This is fun but hard to do on a phone beside a sleeping baby

  211. Noelle replied:

    Heck yeah!

  212. Jen replied:

    sooooo fun

  213. Cyndi replied:

    Yes indeed.

  214. teresa replied:


  215. Stephanie P. replied:

    Fun fun fun fun funnnnnnn πŸ™‚

  216. Becky replied:

    I could really use a second one!

  217. Nicole replied:

    This is great!

  218. Lisa replied:

    Yes! I could really use a pail liner.

  219. Victoria replied:

    I really need one of these

  220. Lizz replied:

    Please please please!

  221. Michelle replied:

    Yes! This is so much better than a twitter party, I can actually keep up with you!

  222. Christina Meyer replied:

    So Fun!!

  223. Brittany N. replied:

    Yay! Fun!

  224. Nicole Zurcher replied:

    We are absolutely having fun!! Keeping us all on our toes wondering what will be next!! 😦

  225. Rebecca M. replied:

    Absolutely! πŸ™‚

  226. Rose replied:

    Love these giveaways!

  227. Heidi M. replied:

    So much fun! Having a hard time keeping up! Great end to my birthday! πŸ™‚

  228. Carla replied:

    tons! you should do this on a regular basis!

  229. Jillian replied:

    yeah I came a little late but fun!

  230. Heather A. replied:


  231. cynthia hegarty replied:


  232. Dora B replied:


  233. Andrea replied:

    Lots of fun

  234. Jessica replied:


  235. carissa buckson replied:

    haveing fun yet? kinda neat for sure!

  236. Betsy replied:

    You have me up past my bedtime, don’t you?

  237. fancygrlnancy replied:

    yes, and so sad I am late..

  238. LingerB replied:

    I am in heaven so YES, I AM having fun! πŸ™‚

  239. Cara replied:

    I could use one of these! A second pail liner would be nice. πŸ™‚

    • Cara replied:

      And yes, inam having fun! Much easier than the Twitter party.

  240. Rebecca S. replied:


  241. Lily replied:

    I love the one we have!

  242. Carrie replied:

    Yes indeedy!

  243. sarah replied:

    I REALLY NEED a pail liner!!

  244. ann replied:


  245. Melody replied:

    yes! yes!

  246. jen replied:



  247. Kara W replied:

    My first time on a blog giveaway chat and I am loooving it and learning some new things

  248. ryan replied:

    yes yes

  249. Emily replied:

    This is great!

  250. Karin replied:


  251. Nina Maddux replied:

    More fun then a barrel of monkeys. lol I could really use another pale liner, I only have a medium one.

  252. Ashley T. replied:

    This is the best giveaway ever!

  253. Krista Myers replied:

    Of course!

  254. Tiffany replied:


  255. Jodie S replied:

    Yes ~ love this.

  256. Tracie Gasiorowski replied:


  257. Emily Skokna replied:

    so fun!

  258. Jessica Shewmake replied:

    yep yep and yep!

  259. Katie Stewart replied:

    YES!! I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on this, I would have died!! πŸ™‚ I’m learning a lot about Abby’s Lane too.

  260. Jamie replied:


  261. Stephanie G replied:

    lots of fun!!!

  262. Chris replied:


  263. Tina replied:


  264. Tammy Weiss replied:


  265. Lauren P replied:

    Heck yeah! Such a great idea!

  266. manda2257 replied:

    Heck yes! It’s so exciting!

  267. Michelle replied:

    Yyyeeeessssss totally!!! think a pail liner would work wonders for our trip with two in cloth…. ???? hope hope hopehopehope

  268. Erin Becker replied:

    Tons o fun! I love my PW pail liner, I was just thinking today while I was doing diaper laundry that I should really get a second one. πŸ™‚

  269. Amanda Carrigan replied:


  270. Janet replied:

    Of course! It will be even more fun if I win something!

  271. Kaylene replied:

    This is very fun!

  272. Katy Lindhag replied:

    Yes! Love the chance to win prizes!

  273. Betty replied:

    YES πŸ™‚

  274. monkeyfamily replied:

    Always! These should happen weekly!!! πŸ˜‰

  275. Carlee H replied:


  276. VirtualM replied:

    come on, when are we *NOT* having fun? πŸ˜‰

  277. sarah replied:

    Of course. Free stuff is always a thrill.

  278. craftymontanagirl replied:

    Giveaways are ALWAYS fun!

  279. Ashley N replied:


  280. Talitha replied:

    Yes! I’m loving it!

  281. Jennie replied:

    Yes, at least it is nice to have some questions that newbies can answer!

  282. tyler replied:


  283. Bethany replied:

    of course. πŸ™‚

  284. Kali replied:

    This is grand!

  285. Shaina replied:

    Super fun time!

  286. Meaghan Woodford replied:

    Yes indeed.

  287. Becka replied:

    Yes it fun but I’m soooooo sloooow since I’m on my phone.

  288. SaraB replied:


  289. Jenn L replied:


  290. Rachel S. replied:

    Yes! Thank you for this!!

  291. Carly replied:

    Sine I am on Bedrest this is the most fun that I have had lately:0

  292. Hiro K replied:

    A WHOLE LOT!!!

  293. Yolanda replied:

    i’m having fun!

  294. Nicole replied:

    winning diaper goodies is always fun

  295. Melissa Bodzioch replied:


  296. Andrea M replied:

    haha yes

  297. nesta jessup replied:

    oh yes! staying up past bedtime reminds me of pretwins times! πŸ™‚

  298. Heidi J replied:

    Lots of fun!

  299. Jaime replied:

    love planet wise!

  300. Lisa V replied:

    Yes! Love Planet Wise.

  301. Meg replied:

    so much fun!!

  302. Julie Jensen replied:

    Heck YA!! I love anything cloth diaper related, ESPECIALLY a chance to win free fluff stuff!

  303. jessica browne replied:

    heck yea, i need one so bad too!

  304. Porschia Haley W. replied:

    oh yes i am!

  305. Angela replied:

    I’m coming in late, I hope I am not too late!

  306. Rachel S replied:

    I came late, but yes!

  307. Heather W. replied:


  308. Rachel D replied:

    Of course!

  309. Hannah Williams replied:


  310. Jennie V replied:


  311. serena replied:

    Yes we are!

  312. Colleen Maurina replied:

    Yes! This is such a fun giveaway – love this format!

  313. Kristy replied:


  314. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    yes ;=]!!

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