1 Happy Heiny One Size

NOW share with us your favorite POSITIVE comment about cloth diapering for your chance to win a Happy Heiny one size!


September 20, 2010. Fun, Giveaway.


  1. Jessica Deratany replied:

    Those are soooo cute!

  2. Julie replied:

    how cute is that?

  3. SharpieB replied:

    wow! that is so adventurous of you!

  4. Jen replied:

    The colors are so cute!

  5. Kristy D. replied:

    Everyone loves the fluffy butt and pretty colors! πŸ™‚

  6. Angela H replied:

    It is sooooo easy. No more pins and pricks! The all new modern cloth dipes make this easy, and dare I say FUN??

  7. Becky replied:

    WOW, what a great way to help the environment!

  8. Kelly M replied:

    I love when people are impressed by them. :o)

  9. Carina replied:

    A LOT of people think that it is very cool and super-cute!

  10. Lisa A replied:

    “Those are super cute!! “

  11. Robin S replied:

    “Ooooh, I wanna try it!”

  12. Adrian B replied:

    That they are CUTE!!!

  13. Sara replied:

    Those are so cute!

  14. AussieAbbie replied:

    what more of a better thing to do for my baby’s future and his environment

  15. Jannell replied:

    omg those are the cutest diapers! How cool.

  16. Tracy replied:

    So cute!

  17. Mariah replied:

    A lady I work with was amazed when I showed her a BG! She got all excited about CDing and was so supportive! She wanted to see more diapers.

  18. Michelle F. replied:

    That they are so cute and I love getting asked about them from moms who are interested in starting!

  19. Joy replied:

    That’s so great! We love cloth diapers!

  20. Kara replied:

    “Those diapers are so cute…I can’t believe how easy it really is!”

  21. Ashli L replied:

    I bet you save a ton of money. Yes, I do, thanks! πŸ˜›

  22. Shannon T replied:

    I love how cute “baby” looks in it!

  23. Meredith Miller replied:

    I have been told by people that they really respect me for using cloth, that makes me feel great!

  24. Kate C replied:

    It is better for baby’s skin and less diaper rashes!

  25. Madeline replied:

    People are impressed I am willing to put in the work. I tell them they are easier than they think!

  26. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    “They’re so cute!” And “Good for you!”

  27. Nicole Rodriguez replied:

    From all my friends that do it they have said it’s the best thing to start doing. It’s so much better for the babies

  28. amy s replied:

    kudos to you for doing it!

  29. laura b replied:

    they look so comfortable

  30. Lori replied:

    That’s great that you’re doing that for your son and for the earth.

  31. Jessica G. replied:

    My best friend said I was amazing for cloth diapering for my child, budget, and the Earth:)

  32. Kelli replied:

    Would have to be how cute his diapers are. And then again, maybe it’s how much money we are saving. Can’t decide πŸ˜‰

  33. Chelsea replied:

    “That is so impressive! You’re inspiring.”

  34. Allison replied:

    That’s a cloth diaper? Why would people not use them?

  35. Patricia replied:

    They are so adorable!
    Saves lots of money, huh?
    I think I might try them out…

  36. Sara replied:

    “Good for you!!”

  37. Heidi K replied:

    They’re so cute!

  38. Crystal replied:

    wow! That’s fantastic! I didn’t know people still did that!

  39. Nikki replied:

    I love when I show people current-day CDs and how impressed they are with the ease.

  40. Jill replied:

    My H is so supportive…he says it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made!

  41. Aubrey G replied:

    My MIL “I want a do-over, those cloth diapers are awesome!”

  42. Kendra replied:

    Thats Neat! Way different than what i though they were like!

  43. merritt replied:

    “Wow! Finn’s room doesn’t smell at bad like I thought it would! And they are SO cute!” πŸ™‚

  44. Sarah G. replied:

    Mostly about how cute they are!

  45. Shoshana replied:

    “Those are so cute! I’m sold!” And her first baby was cloth diapered from birth!

  46. Britiany T replied:

    That my baby has a cute fuzzy butt

  47. bECCA replied:

    children are easier to potty train…save so much money…way to go green!

  48. PN replied:

    so cute, can’t believe you are able to keep up the laundry with diapering 2-3 kids.

  49. Jessica replied:

    “Those cloth diapers are adorable and seem to work so well!… where did you buy them and how do I start?” -What cloth mama doesn’t love to hear that one πŸ™‚

  50. Jessie H replied:

    “That’s awesome! Do you think I could do it too?” (and she did!!)

  51. Jen Scaggs replied:

    Not really a comment, but when my DD was born, one of my high school friends who doesn’t have kids yet started researching cloth diapers. She is now LOVES them, and can’t wait to CD her own kids when she has them.

  52. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    That’s a cute diaper!

  53. Phillip replied:

    They are environmentally friendly and save $$

  54. Emily G replied:

    Most people think they’re adorable, especially the prints! I just started making my own and someone told me yesterday that they look great.

  55. Tammy replied:

    How adorable, I did not know they made them this way!

  56. Christine replied:

    “That’s awesome. I wish I had done that with my kids. You’re a great mom”

  57. Karin replied:

    Those are so cute” and “That’s a lot easier than when you were a baby.”

  58. Rachel replied:

    Super cute!

  59. Beth replied:

    That they are waaaaaaaaaaaay cuter than sposies (once they saw my “modern” ones, thinking prefolds were all cloth was still–HAHA!).

  60. Linnea replied:

    Those are so cute!

  61. Paula N replied:

    “You’re such a good mom!”

  62. Yuri Y. replied:

    i get lots of compliments about how cute they are and how we’re saving the environment!! πŸ˜€

  63. Lisa B replied:

    “You’re sort of what inspired us to cloth diaper, too” =D

  64. Adelaida replied:

    “Wow, where these 30 years ago?” That’s one of my favorite ones. And it came from my mother-in-law and she rarely has anything nice to say!

  65. Melissa Phinney replied:

    You are such a wonderful mom you must love your daughter so much…..yes yes I do very very much πŸ™‚

  66. Nicole replied:

    The biggest compliment is when people ask me for advice b/c they want to start cloth diapering, too.

  67. Joanna F. replied:

    “What a great idea!”

  68. elspethcordelia replied:

    Hey! We cloth diaper too!

  69. Jodi replied:

    It’s NOT gross!

  70. Jessica replied:

    that cloth diapering is very “respectable”

  71. Erika F-P replied:

    A pregnant friend asked me to go through mine with her and walk her through it all now that I have done it.

  72. Lyndsey G replied:

    I showed my brother, who is really into environmentally-friendly stuff, and he said, “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that!” and immediately showed his wife.

  73. Krystine replied:

    So much better for your baby!

  74. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    “those are so cute! i wish i would have tried them with my daughter!”

  75. Candice replied:

    My husband saying he wishes we would have done this a long time ago and its the best decision we made for the kids

  76. Lindsay K. replied:

    How cute they were and how “green” i was being. lol

  77. Sarah Connor replied:

    Wow I didn’t realize that cloth diapering could be so easy and there are so many new designs..it’s definitely not the cloth diapering of 30 years ago!

  78. Tiffany replied:

    “You cloth? Me too!”

  79. Allison replied:

    My mom has always been nothing but supportive! She did it and she loves all the CD options we have available to us now:) So she’s my cheerleader!

  80. Kristina replied:

    Ive been told multiple times “Good For You!” and “Those are so cute!”

  81. Heather Moore replied:

    From my Mom: “There Heather goes again trying to save the world!” (She was being positive — not sarcastic!)

  82. Amy ashlock replied:

    They are so pretty!!! And that I am such a good mommy to put extra work into taking care of my kiddos and the enviro…

  83. Jamie replied:

    What a great thing to do for the Earth!

  84. Kara C. replied:

    Regarding my hybrid system at current daycare – The providers love the fact that the disposable liners are bio degradable and they could reuse the shell if not soiled!

  85. Sara replied:

    Those are sooo cute!

  86. Christy replied:

    Ha ha, well its the same as my negative one, after wanting no part of cloth diapering my husband is now a big fan and was telling his friend the other day all about cloth diapers, it was cute. πŸ™‚

  87. Tamara Sz replied:

    They’re so cute! And “Good for you”!

  88. Ellie replied:

    I showed my cousin some Fuzzibunz on youtube and she now cd’s. She said she never would’ve known about cd’ing if it wasn’t for me. πŸ™‚

  89. Carrie replied:

    From one of my college students: “Those are so cute, easy, economical, and environmentally-conscious…why would someone ever want to use disposables instead?”

  90. shannon fitzpatrick replied:

    That I am one hippie mama helping to save the environment πŸ™‚ one fluff and boob at a time hehe πŸ™‚

  91. Chelsey replied:

    From my old-fashioned, never wrong grandma (that I hardly get along with), “Those are so much easier and cuter than what we had back in my day.”

  92. Carla replied:

    “well, if you would have told me about them before my son potty trained I would have used them! Next baby!”

  93. Natalie replied:

    “That’s awesome! I wish cloth diapering was that easy when my kids were in diapers!”

  94. Diana replied:

    DD is starting a Mother’s Morning Out program this week. They change diapers and I asked the teacher if I should send sposies. She said “I would be BEYOND happy to change a cloth diaper. Not a one of my children wore disposables.” πŸ™‚

  95. Jill Morris replied:

    I’m proud of you for thinking of the environment!

  96. Tara H. replied:

    cloth is so much cuter than disposables!

  97. Michelle S replied:

    Those are really cute and look so easy!

  98. Donna replied:

    Those are the cutest diapers! I am so impressed that you commit to using them!

  99. Jamie replied:

    “Will you teach me how to do it?” Why, yes… yes I will!

  100. Rob replied:

    what a cost savings

  101. Shaunna B. replied:

    “Those diapers are adorable! I can’t believe how much they have changed!”

  102. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    You are very brave.

  103. Janessa Solem replied:

    That is the neatest thing I’ve ever seen! Honey–you’ve gotta see this diaper!

  104. Terran replied:

    I’m so proud of you and what you are doing for the environment!

  105. Jen @ Eating My Vegetables replied:

    “That’s awesome. It is so much nicer for the world and for you daughter.”

  106. Lindsey Y replied:

    sooooo cute!

  107. Janae replied:

    no more throwing diapers into the landfill, they look adorable, my son loves them and is so proud of his diapers.

  108. Cyndi replied:

    They are so much cuter and easier than I ever imagined…they make me wanna have another baby just to use them

  109. jennifer p replied:

    The cute bum comments and the “you’re taking care of the environment” comments win me over.

  110. Amy replied:

    From my husband “it’s so nice not to have to run to the store at night because we ran out of diapers.” Yep πŸ™‚

  111. Jessica replied:

    My mom (who CD me with prefolds and plastic pants) “Wait, no pins?”
    Me: ” no mom.”
    Mom: “no plastic pants”
    Me: “nope.”
    Mom: “these are awesome! I am so proud of you for doing this for my granddaughter!”


  112. Jennifer L replied:

    Wow, those are not what I thought cloth diapers were

  113. Michele replied:

    I haven’t yet cloth diapered, but I’ve heard so many great things from what I’ve been reading and am completely convinced that I want to cloth diaper.

  114. Victoria S. replied:

    How easy it was!

  115. Laura B. replied:

    “She has never had a diaper rash, and her diapers are so cute!” (I overheard my Mom saying this to a friend of hers) πŸ™‚

  116. eryn replied:

    I think that is amazing and I think every kid and mom will be secretly jealous of what your babys bum gets to sit in


    hehe i know…im secretly jealous!

  117. Jess replied:

    “What an adorable diaper.” HH Cow print!

  118. Robin replied:

    “WOW! I had no idea it was that easy!”

  119. Katherine replied:

    “Wow, cloth diapers have changed so much! These are great!” From my grandma, who initially discouraged our switch to cloth based on her experiences with prefolds and a wringer-washer when my mom was a baby.

  120. Gretchen replied:

    Cloth diapering saves $$$$!

  121. Tori replied:

    “Wow! Those are so cool! I really wanted to cloth diapers, but was too intimidated. I’m so impressed you are doing it!”

  122. Tracy replied:

    My husbands aunt was surprised they were diapers. She thought DS’s cow print was so cute and was really supportive!

  123. Kate replied:

    Good for you, super cute!

  124. kristen replied:

    Just this past weekend, a woman who I just met saw my little guy in cloth and said, “you use reusables…good for you!” It is always nice to get a little positive reinforcement for all the good you do as a mommy πŸ™‚

  125. Tiffany Williams replied:

    People love the prints! A coworker said she wished she had the guts to even think about cd.

  126. Val replied:

    From my fellow CD friends–you’re going to love it, it will become an obsession. And it has!

  127. .tif replied:

    An older woman in Target once commented that she cloth diapered her children and was so happy to see even just one “younger couple” willing to go cloth, too. πŸ˜‰

  128. Diaper Dad replied:

    That is so you! (It’s true) πŸ™‚

  129. Rebecca S. replied:

    Yeah! Someone I can discuss cloth diapering with!

  130. Andrea replied:

    That’s so cool! I wish I had the courage like you to do things that are not the ‘norm’.

  131. Hillary Westbrook replied:

    My sister asked her BF if they could CD when they had kids too after i showed her my dipes. She’s also the one who made the “yuck” comment. CONVERT?? I think so!

  132. Sascha Wagner replied:

    Those are so cute! I wish I had done that.

  133. Abbie Neary replied:

    Good for you.

  134. Jessica Foster replied:

    That I was a great mom for caring about my baby and the environment enough to go the “extra mile” it takes to cloth diaper. A lot of people say they look up to me because they don’t think they could stand to do it. I always tell them they should at least give it a week and they will see how easy it is! πŸ™‚

  135. Betsy replied:

    Thank you for helping save our environment!

  136. Amanda O. replied:

    I often get told how “nifty” they are, or how impressed people are by how far cloth diapers have come (often by church nursery workers)

  137. Noelle replied:

    They have VELCRO now??? (This was from my dad, he was amazed haha)

  138. Brooke P replied:

    My aunt thinks it is awesome!

  139. Erin Patrick replied:

    They are so cute!!

  140. Jessica Lister replied:

    They are so cute and they look really comfortable!

  141. Therese replied:

    “that’s great that you aren’t putting diapers in landfills!”

  142. Heather Hudson-Alouf replied:

    “I really love that you are always willing to go the extra mile for my grandkids”

    From my mom.

  143. Sally Clark replied:

    well the cuteness of course. but i just love it when my friends give it a try and then they love it and are so grateful i showed them the way. that makes me feel really good. i never know if i am putting my cherished friendships at risk. fortunately, my experiences have been positive.

  144. BrassyDel replied:

    “Wow, those are awesome!” said by a middle-aged mom who hadn’t seen the new, modern cloth diapers yet (but was familiar with the old ones). I also hear a lot of older parents say, proudly, that they used cloth diapers with their babies, and even once a young adult who saw me changing a diaper and mentioned that her parents used cloth with her, too.

  145. Carrie (DangerousCrayon) replied:

    Those are so cute/cool/clever! I wish I had something like that when I had babies!

  146. Julie replied:

    “That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Who needs cute baby clothes?” Love it. πŸ™‚

  147. kristen huss replied:

    Oh my gosh,,, her butt is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!

  148. Peter replied:

    How cute they are.

  149. Jennifer replied:

    That they are so darling!

  150. Jennie replied:

    They are definitely cute, and I like that they are cheaper, in the long run at least.

  151. Autum Lynn replied:

    They r cute!

  152. Lauren replied:

    “Wow, they really ARE just as easy as disposables to put on him!”

  153. Hallie replied:

    I can’t believe how neat those are! Very cute.

  154. Kristen Hackney-Redman replied:

    “hey! these are really fancy!” — My MIL

  155. Jenny replied:

    People say they’re impressed. (I think they think that it’s more work than it really is!)

  156. Leah replied:

    from my mother “I think that’s so great. I’ll support that” (we used her laundry for 4 months!)

  157. Sarah Hull replied:

    My cousins wife thought they were cute and was so intrigued by the amount of money one could save with them! She and her husband are thinking about cloth diapering when they have a little one!

  158. Jodi replied:

    The most positive comment I can remember is “That looks so easy!”

  159. magslove replied:

    Positive comment: wow I wish I’d known how great cd are and I would have done it with my kids.

  160. tasha davey replied:

    most people comment on how cute my daughters diapers are.

  161. Cari C. replied:

    “So fun!”

  162. Cupcake & Baby replied:

    ” You are such an Earth Mom…” I feel honored about this one and it was said with real sincerity..:)

  163. Kristin M. replied:

    My grandma told me she was proud that we use “real diapers” like they did back in her day, not that plastic junk.

  164. leasa replied:

    They are so cute

  165. Catharine Bushman replied:

    Well, I’ve just started telling more of my friends of my plans to CD (baby is due in 4 weeks) – what’s been so great are the old friends of mine from high school and college that live all over the country and who I didn’t realize are CD-ing! I’m so excited to know they’re doing it and have been sending me messages on FB and through by blog to encourage me and tell me how great its going to be!

  166. Mark replied:

    that we are doing a great thing for her bottom and the environment (her dr).

  167. Jessica replied:

    “her diapers are so cute”

  168. Jessica Roberson replied:

    They’re so soft! If I were a baby I’d want that on my butt”. (From my mom!)

  169. Michelle replied:

    Those are so cute and so much easier than the cloth we used to use (about my AIOs)

  170. Amanda K replied:

    How everyone that I thought was going to be against it. Is actually liking them! I let a friend try one and now she wants to buy some.

  171. Rachel K replied:

    They are so cute! Good for you!

  172. Marla replied:

    My favorite thing about cloth diapering is that it’s good for the Earth and your baby!

  173. EmilyER replied:

    They look so much comfier than “regular” diapers!

  174. Lisa H replied:

    they’re just so cute!

  175. Nicole replied:

    that they are cute and i’m doing such a good thing

  176. Natalie Hetrick replied:

    The best compliment has been friends asking for advice on how to get started with their own little ones.

  177. brett replied:

    That he (my neighbor) can’t believe I have 3 kids under 5 and I am able to successfully cloth diaper. He said he wishes his son would consider it!!

  178. TammyD replied:

    I think its great what you are doing for our environment, if only other parents were using cloth…our landfills would not all be full.

  179. Cassandra replied:

    A stranger once told me that my baby’s cloth diapers are common sense. She asked why anyone would choose disposables that cause rashes and stick around in dumps forever when they could have cute cloth diapers.

  180. Kara W replied:

    That it is so great for the enviroment and so great for my baby boy. That they look up to me as a mom.

  181. Libby H replied:

    “I wish I did that!” huuuuge compliment!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  182. Karen replied:

    I wish they had those when I was cloth diapering!

  183. Christina replied:

    Cute diaper! I love it when someone tells me that!!

  184. LingerB replied:

    Those are SUPER cute! Where did you get them! πŸ™‚

  185. Jeremy Laurin replied:

    Thats a cloth diaper?

  186. Maria replied:

    How cute they are!

  187. Laura replied:

    “I just love those cute cloth diapers!”

  188. Ryan replied:

    People always tell us how cute they are

  189. Jessica A replied:

    Everyone LOVES our cute dipes!

  190. Aaron replied:

    Hey that is pretty awesome

  191. Elisha replied:

    Colors and patterns are so cute!

  192. Lenore replied:

    Your baby’s room doesn’t smell! —from a shocked mom with a stinky diaper pail of disposable at home

  193. Masha replied:

    The cuteness, of course!

  194. Dora B replied:

    The Hubby said “Go for it”. I’m new to CD and really liking it. So glad he was ok with it.

  195. Stephanie replied:

    Super cute and comfy for baby!

  196. Isha Tan replied:

    That’s a good looking diaper, and it doesn’t stink with the fake “baby” smell that disposables have.

  197. Brian Friesen replied:

    I like that they are so good for the environment!

  198. Sammie replied:

    always loved the cuteness remarks and the way ppl react when you tell them all the benifits to cloth

  199. Jeremy Laurin replied:

    Those are cloth diapers?

  200. Sarah Friesen replied:

    Economical in the long run and great for the baby.

  201. Jenny replied:

    Wow I didn’t know it was that easy!!

  202. Ryan Benigno replied:

    I was told that we’re doing the right thing for our baby and the environment.

  203. Dallas Griswold replied:

    That’s so awesome! Good for you!

  204. tearah parker replied:

    adorable, a must have!

  205. Emilie replied:

    When I told my dad that I was going to switch to cloth, he was excited and was like “You are? Cool!”

    My brother jokes that his niece is so special, her diapers need to come in the mail.

  206. Sarah replied:

    Those diapers are so cute! Not what we used to have to fold! Good for you for cloth diapering!

  207. Nicole replied:

    Better for you child’s bum, better for the environment, and better for you check book. It is a triple win!

  208. Ashley T. replied:

    My boyfriend constantly tells me I’m such a great mother everytime I’m dropping poo in the toilet and it always makes me laugh.

  209. keenglund replied:

    I feel proud everyday. I have spread the cloth diaper love to at least 10 families now, and I will consider it one of my top achievements when I am old.

  210. Michelle replied:

    yeaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( from my mother) sooooo cute!!!!

  211. Tara replied:

    those are super cute

  212. Lisanne replied:

    I have heard how cute they are and how great it is for the environment πŸ™‚

  213. Patti replied:

    just how cute my little guy is

  214. Bryn M replied:

    It saves me so much money!! No buying disposables every months!

  215. Jessica replied:

    never having to run to the store last minute for more dipes, may end up with a fave cover in the wash though… πŸ™‚

  216. Elizabeth replied:

    I just started cd-ing & I love it!! Took my baby’s diaper rash away the first day!!

  217. Kerrie E. replied:

    Number one reason I love being green in every way possible and besides who could not love cloth with so many cute things to choose from!

  218. jennifer replied:

    It’s not as hard as people had convinced me it would be. And they are so cute.

  219. Heather S. replied:

    What a great way to save money, I cloth diapered all of my kids and it was so easy.

  220. Karli replied:

    Those seem so much easier to use than I ever would have imagined!

  221. Lily replied:

    My mail lady asked today if we’re cloth diapering (she admitted to peeking at return addresses on packages we received). When I said yes she replied, “I think that is so classy.” πŸ™‚

  222. Janelle replied:

    That is the cutest butt. I could just squish it!

  223. Rachel W replied:

    A posted a pic of all my Bumgenius diapers on the clothesline on Facebook and TONS of my friends commented on how cute they are.

  224. Shane replied:

    He looks like Bam Bam in that animal print!

  225. Aimee replied:

    Those are nicer than I expected!

  226. erin replied:

    when the nurse at the pedi office said, “oh, i love seeing little ones in cloth, so good for the bum!”

  227. Amy replied:

    All the nurses at our peds office always come by the scale during baby’s weigh in to oogle over the diaper– so I guess it would be “She’s the one with the cute diapers! I love seeing what he wears each time!”

  228. Hannah replied:

    those are the cutest diapers I’ve ever seen! (someone speaking of my sisters’ hand-sewn ones!)

  229. Christina Meyer replied:

    ‘THose look so easy!! And they’re cute”

  230. ann replied:

    how great of you to do your part in saving the enviornment!

  231. Stephanie P. replied:

    “Oh my god, mom, this is Stephanie and she uses cloth diapers on her son. You should SEE these diapers, they are SO cute!” when being introduced to (my boyfriend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s) mom. lol

  232. Heidi M. replied:

    Wow, cloth diapers are so cute now.

  233. carly replied:

    You make it look so easy!

  234. ryan replied:

    Thats really cool that you do that, the diapers are really cute πŸ™‚

  235. Maria replied:

    A nurse at my ped’s offie told me my son was a lucky baby (because of the CSs!)

  236. tiffanie replied:

    They are SOOOO cute of course!!

  237. Rebecca M. replied:

    Those are not like any cloth diapers I have ever seen before! They are so cute!

  238. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas replied:

    My friend said “Oh, props. I didnt know you were hardcore old school like that.”


    wendykate99 at yahoo dot com

  239. Cyndi replied:

    I like that we’re saving money!!

  240. Naomi Rozak (was Curlett) replied:

    Well, my own positive comment is that I feel plain good just for doing it! But others say “wow, you’re so brave,” and even though I know I’m not, it makes me feel good…

  241. Becky replied:

    I’ve had people tell me that they thought it was really cool that I put that effort into my baby

  242. Liz replied:

    I don’t get much support. People still think I’m nuts!

  243. sarah replied:

    It is a win/win method for the environment/babie’s bum!

  244. Nicole Zurcher replied:

    “wow that is so great, I bet you guys are saving so much $$$” can u teach me??”

  245. Suzie replied:

    “I love how cute the colors are”

  246. Lisa replied:

    “Wow, that’s your diaper. That is really cute.”

  247. Colleen Maurina replied:

    I am so surprised at how very easy cloth diapering is!

  248. Stephanie B. replied:

    how cute they are, not to mention the trash pile I am not adding to

  249. Jen replied:

    that the person was impressed by my dedication

  250. April replied:

    I have a ‘sposie using friend that every time she sees my babe’s butt exclaims: “Ohmygosh! I LOVE his fluffy butt!”

  251. Betsy replied:

    It sounds very you!

  252. Carlee H replied:

    My mom, who did formula-feeding, jarred baby food, disposable diapers, and playpens, said, “You know…I didn’t know that cloth diapers were that easy. And they’re so nice-looking!”

  253. Leah R replied:

    My babysitter told me that after CDing my kids, she wanted another just so that she could CD!

  254. Carrie replied:

    I can’t believe everyone doesn’t use these! (from our nanny, who now is a total convert!)

  255. jen replied:

    i get called super mom a lot for it.

  256. teresa replied:

    Fun & cute!!!

  257. Mamie replied:

    Those are NOT my mom’s cloth daipers – those are COOL!

  258. Theresa Kauffman replied:

    Thanks for saving the world! (I love it when people appreciate the effort!)

  259. Tammy Weiss replied:

    I wish I had the guts to do it

  260. Rose replied:

    Cloth diapers are so cute!!

  261. Krista replied:

    I love it when people commend me for the hard work… I think it’s mostly from people who know the advatages of cloth diapering but can’t be bothered or inconvenienced.

  262. Jillian replied:

    were helping save the planet!!!

  263. Melissa W. replied:

    This may sound a little silly (and vain), but I love the fact that my baby girl has a fashionable, colorful tushie in her CDs and not just an ordinary disposable like nearly every other baby out there. So adorable to see a bright pink diaper peeking out from her clothes instead of a disposable. Oh and did I mention that the CDs keep the poo smell in so much better than disposables – bonus!

  264. kforrest11 replied:

    That’s really awesome

  265. Jamie replied:

    A great compliment is when people ask questions about it and then say they want to try CD’ing πŸ™‚

  266. fancygrlnancy replied:

    Cloth diapers are just so much better for baby, the environment, and the bank account.. Best of all they are CUTE!

  267. Heather A. replied:

    You must save tons of money

  268. Brittany N. replied:

    “Good for you!” and my spouse says the boy print are “cool” hehe

  269. Lauren P replied:

    Everyone says how cute they are. Then, after I tell them how much I’m money saving and how long it sposies take to break down, they’re utterly amazed and happy for us.

  270. Angie K. replied:

    Those are so cute…I wish they were like that when I had my kids. I would have definitely used cloth!

  271. Emily replied:

    So cute and fluffy!

  272. laurie replied:

    that our child will grow up a bit greener and cleaner because of our choice

  273. Krista Myers replied:

    They are stinkin CUTE! πŸ™‚

  274. Janet replied:

    After my mother told me good luck and that she thought I would fail, I showed off my stash and how different CDs are these days and she couldn’t believe it! She thought that they should of had dipes like these when she tried to CD me!

  275. VirtualM replied:

    people are so impressed with the ease of the bg aio’s!

  276. Sarah Sparks replied:

    I didn’t realize it was so easy, I thought you had to use pins and stuff

  277. Tiffany replied:

    People always comment how cute they are and how easy they look compared to cloth diapers back in the day.

  278. Amber replied:


  279. Ashley N replied:

    How cute….it isn’t the way it used to be is it?

  280. Lisa replied:

    It is easy and I love how they make my children more comfortable.

  281. Chris replied:

    Those are cute

  282. Alissa replied:

    I get the “super-mom” comments a lot when people first learn I am CDing three babes under the age of two πŸ™‚ My favorite compliment comes from our pediatrician who always comments on how great the cloth diapers are for my boys’ skin.

  283. Martine replied:

    You are such a great mom to do that!

  284. Jessica Shewmake replied:

    “that is so neat that people actually do that!” lol love it

  285. manda2257 replied:

    “How stinking cute!!” (how appropriate.)

  286. Amanda Carrigan replied:

    It’s SO easy!

  287. Stephanie G replied:

    Wow! Those are so cute!

  288. Rachel S. replied:

    “Wow! That is a lot of money saved!”

  289. monkeyfamily replied:

    I’ve coaxed many soon-to-be-first-time-mamas into CD’ing, just by showing off the cute diapers, sharing how infrequently my boys get diaper rash, and letting people into my home to see the inner-workings-of-the-laundry-system! They always laugh at how much I love to talk about cloth diapers. No one ever loves to talk about Pampers or Huggies like this!

  290. Helene replied:

    That the diapers are so cute!

  291. Tiffany U replied:

    Love the fluffy butt! What a cute print/color/fabric!

  292. SaraB replied:

    that doesn’t look so bad… I think maybe I could do it!

  293. Kaylene replied:

    Love his fluffy butt!

  294. Katy Lindhag replied:


  295. Victoria replied:

    Less landfill. And how cute my son looks in them!

  296. Kali replied:

    Way cuter that disposables!!

  297. craftymontanagirl replied:

    THAT is a cloth diaper? Wow! I never thought they could be so easy!

  298. sarah replied:

    People think they are so cute and want to know how they work. Once I show them they are easy as disposables to put on, they are very impressed and wonder why everyone doesn’t use them.

  299. Carli replied:

    One of my friends was excited since she CDs too (she referred me to you guys!), a few have said they are cute, a lot have asked questions, and I’ve even converted a few friends to cloth!

  300. Becka replied:

    Those are fabulous! Can you tell me more about them. ( this from a mother who’s daughter is expecting. She was in love with the diapers)

  301. Andrea M replied:

    How cute! You must save a lot of money! Those seem so much softer!

  302. tyler replied:

    I love his bloomers. It’s a cloth diaper. Oh really you use those?
    I’m the daddy

  303. Nicole replied:

    natural, no yucky additives on skin and save money

  304. Melissa Bodzioch replied:

    It’s a GREEN obsession.. you save the planet and c@$h.. what else can you do this with in life?

  305. shaina replied:

    I think the most positive reactions are from the curious people who ask lots of questions. I get to be their positive influence towards cloth diapers! I’m always encouraged by that.

  306. nesta jessup replied:

    that’s a cloth diaper? i never knew it would be so easy! and they’re cute!

  307. Katie Stewart replied:

    My sister-in-law and her husband said that his co-workers said cloth diapering was stupid and not even cheaper and he and his wife stuck up for cloth diapering and told me they we’re actually considering it. I was shocked and so happy! My sister-in-law asked me “how is the cloth diapering going?” because she was genuinely interested and I felt so encouraged!!

  308. natasha replied:

    i LOVE how easy it is…never have to worry about running out of diapers!

  309. Natalie replied:

    “Wow! Those are a lot different than I thought they would be!”

  310. Ashley Stanciel replied:

    You just whipped that thing on there!

  311. jessica browne replied:

    how cute πŸ™‚

  312. Porschia Haley W. replied:

    When the med student at the pediatrician saw the cloth diapers she goes “when did pampers start making those cute diapers?” I replied that they were cloth (bummis sww) and she was like “oh wow, well that certainly would make it worth it, they’re so cute!”

  313. Rachel S replied:

    CD’s are so satisfying and fun to use…all the styles, colors and types!!!

  314. Rachel D replied:

    No stinky diaper bombs to throw out!

  315. Hannah Williams replied:

    wow… If I wore diapers I’d totally want to wear one like this (my 27 year old sister referring to a GroVia)

  316. serena replied:

    I get comments about how easy it actually is once I explain it all. Yeah!

  317. Jennie V replied:

    I love the colors, how cute!

  318. Kristy replied:

    From my mother….”Wow….cloth diapers have sure come a long way since I put you in them!”

  319. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    Is a great way to help the planet and protect a little bum ;=]

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