1 KatyDid One Size

We have a source for a discount 24 hours a day/7 days a week. What is it?? Let us know how you can get our discount code and get your chance to win a KatyDid one size.


September 20, 2010. Fun, Giveaway.


  1. Kristin M. replied:

    The yahoo group

  2. Becky replied:

    signing up for the newsletter!

  3. AussieAbbie replied:

    newsletter code

  4. Jessica Deratany replied:


  5. amy s replied:

    the newsletter

  6. Kendra replied:

    in your newsletter

  7. Lori replied:

    Yahoo newsletter gives out great info and the code for the quarter.

  8. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    Yahoo Group

  9. Joy replied:

    sign up for the newsletter. code is emailed to you

  10. Karin replied:

    Join the newsletter!

  11. Jen Scaggs replied:


  12. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    In the newsletter!

  13. Nikki replied:

    You have a 5% off code that you can access to through the yahoo newsletter group.

  14. Jessie H replied:

    Newsletter & Yahoo group

  15. Aubrey G replied:

    The Yahoo Group/Newsletter!

  16. Phillip replied:


  17. Carina replied:

    sign up for the newsletter

  18. Kristy D. replied:

    newsletter/yahoo group code 🙂

  19. PN replied:


  20. bECCA replied:


  21. Brian replied:

    Yahoo group

  22. Jessica replied:


  23. Julie replied:

    sign up for the newsletter

  24. Chelsea replied:

    Newsletter! 🙂

  25. Angela H replied:

    Yahoo newsletter!
    This is so much fun!

  26. Jodi replied:

    Newsletter 😉

  27. Brooke P replied:

    Through your newsletter email.

  28. Lisa A replied:

    Signing up for the newsletter and also the yahoo group! 🙂

  29. Madeline replied:


  30. Yuri Y. replied:


  31. Robin S replied:

    Sign up for the newsletter

  32. Catharine Bushman replied:

    The newsletter through the Yahoo group!

  33. Kelli replied:

    the 5% off code found on the newsletter (that comes via Yahoo Group) 🙂

  34. Nicole replied:

    Sign up to receive the newsletter.

  35. Sara replied:

    Yahoo group newsletter

  36. Britiany T replied:


  37. Jen replied:

    e-mail/yahoo newsletter

  38. Tiffany replied:

    Sign up for the newsletter

  39. Rebecca S. replied:

    Yahoo Group/Newsletter

  40. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    your email newsletter for 5% off!

  41. Melissa Phinney replied:

    Your newsletter from yahoo group! 🙂

  42. Kelly M replied:

    Yahoo Group

  43. Jannell replied:

    join the yahoo newsletter

  44. Jessica G. replied:

    sign up for the newsletter

  45. Lindsay K. replied:

    the newsletter

  46. Ashli L replied:

    code you get in the email newsletter

  47. Candice replied:

    yahoo group and newsletter 🙂

  48. Tammy replied:

    The Newsletter/Yahoo Group!

  49. Jessica replied:

    Newsletter (:

  50. Michelle F. replied:

    The newsletter!

  51. Emily G replied:

    Newsletter code

  52. Krystine replied:

    Yahoo news letter!

  53. merritt replied:

    The newsletter.

  54. Lisa B replied:

    the most wonderful newsletter!

  55. Jamie replied:

    Newsletter and Yahoo group

  56. Cari C. replied:

    The Abby’s Lane Yahoo group!

  57. Nicole Rodriguez replied:

    Your newsletter

  58. Shannon T replied:

    Newsletter and yahoo!

  59. Jen K. replied:

    Yahoo group newsletter code.

  60. Mariah replied:

    The yahoo group newsletter code!

  61. Hallie replied:

    Join the Yahoo group

  62. Christy replied:

    Woot! The yahoo group newsletter has a code! 🙂

  63. Adrian B replied:


  64. Rachel replied:

    Sign up for the newsletter and the code is emailed to you

  65. MalinaDock replied:

    Become a newsletter member!

  66. Kate C replied:

    The Newsletter!

  67. Kristina replied:

    yahoo news letter!

  68. Emi replied:

    The Abbys Lane Yahoo Group!

  69. Diaper Dad replied:

    Yahoo group

  70. Jill replied:

    Newsletter/yahoo group

  71. Sarah Connor replied:

    Yahoo newsletter 😛 I love getting my email each month so I can know the code!

  72. Natalie replied:


  73. Donna replied:

    The newsletter from the yahoo group.

  74. Carrie replied:

    the yahoo newsletter

  75. Patricia replied:

    news letter
    yahoo group

  76. Sara replied:

    Yahoo newsletter group

  77. Allison replied:

    The yahoo group newsletter

  78. Rob replied:

    the yahoogroup

  79. Michelle S replied:

    Yahoo newsletter

  80. Amy ashlock replied:

    The oh so awesome newsletter code!!!

  81. Janae replied:


  82. Allison replied:

    5% by getting the newsletter!

  83. Lyndsey G replied:


  84. Tara H. replied:

    yahoo group/news

  85. Janessa Solem replied:


  86. Lauren replied:

    The newsletter through the Yahoo Group

  87. Carla replied:


  88. Paula N replied:


  89. shannon fitzpatrick replied:

    Signing up for the yahoo newsletter 🙂

  90. Joanna F. replied:


  91. Dora B replied:


  92. Jen @ Eating My Vegetables replied:


  93. Tracy replied:

    The weekly newsletter – I love the different topics each week. They’ve been super timely for me!

  94. Autum Lynn replied:

    News letter threw yahoo (:

  95. Lindsey Y replied:


  96. Victoria S. replied:

    The newsletter

  97. laura b replied:

    Yahoo newsletter

  98. Diana replied:

    Your newsletter!

  99. Jamie replied:

    There’s always a code in our Yahoo newsletter!

  100. SharpieB replied:

    the newsletter through the yahoo group

  101. Krista replied:

    Join the yahoo email group!

  102. Michele replied:

    Join your newsletter

  103. eryn replied:

    newsletter code!

  104. Laura B. replied:

    The Yahoo Group/Newsletter.

  105. magslove replied:

    The yahoo group/newsletter

  106. allison replied:

    the yahoo group!

  107. Amy replied:


  108. Erika F-P replied:

    The Yahoo Group newsletter!

  109. Shoshana replied:

    Join the newsletter!

  110. Adelaida replied:

    The newsletter through the Yahoo group

  111. Christine replied:

    the Yahoo group

  112. Meredith Miller replied:

    Oh, apparently there is a newsletter that I need to sign up for!

  113. Shannon replied:


  114. Crystal replied:

    your newsletter!!

  115. Kierra replied:

    It’s in my newsletter!

  116. Shaunna B. replied:

    sign up for the yahoo newsletter!

  117. Tori replied:

    Newsletter code!

  118. Kara C. replied:

    I swear by Retailmenot.com ….there’s a current 5% off code there!

  119. Val replied:

    Sign up for your newsletter.

  120. Rachel W replied:

    The newsletter

  121. Tracy replied:

    The Yahoo group!

  122. Kate replied:


  123. tasha davey replied:

    yahoo group or email newsletter

  124. Hillary Westbrook replied:


  125. Gretchen replied:


  126. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    The Yahoo newsletter group.

  127. kristen replied:

    yahoo group newsletter

  128. Jess replied:

    yahoo group newsletter gives the code for discount on everything except ergo carriers 🙂

  129. Chelsey replied:

    By signing up for the newsletter 😀

  130. Jennifer L replied:


  131. Katherine replied:

    The newsletter from the yahoo group.

  132. Erin Patrick replied:

    Join the newsletter

  133. Lizz replied:


  134. Noelle replied:

    The yahoo group newsletter.

  135. Terran replied:


  136. Ellie replied:

    The newsletter

  137. BrassyDel replied:

    The Yahoo! Group newsletter.

  138. Patti replied:


  139. Heidi K replied:

    Abby’s Lane Yahoo Group.

  140. Sarah G. replied:

    Get the newsletter.

  141. jennifer p replied:

    newsletter code

  142. Jessica Foster replied:

    The newsletter! 🙂

  143. Therese replied:

    newsletter on the yahoo group!

  144. Tamara Sz replied:

    The yahoo newsletter

  145. Beth replied:

    Newletter! 🙂

  146. Nicole replied:

    Yahoo group news letter coupon code

  147. LeeAnn Lewis replied:

    The newsletter through the yahoo group.

  148. Heather Hudson-Alouf replied:

    Sign up for the newsletter to get the code!

  149. kristen huss replied:

    the newsletter!

  150. Jessica replied:


  151. Jennifer replied:

    The newsletter

  152. Amanda O. replied:

    the yahoo group newsletter for 5% off

  153. Julie replied:

    Subscribe to Yahoo group (purple button)!! 5% discount all the time!!

  154. brett replied:

    the yahoo group!!!!!!!!!

  155. Sally Clark replied:

    yahoo group newsletter.

  156. Sascha Wagner replied:


  157. Peter replied:

    the newsletter

  158. Christina replied:

    The code from the yahoo group.

  159. Abbie Neary replied:

    Newsletter and Yahoo group

  160. Jessica Lister replied:

    The email newsletter!

  161. Jodi replied:

    You always have a code in the newsletter.

  162. Jeremy Laurin replied:


  163. Jenny replied:

    By subscribing to the newsletter

  164. Jill Morris replied:

    Newsletter and Yahoo group

  165. Kara replied:

    Yahoo Group Newsletter…which I just signed up for 🙂

  166. Andrea replied:

    signing up for the yahoo group to get the weekly newsletter sent out every Friday.

  167. keenglund replied:

    Once you join the Yahoo group you get the code! I love using it.

  168. Leah replied:

    In your newsletter subscription.

  169. Kristen Hackney-Redman replied:

    Newsletter 5% off. Good deal

  170. Carrie (DangerousCrayon) replied:

    newsletter/Yahoo group!

  171. Libby H replied:

    the yahoo newsletter

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  172. Beth replied:

    Yahoo group newsletter!

  173. Heather Moore replied:

    The newsletter

  174. Rachel K replied:


  175. Mark replied:

    through the yahoo group newsletter I get in my email

  176. Karen replied:

    Code in your newsletter.

  177. Robin replied:

    Yahoo group newsletter

  178. LingerB replied:


  179. Jessica replied:


  180. Michelle replied:

    yahoo group newsletter!

  181. Cupcake & Baby replied:

    Must join the Yahoo group and receive the weekly newsletter

  182. Lisa H replied:

    the newsletter!

  183. Sarah Hull replied:

    The yahoo group newsletter! So great that you have that 🙂

  184. Jessica Roberson replied:

    sign up for the newsletter! 5% adds up!

  185. Jessica replied:

    yahoo group newsletter

  186. EmilyER replied:


  187. Marla replied:


  188. Stephanie replied:

    Yahoo newsletter 🙂

  189. Tiffany Williams replied:


  190. Laura replied:

    Yahoo newsletter

  191. TammyD replied:

    Newsletter members receive the code

  192. Natalie Hetrick replied:

    The newsletter code 🙂

  193. Sammie replied:

    your yahoo newsletter

  194. Cassandra replied:

    Join your newsletter.

  195. Alisha replied:

    By signing up for the Yahoo Group to receive the newsletter.

  196. Nicole replied:

    signing up for newsletter

  197. Isha Tan replied:

    The newsletter!

  198. Ryan replied:


  199. Jenny replied:


  200. Jessica A replied:

    Newsletter! I subscribe 🙂

  201. Lenore replied:

    I belong to the Yahoo! group and get the weekly newsletter

  202. Aaron replied:


  203. leasa replied:

    newsletter code

  204. Elisha replied:

    Get the newsletter, get the code

  205. tearah parker replied:

    the newsletter!

  206. Kara W replied:

    Newsletter fans!

  207. bambi bittner replied:

    the newsletter. all should be on it

  208. Ryan Benigno replied:

    The Yahoo group.

  209. Dallas Griswold replied:

    Sign up for the newsletter.

  210. Linnea replied:

    The Newsletter

  211. Sarah F replied:

    The newsletter.

  212. Masha replied:

    The newsletter!

  213. Maria replied:

    Your newsletter.

  214. Brian F replied:

    The newsletter.

  215. Emilie replied:

    Your Yahoo! group

  216. Amanda K replied:

    Yahoo Newsletter!!

  217. Caitlin replied:


  218. Ashley T. replied:

    Yahoo Group

  219. Elizabeth replied:

    The newsletter

  220. jennifer replied:

    By using the secret code word issued each season. You learn of this code by being a member on her yahoo group.

  221. Lisanne replied:


  222. Tara replied:

    newsletter/yahoo group code

  223. Shane replied:

    Your yahoo group newsletter 🙂

  224. erin replied:

    the newsletter code!

  225. Aimee replied:

    Yahoo Group/Newsletter

  226. Lily replied:


  227. Janelle replied:

    The newsletter

  228. Heather S. replied:

    Newsletter code!

  229. Christina Meyer replied:

    I’m going to have to join the yahoo group and get this newsletter 🙂

  230. Heidi M. replied:

    subscribe to newsletter

  231. Maria replied:

    Sign up for the yahoo group or email newsletter!

  232. Amy replied:

    The newsletter, yay!

  233. Cyndi replied:

    Newsletter from yahoo group.

  234. sarah replied:

    The Yahoo Newsletter Group! Love it!!!

  235. Stephanie P. replied:

    The yahoo group!

  236. ryan replied:

    the yahoo newsletter

  237. carly replied:

    yahoo group/newsletter

  238. Suzie replied:

    Yahoo group and/or newsletter

  239. Rebecca M. replied:


  240. Michelle replied:

    in your newsletter!!!!

  241. ann replied:

    the newsletter!

  242. Becky replied:

    Your newsletter!

  243. Lisa replied:


  244. April replied:

    Through your newsletter!

  245. Jen replied:


  246. Carlee H replied:

    The Yahoo Group/Newsletter!

  247. Stephanie B. replied:

    newsletter 😀

  248. Betsy replied:


  249. Sarah replied:


  250. Leah R replied:

    The newsletter!

  251. Karli replied:

    Signing up for the newsletter

  252. tiffanie replied:

    sign up for the newsletter

  253. Theresa Kauffman replied:

    through your awesome newsletter!

  254. Mamie replied:


  255. Carrie replied:

    Get the Abby’s Lane newsletter.

  256. Colleen Maurina replied:

    The Newsletter!

  257. Tammy Weiss replied:


  258. Melissa W. replied:

    it’s in the yahoo newsletter

  259. Jillian replied:


  260. Miranda replied:

    sign up for the newsletter

  261. fancygrlnancy replied:

    get the newsletter

  262. kforrest11 replied:


  263. Heather A. replied:

    Sign up for the newsletter!

  264. Sarah replied:

    your newsletter

  265. Jamie replied:

    Yahoo group newsletter

  266. Angie K. replied:

    Member of Yahoo Group

  267. Brittany N. replied:


  268. Emily replied:


  269. Janet replied:


  270. Krista Myers replied:

    In the newsletter

  271. VirtualM replied:

    yahoo group!

  272. Lauren P replied:

    Newsletter apparently. Which I am missing out on.

  273. laurie replied:

    newsletter 🙂

  274. Jodie S replied:

    the newsletter code. I love the newsletter & all that great info.

  275. Alissa replied:

    Yahoo group email discount code — LOVE IT!!!

  276. Lisa replied:

    The code is found in the newsletter that is emailed to you when you sign up for it.

  277. Amber replied:


  278. Martine replied:

    Yahoo group newsletter

  279. manda2257 replied:

    Yahoo group!

  280. Amanda Carrigan replied:


  281. monkeyfamily replied:

    Subscribing to the yahoo group and receiving newsletter

  282. Katy Lindhag replied:

    the newsletter

  283. Stephanie G replied:

    Your newsletter

  284. Betty replied:

    Yahoo group

  285. Rachel S. replied:

    Oho, a newsletter. I’m learning so much! :3

  286. SaraB replied:


  287. Kaylene replied:

    Newsletter code!

  288. Jennie replied:


  289. sarah replied:

    Yahoo newsletter

  290. Victoria replied:

    News letter

  291. Kali replied:

    The Yahoo Newsletter

  292. craftymontanagirl replied:

    yahoo group/newsletter

  293. Michaela T replied:

    Yahoooo newsletter!

  294. Carly replied:


  295. Carli replied:

    yahoo group/newsletter

  296. tyler replied:

    the newsletter

  297. Andrea M replied:

    newsletter – love it!

  298. Shaina replied:

    The newsletter/yahoo group

  299. Nicole replied:


  300. Heidi J replied:

    You give out a discount code in the newsletter.

  301. Katie Stewart replied:

    The Yahoo Group!

  302. Ashley Stanciel replied:

    The yahoo group/newsletter

  303. Natalie replied:

    The ever informative newsletter!

  304. Jaime replied:


  305. Julie Jensen replied:

    The yahoo group newsletter!

  306. Porschia Haley W. replied:

    Your Yahoo group 🙂

  307. Rachel S replied:

    Newsletter from yahoo.

  308. Hannah Williams replied:

    the newsletter code

  309. serena replied:


  310. Jennie V replied:

    the newsletter code

  311. Colby replied:

    I get mine from the newsletter

  312. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    The yahoo newsletter!!

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