1 Diaper Sprayer White

Need a diaper sprayer? Plead your case and take your chances here!


September 20, 2010. Fun, Giveaway.


  1. Jessica replied:

    I have two in diapers and I need help! lol

    • amanda olson replied:

      oh man you have no idea how bad we need one! 9mth old, two 3yr olds!! my hands can get really nasty!!! PLEASE!!!!

  2. AussieAbbie replied:

    oh YES PLEASE!!!! just in the nick of time to spray off my 8mths new poop – thank you solids!!!

  3. Jessica Deratany replied:

    I have just started solids and am still just washing my dipes without washing because I’m afraid of cleaning off the poop…

  4. Shaunna B. replied:

    I currently dunk in the toilet. I use a pair of tongs so I don’t have to reach in. Please help me do this easier!

    • Leah replied:

      haha. Tongs. That’s just awesome.

      • Lisa A replied:

        You are awesome!! :)I would have never thought of that

  5. Kelly M replied:

    Who doesn’t need a diaper sprayer? Scrapping is so last century ;o)

  6. Michele replied:

    I have heard that a diaper sprayer is a must. I would love to have one!

  7. Angela H replied:

    I have 2 boys in dipes, and I rinse, rinse rinse all the poops out! Yuck! We live on a military base and don’t get charged utilities, I would love, love love a diaper sprayer!
    I could even train my 2 yo how to use it!!

  8. Therese replied:

    I would love to try one! Recently, my daughter’s dirty diapers have gotten dirtier! The flushable liners don’t always contain the mess!!!

  9. Natalie replied:

    My son just started on solids three weeks ago. Holy crap – literally! I can’t believe the difference in his poop. And it’s all mushy 😦

  10. Jessica replied:

    OOOOOOOHHH Yes! I need one BAD! My DH refuses to dunk CD’s and I am tired of having to try to dunk and scrub them after he lets them sit!

  11. Joanna F. replied:

    I would like one for each bathroom!

  12. amy s replied:

    we use our shower that’s right next to the toilet, but it’s too powerful and sprays poo all over my legs and all over the bathroom!

  13. Gretchen replied:

    My little man will be starting solids in a few months; I’m terrified by the poo change. Who knew you could be terrified by poo?

  14. Janae replied:

    YES! I don’t have a diaper sprayer and my kid has been having some nasty messes lately!

  15. Chelsea replied:

    Oh please, please, please! I’ve gone 2 years without one and am soooooo tired of the toilet dunk method. BLECH! New baby on the way, it couldn’t be better timing!

  16. Joy replied:

    my diaper sprayer broke. : (
    Scraping poo could end CDing!

  17. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    I have been wanting a diaper sprayer since before I even used cloth diapers, to clean our bums πŸ˜‰ Could really use this, it would be multipurpose for our family!!

  18. Jannell replied:

    solids are coming soon…enough said! lol

  19. Nicole Rodriguez replied:

    This would make things so much easier! I have two kids and don’t always have time to throw them in the washer. It would be nice to be able to spray them and not worry about them right that minute!

  20. Lizz replied:

    Yes please! I would love one but cant afford one! lol

  21. laura b replied:

    I would love a way to get the poop off my diapers bc I hate peeling it off with toilet paper.

  22. Jen @ Eating My Vegetables replied:

    I have a dd in transition between nrsg and solids and she has really weird stools. I need to stop getting my hands messy!

  23. Sara replied:

    I haven’t tried one but heard they are amazing!

  24. Christy replied:

    I have one, but would love to win for a friend!

  25. Rachel replied:

    My baby is starting solids. I NEED a diaper sprayer!!

  26. Candice replied:

    I have one that I love, but we will be living with family while we are searching for a house (hubby getting medically discharged due to injury) and i dont want to have to uninstall everytime we switch houses, which we will be doing pretty frequently!

  27. Marla replied:

    My son Jonathan, who I love so dearly! Is getting to the “messy” stage downstairs! It’s gross! I need some help taking care of his “poopies” and a diaper sprayer would be great! Please help!

  28. Jenny replied:

    Would love this, this whole shake shake shake “oh man that wasn’t supposed to fall there” thing is getting old πŸ˜€

  29. Jen Scaggs replied:

    Oh gosh – perfect timing! Our sprayer just quit working this weekend!

  30. Jen replied:

    Would love one to save me from failed liner placement!

  31. Tammy replied:

    Starting solids with my son soon, and I have 2 in diapers ;(.

  32. Krystine replied:

    Jusy started solids at 6 months and take them outside to spray them out, and its still wayy hot here in Fl.

  33. Heidi K replied:

    I actually have one, but my sister-in-law could use one! She’s pregnant and wanting to cloth diaper and I don’t know how excited my brother is about dealing with the poopy diapers. A sprayer would definitely make him more willing to use cloth diapers!

  34. Lindsay K. replied:

    My baby boy just started solids and the poop is CRAZY! I need one sooooo bad. I am getting some staining from not getting it all off!

  35. EmilyER replied:

    Two in cloth, 13 months apart! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! πŸ™‚

  36. Patricia replied:

    I have two in diapers and am really tired of scraping diapers with my g- swish stick! yuck! a Diaper Sprayer would be a perfect additive to my cloth diaper addiction!

  37. Shannon T replied:

    Yes I do!! and no money to go out and get one!

  38. Madeline replied:

    I hear I’ll need one once the baby starts solids!

  39. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    This is my number one need!! I have a daughter on prescription formula for severe food allergies and it is not pretty!

  40. Emily G replied:

    We started solids TODAY!

  41. Beth replied:

    I’m so tired of bleaching out my tub every.single.day! I soooooooo need a diaper sprayer so I can spray them off straight into the potty!! πŸ™‚

  42. Mariah replied:

    I will admit that I’m a little frightened of the diaper sprayer yet intrigued at the same time! I’ve always been willing to try everything at least once!

  43. Stephanie replied:

    My husband refuses to help change cloth diapers because of the poop. I feel he would help if we had a sprayer.

  44. Jennifer L replied:

    DH hates to spray poop off in the sink. I hear it every time he or I do it!! Save me!

  45. PN replied:

    4th kid in diapers – still no sprayer…this last kid has the worst diapers yet…please, I need help.

  46. Lyndsey G replied:

    I’ve heard they are wonderful…and after swishing my sons oh-so-nasty diaper in the toilet tonight I would agree! With us planning on conceiving again soon I’d rather have one now instead of later!

  47. Ellie replied:

    I have a DIY diaper sprayer, but would LOVE to have one installed at my mom’s house. That would make for easier diaper changes at her house. Please? Thanks for the fun tonight!

  48. Jessica G. replied:

    Trying out CDing with my second child, gonna need all the help I can get. Seems that a diaper sprayer is a must have to ease this process:)

  49. Chelsey replied:

    No stores sell diaper liners locally here, and DH is definitely not on board with dunking or scraping. Pretty please?? lol

  50. Jill replied:

    Yes yes yes! Solids will be coming soon enough!

  51. .tif replied:

    My sweet first baby is officially six months old today. It’s not only time to start introducing solids, but it’s going to be time to start spraying those diapers!

  52. Lindsey Y replied:

    I hate scraping!

  53. Lori replied:

    Heck yea! I’m tired of picking out the random blueberry, bean or grape skins from the inside of my rubber lip on the front loader. Ick, ick. Please don’t make me use a rubber scraper. I can’t go there.

  54. Hillary Westbrook replied:

    I WOULD LOVE THIS!!!! It’s the only thing missing from my stash!!!

    Please oh please love me random.org!!

  55. Michelle F. replied:

    Oh gosh I am dying for one! I have icky toddler poop and a toddler who doesn’t like to tell me when he’s pooped so its usually smeared all over the entire diaper before I get to it. Its a huge icky mess to clean up when I change him! Pretty pretty please! With sugar on top!! :))))

  56. Abbie Neary replied:

    I am due in 5 weeks.I am going to cloth diaper. I NEED a Diaper Sprayer.

  57. Tracy replied:

    ooh! I could really use this! At the moment the hubs won’t do anything with a dirty diaper…he either puts it poop and and all in the pail or sometimes leaves it open on the changing table for me to “find” later. I think an “appliance” might motivate him to help clean them up – plus just facilitating my daily chore!

  58. Yuri Y. replied:

    OMG, WE SO NEED THIS! so so so so need this! πŸ˜€ hahah tha’s it. lol

  59. Sarah G. replied:

    I hear they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. πŸ˜‰ I would love to see if the hype is right!

  60. kristen replied:

    A month straight of peanut butter poo means I need a sprayer soon….Ick.

  61. Amy ashlock replied:

    I’m wasting lots of water rinsing and rinsing and yes more rinsing in my bathroom sink!!!

  62. AussieAbbie replied:

    I mean PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE this new poop that isn’t from my liquid gold breast milk is killing me!! LOL solids isn’t such a good idea after all now with the new poop!!!!! LOL

  63. Shoshana replied:

    I will have two in diapers very soon!

  64. Adelaida replied:

    My husband was just asking what would make it easier to clean off the poop. This diaper sprayer would be PERFECT!!

  65. Kara replied:

    I will be having two in cloth dipes very soon! I have a sprayer in the basement but would love one in the bathroom!

  66. LeeAnn Lewis replied:

    Getting a sprayer would keep my four year old from grabbing the poopy diaper and throwing it because it stinks!!!! LOL

  67. Allison replied:

    I just got one…but could always have another one handy!

  68. Kara C. replied:

    Just switched to cloth diapering on my DS who is 17 months old and let me tell you! His poopys are a mess to clean off!

  69. Nicole replied:

    I am flushing and dunking! So gross. I drip poopy water on my floor and use my hand to scrub. I need a sprayer

  70. Paula N replied:

    We *just* started solids and are still using the “dunk and swish” method in our old house…PLEASE pretty PLEASE!!!!

  71. Kate C replied:

    I would love to not dunk in the toilet anymore! Diaper Sprayer please! πŸ™‚

  72. Rachel K replied:

    I do not! Didn’t need it with my first, but my second is having lots of yucky poos and I am tired of dunking.

  73. Britiany T replied:

    That was the one thing my DH said he wouldn’t do was dunk and swish! If I could get one he would be on board 100% and let me spend a little more on diapers!

  74. Kierra replied:

    Oh, how I need a diaper sprayer! In January, we totally uprooted our lives to put my hubby back in school. We now live in/manage girl’s dorms at the college he attends. I love it, but the washers are AWFUL! I am spending a fortune on washing, and think that a sprayer would make WORLDS of difference and help me get my little man back in cloth full time. πŸ˜€

  75. Amy replied:

    Holy cow do I ever!!!!! My two youngest that are in diapers have some of the most uh….prolific bowel movements that I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been begging my husband for a diaper sprayer forever!

  76. Heather Moore replied:

    I have a friend that REAALLLLY could use a sprayer. Her baby girl has horrible food allergies/intolerances and I know this would be nice for her until they can figure out what to avoid!

  77. Michelle replied:

    Next week we will have 2 in diapers! I could use all the help I can get!

  78. Alisha replied:

    I need one SOON! LO is going to be starting solids soon… EEK!

  79. keenglund replied:

    I have 2 in diapers, one 2 year old with huge disgusting poops, and a newborn with liquidy overflowy poops. I need help! The flushing while dunking is just not working. Please!

  80. Tiffany Williams replied:

    We’re currently ttc and a diaper sprayer would be great to add to our stash! Plus it may help to get dh to help clean dipes.

  81. Amanda O. replied:

    My son has been eating solid foods for almost two months now. We started using liners since that was less of a commitment than the sprayer. We have almost used up our first order of liners and I would LOVE to give the sprayer a try.

  82. Jessica Lister replied:

    We are just getting ready to start solids and I would LOVE one! I currently use toilet paper if there is enough chunk to wipe off..lol

  83. Sarah Connor replied:

    I’ve never had one and I have a 2 year old that still has some poopies…and a new one on the way that will have LOTS of poopies… really could use one!! I would love to win since I can’t afford one right now (it’s a luxury and until I can find a job, I’m not going to splurge on one…)… I’m a newly licensed LPN anyone know of any job openings in Southern VA? πŸ™‚

  84. bambi bittner replied:

    oh me please. i use a 5gal bucket in the bathtub and then dump it in the potty. a sprayer would be sooo much easier

  85. eryn replied:

    Yes pretty pretty please. New to CD and putting out money for the cloth diapers alone has cost a pretty penny…esp since doing it on my own is no fun….having the diaper sprayer would be ideal to help this a very positive experience and also because this would be the only way i could have one..no way i can shell out that much..

  86. SharpieB replied:

    i am new at all this cloth diapering stuff and feel like i could use any help as a working mom to make things easier!!!

  87. Rachel W replied:

    Yes please! My baby is only 3 months old right now, but I’m dreading the day that I need to dunk the diapers. I would rather spray than dunk!! πŸ™‚

  88. Masha replied:

    I’m expecting my second in less than a month … and my daughter isn’t even a year old yet. There is a lot of poop in our future …

  89. Diana replied:

    The toddler poo is ummm…challenging. I’ve made it this far without a sprayer, but we are TTC #2 and I would love to have a sprayer to help out!

  90. Jessie H replied:

    We have one, but I need one to give to a dear friend who is expecting TWINS!

  91. Leah replied:

    How much easier on the hands that would be. Raw hands from all the washing/hand sanitizer used.

  92. Tracy replied:

    Oh please! I am SO over the dunk and swish method! And now that his poo is the texture of peanut butter…GROSS!

  93. Jessica replied:

    All I can say is “I don’t have one.” I don’t need one just yet, but know that I will soon!

  94. Erika F-P replied:

    My daughter is 5 months old. So far cloth diapering has been super easy because she is still exclusively breastfed. I was waiting to start solids until 6 months anyway, but now I’m tempted to keep pushing that start off because I don’t want to change the diaper routine! I think a diaper sprayer might give my little girl who eyes and grabs at any food in her line of view a chance to start solids before she is potty trained!

  95. Carina replied:

    we just went to solids! I need one! πŸ™‚

  96. TammyD replied:

    Please pick me!!! I am sick of swishing my 6 months old poopy diaper in the toilet…yuck!! Not to mention my husband thinks I am crazy and would never do that!!!

  97. Amanda K replied:

    I need one so I don’t have to take the shower mat out. If I don’t the poop get stuck in the wholes. lol

  98. Kristy D. replied:

    I could use one for a gift for a mommy to be πŸ™‚

  99. Maria replied:

    Two in cloth. ‘Nuff said!

  100. Kristina replied:

    oh my! I have been saving my pennies for a diaper sprayer! I have two boys in cloth. My baby just switched over to formula so his poo needs to be sprayed now and my toddlers poo needs to be sprayed as well but NO SPRAYER! So what does that mean? Dipping and swishing and sticking my hands in toilet water to make sure all the poo gets off those incredibly cute diapers…so nasty! Please be my hero and pick me to win a diaper sprayer…My two boys would love you as well as my future children (We want 5 or so). πŸ™‚

  101. Nicole replied:

    We have a new baby bean on the way and a daughter who just turned 2. We really need a diaper sprayer for my MIL’s home. She will watch the kids while I am at work. Poor MIL does the soak and swish in the toilet now!

  102. MalinaDock replied:

    Everyone needs a diaper sprayer sometimes! ( At least I hope I’m not the only one!)

  103. Laura Schuler replied:

    Ooh! We’re starting the CD adventure soon and this would be a great addition!!

  104. BrassyDel replied:

    We’ve been cloth diapering since the little one was 2 weeks old. She’s now almost 16 months old, and baby #2 is on the way. Last week, she had the flu. Diarrhea for DAYS.

    And I still don’t have a diaper sprayer and am having to dunk and swish in the toilet! UGH!!

  105. Sascha Wagner replied:

    I so need this. Right now I am scraping poop off with a plastic knife and it isn’t pleasant.

  106. loretta replied:

    I have been rinsing icky poopy diapers in the shower. And I think that was a bad idea since my tub is now clogged and takes forever to drain. Please have mercy on me and help me to no longer rinse diapers in the tub.

  107. Lauren replied:

    I’ve got 2 in diapers (21 month old boy, 1 month old girl!) and have to lug my diaps out to DH’s Man Room (AKA the garage) to use the icky nasty sink out there! Not fun! Would love a sprayer in the bathroom right between both kids’ rooms!

  108. Lisa A replied:

    I would love one!! Two in diapers and in sore need of one!!! πŸ™‚

  109. kristen huss replied:

    I would love a diaper sprayer…why? to get my HE washer to work better!! Get those diapers soaking before they go in the wash!

  110. Britney replied:

    YES! DH is tired of poopy dipes soaking in the toilet!

  111. Catharine Bushman replied:

    Oh my goodness… this is the one thing one my registry no has bought yet. I have 4 weeks until baby and starting to get desperate! I am a full-time grad student (meaning limited funds) and have had so many friends tell us how great is it to get one. All of my diaper stash has been bought secondhand or given to me (I won the Flip day pack earlier in the summer- thank you!!!) and I’m really hoping to get one gifted or won in your giveaway!!!

  112. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    We are just starting solids and I’m dreading having to dunk and swish! A diaper sprayer would be music to this Mama’s ears!

  113. Jenny replied:

    Please!!! I’ve been eyeing them for a couple years now, but haven’t made the investment. I have contemplated it anew lately, as my 15 month old is having some digestive issues and his poop is as gross as ever. I would love to have a sprayer!!

  114. Isha Tan replied:

    My son is eating solids like a champ, and he’s also pooping like one. This requires something heavy-duty like a sprayer!

  115. Val replied:

    Please!! I use my utility sink and the water & “stuff” constantly sprays upward into my face! Good times…

  116. Autum Lynn replied:

    Don’t have one and I just started cloth so please help! (:

  117. Elizabeth replied:

    Yes, please! My little one just started real food, and pee-yew!! Can I just breastfeed her forever?? lol

  118. Jodi replied:

    I’m still waiting for my son’s poop to be solid enough to fall out of the diaper, in the meantime I’m scraping it out with toilet paper and swishing (ewww)

  119. shannon fitzpatrick replied:

    Please help me get my hands out of the toilet! With 2 under 2 I deal with too much poop! Plus my youngest is on a laxative 4 times a day and we’re about to start solids!!! Lol

  120. Jamie replied:

    I attempted a homemade diaper sprayer. Umm…shouldn’t have. 2 in cloth currently. I’ve been drooling over yours for ages but haven’t had the money for one. Tired of wiping water off the walls and poop off the toilet!

  121. Melissa Phinney replied:

    Let’s just say….19 month old daughter with horrible poopy mess and not potty training….she will not leave me alone when I’m trying to rinse out the diapers in the toilet, and things can get messy messy! It would be alot quicker and so wonderful to have diaper sprayer!!

  122. Ryan replied:

    My wife was the one who wanted to make the switch and I’m still grossed out by the whole poo issue, so one of these would be GREAT!

  123. Janessa Solem replied:

    Oh my gosh, YES! I just started giving my girl solids—I need some serious help for her SERIOUS poops!!!

  124. Peter replied:

    I would love a better way to deal with my son’s poop!

  125. magslove replied:

    I spray my dips off in the shower that’s why. Yes it is gross and unsanitary but that’s my only choice until a dope sprayer comes my way. P.s. Sshh Don’t tell my friends or esp those that shower at my house.

  126. Aaron replied:

    We have one, and well, two is better than one.

  127. Jeremy Laurin replied:

    My wife EBF and still insists that we spray them off in the sink. Gross, poop and food should not be in the same area.

  128. Cat replied:

    We really need a diaper sprayer!! We are new-first time parents and just switched to cloth 3 months ago and now our DD is 11mths old. My hubby does most of the diaper changes during the day and anything to help him would be WONDERFUL! He’s so nice to use cloth and is a big supporter but hates those poopy diapers! Please, please send our way!!!!!

  129. Andrea replied:

    I really need a diaper sprayer! My dad will be coming to watch my baby, and he is really not happy about the fact that she is in cloth diapers! It would make it so much easier to convince him if I had a diaper sprayer to help!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  130. Sara replied:

    I would love to answer the question “Why do you have a bidet?”

  131. Jessica Roberson replied:

    DH is a SAHD and I really don’t think he’ll stick with it if we have to dunk. I’d be willing to try disposable liners but don’t know if he’ll stick w the extra step. WE need a sprayer so DD will get CDs even when I’m at work!!

  132. Mark replied:

    ugh… we’ve gotten past the breast milk only poo and started solids, and meats! It can get icky dealing with the remnants of her meals πŸ™‚ I’d love a diaper sprayer!

  133. Tori replied:

    Oh my goodness, do I ever!!! Just today I tried to drop some poop in the toilet and the water splashed up and hit me in the face! I’m so sick of trying to use toilet paper to get it all off the diaper! I would LOVE a sprayer!!!

  134. Julie replied:

    Hope to start solids in the next couple of weeks…and his big bro has impressive poops

  135. Libby H replied:

    Little Guy has been sick lately — waaaay worse than PB poo….. 😦

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  136. Nicole replied:

    I’ve never used one, but I’d love to try, especially now that I have two in diapers!

  137. Kate replied:

    Dunking and swishing with gloves. I NEED one!

  138. Tamara Sz replied:

    Please, Please, we so need one of these! Toddler poop is yucky!

  139. Tiffany replied:

    I would love one for when we start solids. The plan is to use the one from the shower since it reaches, but I just know that is going to be a disaster.

  140. Julie replied:

    I cloth diaper two very active (and recently-begun-solids) 9-month olds!! A sprayer would be a life-saver!!

  141. Natalie replied:

    I have an enormous, ten-week old doom machine. And dunking is SO depressing and hectic with a dog and a toddler and a new baby!

  142. Christine replied:

    My laundry room stinks after I wash diapers. I really think I need to do a better job of getting poop off the diapers before washing them. The swish isn’t cutting it!!!

  143. Jessica A replied:

    I have two in diapers and my youngest just started solids πŸ˜›

  144. Ryan Benigno replied:

    Yes, please!!!!

  145. leasa replied:

    OH MY GOSH….my sprayer JUST broke and I can’t live without it…being that I have a shared laundry with no prewash option!

  146. Dallas Griswold replied:

    Love love love my diaper sprayer! So I admit it, if I got it I would share the love with my SIL. She has six kids, so she deserves it!

  147. Cupcake & Baby replied:

    A diaper sprayer…wow what a luxury that would be….she is starting solids this upcoming week..i don’t know what to expect but we live in an apartment and we don’t even have a washing machine in our unit…we have to go upstairs (it’s on the second floor) to do laundry…..anything that can make my life a little easier would be such a blessing….i have enough to do with taking the dog our and figuring out how to pick up his poop with a 5 1/2 month old dangling in front of me…not very fun…so the sprayer would mean one less trip to the otherside of the apartment!!

  148. Kelli replied:

    I’ve never tried one and am hoping that if I spray enough poo off the diapers I’ll be able to go back to a more natural detergent πŸ™‚

  149. Karen replied:

    Mine went out several months ago and it makes messes harder to clean, PLLLEAAASSE, I need one bad!!! Plus everyone knows little boys are stinkier – LOL πŸ˜‰

  150. Elisha replied:

    We’re just starting with CDs, so this would be a HUGE help!

  151. tearah parker replied:

    I just started CDing and I have a rambunctious little BOY! What more is there to say? haha

  152. Lenore replied:

    Diaper sprayer, diaper sprayer you’re oh so fine! Diaper sprayer, diaper sprayer I’m so happy you’re mine! (modified from The Belly Button Book)

  153. Michelle S replied:

    I soooooo need a sprayer. I have a 6 month old that I am switching to solids and a 2 year old who is potty training and having underwear accidents to clean up

  154. Jessica replied:

    I hate sob stories, but I really need this. DD was recently diagnosed w/ lyme disease so being on an antiboitic for so long wearked havoc on her & her BM’s are NASTY. (I’ll spare you the details!)
    A diaper sprayer would not only save her dipes but it would save ME! πŸ˜› PLEEAASSSEE pick us!!!!

  155. Jessica Foster replied:

    Ok… so I have been cloth diapering my daughter since she was born (a year ago this Friday!) and at first when she was EBF I just threw the diapers in the wash. Then she started solids… well, since I am sure you all know what kind of diapers that equals… I tried to figure out a way to get the poo off the diapers and into the toilet without touching it. Sooo I think “Hey, we have a hand-held shower head with a pretty powerful spray, why not use that?” Well, I end up soaking the entire bathroom floor and walls, and dropping that poopy diaper straight into the toilet as soon as the water hit it… *sigh* Needless to say, my husband would REALLY appreciate me getting a “Real” diaper sprayer! lol

  156. sarah replied:

    Oh boy. Let me tell you, we could definitely use a diaper sprayer in this house! LOVE cloth diapers, however, do not love the complicated process of poopy diapers!!! Plus, haven’t completely sold the husband on them yet and a sprayer might significantly help!!! =)

  157. Laura B. replied:

    I would love one!!

  158. Kara W replied:

    My DH refuses to clean off poopy diapers. With the ease of a diaper sprayer maybe I can get some help around here πŸ™‚

  159. Natalie Hetrick replied:

    Oh please let it be me!! My DD has had perma-PB poo since she started solids and she’s now 19 months old! Scraping is getting old!

  160. Robin replied:

    oh yes! I have two in cloth and have been diapering for 2 years w/o one!

  161. Liz replied:

    Oh my, I really want one! This is baby #2 and our first in cloth diapers. I’ve spent all our diaper budget already and I don’t have a diaper sprayer! It will be the swish method for us for a while. Can I have this one, please?!

  162. Amy replied:

    2 two year olds and a 7 month old. That’s a lot of poop.

  163. tasha davey replied:

    definitely need one. my daughter just started solids and our front loader takes like 3 full cycles of rinsing to get all the poopy diapers clean 😦

  164. Jen K. replied:

    DS just started solids, and my H is really bad about cleaning off poky diapers. A new toy would help!

  165. Patti replied:

    yes, yes and yes. Mainly bc no one in my house can figure out what to do with the poop so often it has been stitting for hours before I get to i t. Yuck!

  166. Jamie replied:

    Oh, please! I just started CD and the thing that prevented me from doing it for so long is the icky poo factor!

  167. Tara replied:

    i could really use some help for my 5 mo old’s CDs!

  168. Lisanne replied:

    I am so tired of dunking them in the potty! I would love a sprayer.

  169. bECCA replied:

    I need one so I don’t have to worry about not having one anymore πŸ™‚ my LO is due Oct 28 so I haven’t needed it yet, but i WILL!

  170. Suzie replied:

    DD is an extended breastfeeder and at 20 months STILL has non-poppable poo (sorry for the TMI). I NEED one badly!!!

  171. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas replied:

    My husband won’t do the poopers! I hate that he still uses sposies to catch the poo. I promise to love it and kiss it and hug it every day if I win a sprayer! (Ok, maybe not kiss it, but I won’t even complain if I spray poo all over the bathroom at first!)

    wendykate99 at yahoo dot com

  172. April replied:

    We are on the verge of solids and I AM TERRIFIED!!!!!!! (I bet I wouldn’t be such a scaredy-cat if I had a diaper sprayer from Abby’s Lane to the rescue!)

  173. jen replied:

    We have a nearly 3 year old and a nearly 3 week old (both of whom have been in cloth since birth), and are going to stop using the diaper service soon and start washing our own diapers. So, we are in serious need of a diaper sprayer! I would be thrilled to win this!

  174. Stephanie B. replied:

    we have been cloth diapering since the beginning of may and currently use the basin we got from the hospital and our sprayer from the kitchen sink. I neeeed a diaper sprayer ever so badly, please please please send one my way! oh and the switch method which i have tried doesn’t seem to work for me!

  175. Cassandra replied:

    I definitely need a diaper sprayer! My baby just started solids so he’s in the peanut butter poop stage. I tried disposable liners but they irritated his bottom.

  176. AussieAbbie replied:

    I’m serious… this new solid food calls for a diaper sprayer!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! Help a sista out???!!!!

  177. Heather S. replied:

    I’m expecting my first in January, so the more “help” I can get with convincing my husband that it won’t be so bad, the better! πŸ™‚

  178. Jodi replied:

    I have recently started cloth diapering with my 4th baby (now wish I had with the other three, ugh!) and I am about to start feeding her solid food! I need this…please!!!

  179. Janelle replied:

    Please, please send one my way! I’m dunking my son’s diapers in the potty for now. He’s 9 months old with the icky, sticky poo. He’s so curious and into everything. I so don’t want him to learn how to splash in the potty from me!!!

  180. Maria replied:

    I would love a sprayer! I have made it thus far without one, but during “blueberry gate 2010” I was wishing I had one!

  181. AussieAbbie replied:

    my BM was oh so much easier than this solid in her cloth… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a diaper sprayer for us???!!!

    • AussieAbbie replied:

      HIS cloth… typo there sorry lil man!!

  182. Stephanie P. replied:

    My son has just been started on solids and we are battling yucky avocado poops!! Save us!

  183. Theresa Kauffman replied:

    I’m hoping to score one for my in-laws! We’re there every weekend, and when we have to wet bag without hosing off…well…either way, worth a shot!

  184. Colleen Maurina replied:

    Our little guy is a champion pooper! We could sure use this!

  185. Becky replied:

    Please, please, please!!! I’m stuck in the stage between breast feeding and solids and it is sooooooooooo gross!

  186. Heidi M. replied:

    I am tired of scraping smushed up peas/carrots/grape skins/zucchini off my 12 month old’s diapers with t.p. Poor kid only has 2 teeth and ends up swallowing a lot of food whole! Ewwww!!!

  187. Victoria replied:

    I need one. I just got laid off about a month ago and I have been cloth diapering about two months and could really use one! And my washer machine is broken so it would make things a little easier!

  188. Kerrie E. replied:

    Ooh my gosh YES!!!!! I have been taking them out in the backyard and spraying the poopy explosion ones with the water hoes Help!!!!!

  189. Rebecca M. replied:

    I really need one of these! I tried to have my husband make one and that didn’t work out very well…lol

  190. Mamie replied:

    Yes! I realize how important they are… but I just can’t break down and pay $40 for one!

  191. teresa replied:

    We NEED one!!! Our first little one is on the way & we will be cloth diapering against all advice from family!!

  192. erin replied:

    have been cd’ing for 2.5 years without one–’nuff said!

  193. Amber replied:

    I’m new to the whole cloth diaper thing and I think the sprayed will lead me in the right direction πŸ™‚

  194. Cyndi replied:

    I would like one, but won’t buy one.

  195. LingerB replied:

    I’ve been BEGGING my husband to buy me a diaper sprayer and he just won’t do it. He says he will just hook up a regular sprayer to the sink. But it’s been over a year and I still don’t even have that. If I win a diaper sprayer, I will install it myself and finally can stop dunk and swirling to get rid of poo!

  196. Jillian replied:

    I am about to start solids and am scared of the poo

  197. Melissa W. replied:

    I am about to have 2 in diapers (and hopefully we can have more babies that we CD). And although I don’t mind the poop too much right now, I must admit I am getting a little dejected thinking about years of constantly dealing with poopy CDs. A sprayer sounds like it may just what I need…

  198. Rose replied:

    yes, please! My husband never takes the poop out of the diaper, just leaves it on the diaper pail!

  199. Shane replied:

    the sink gets old real quick and isn’t nearly as efficient!

  200. carissa buckson replied:

    i am dreaming of the days I can rid myself of the spatula above the toilet and just grab the sprayer. oh please dream come true!

  201. Heather A. replied:

    I am prego and changing poopy diapers makes me gag!!

  202. Carrie replied:

    My DH has been taking our toddler’s diapers outside and spraying them off with the hose… which won’t work in the winter, and I think our lawn is quite fertilized enough, thank you! (plus the neighbors may start to complain) So we need an indoor option before #3 arrives!

  203. Carla replied:

    yes! got a new little baby on the way! I’m gonna need some help getting that poop off those many poop diapers

  204. Sarah replied:

    We recently became foster parents and are committed to using cloth diapers on the little ones we are blessed to care for. This would be an AMAZING help and would make life that much easier!!!

  205. cynthia hegarty replied:

    I want on so my sitter will spray off the poop.

  206. Colby replied:

    I have low flow toilets and a high flow baby, lets just say dunking dosen’t quite do the trick. I would love to be able to spray Mr. Sir’s nasties down the toilet. Please pick me πŸ™‚

  207. brian replied:

    Scraping and rinsing just isn’t the same…this would be amazing!

  208. Lily replied:

    I’m not sure how I’m going to convince my husband to keep cding if he has to scrape peanut butter poop from the diapers.

  209. AussieAbbie replied:

    because i’ve added solids to my wonderful breast milk… its not as fun with this stinky poop!!! please please i need a sprayer!!!!!

  210. Michelle replied:

    Not sure this is plead… but…. I stole the shower sprayer from our shower… My husband was not happy… I had to convince him that I needed to use it!! Now I steal it in the morn when he leaves for work and hook it up in the basement where we do diaps… Kids both poop in the am typically… make sure I have it hooked back up when he comes home!! =) =) just some extra legwork!!! Would say I don’t think he knows… My eldest tattled on me about a month ago…. =) =)

  211. Brittany N. replied:

    Just starting CD full time and I could REALLY use one!

  212. Emilie replied:

    I would love to have a diaper sprayer! I am an unemployed mama and at the moment, my parents are letting my new family live in their house while we get our feet back on the ground. There are 6 adults and a baby in this house, so the washer takes quite the beating. I try to get the diapers rinsed thoroughly in the toilet beforehand because I don’t want to risk getting any “ickies” in the machine and on to other people’s clothing. My baby just started solids though, so this is becoming a bigger task. Thank you for the chance to win a sprayer, that would make life so much easier!

  213. Hannah replied:

    This would be sooo handy!

  214. jen replied:

    i currently spray my son’s diapers over a bucket in my tub (using the detachable shower head). when the bucket fills up, i carry it over to the toilet to dump it. sometimes his diapers are so gross that i have to do this two or three times. i even did this while i was pregnant! (my daughter is three months old…thank goodness her diapers don’t need to be sprayed) i’m afraid of wiping out and spilling the bucket on the floor or even on myself.

  215. Sarah replied:

    I would love one!

  216. Ashley T. replied:

    I have a tendency to shake my 21 mo old daughters still very soft stool not only in the toilet, but little bits around it as well, making for double cleaning. She may have only had two to three easily ploppable poos ever!!

  217. Emily replied:

    Yes! Solids are not pleasant in the CDs!

  218. Angie K. replied:

    I do not need a diaper sprayer, but my 21 year old niece will need one when she delivers this February. It would a great thing for a young first time mom to have who is going to cloth diaper. I believe my sprayer has helped me stay with cloth and I believe it would be the same and perhaps more so for her!

  219. laurie replied:

    so that i will do more diaper changes πŸ™‚ it will make for a happier marriage

  220. Tiffany U replied:

    I need one!!!! We just moved and have stupid water saver toilets…my daughter has food allergies and has nasty, stinky peanut butter poo…the dunk and swish method REALLY doesn’t work with so little water in the toilet bowl!!!!!

  221. Krista Myers replied:

    I own a diaper sprayer, but I NEED one for my parents house when I am visiting. They live 6 hours from us and I like to use cloth when travelling, but I’m very use to the diaper sprayer at home. πŸ™‚

  222. Janet replied:

    My son has very, very sticky and thick poo. It doesn’t come off easily of the diapers (even with a spoon), so I always have to sun my dipes a lot since they get stained from the poo! A diaper sprayer would help this problem a lot!

  223. Tiffany replied:

    Yes! I don’t have one yet but I will definitely need one since we will be starting solids soon.

  224. Sarah Sparks replied:

    Yes yes! I am tired of dunking and my hubby works 13 hour days 6 days a week so no time to make me one!

  225. Lisa replied:

    I would love one! I have two in cloth diapers and my 12 month old is in the stage where her poop is really hard to scrape off of the diapers.

  226. Tammy Weiss replied:

    My husband gets the majority out in the toilet and then rinses them out in the bathroom sink. NEEDS TO STOP

  227. Stephanie G replied:

    with 2 in dipes and a recent case of diarrhea for both of them…um…definitely need a sprayer!!!

  228. Chris replied:

    Yes got a baby on the way.

  229. Jessica Shewmake replied:

    yes I do! My 5 month old is about to starts solids and my 3 year old has reverted backwards and is now pooing in his pants. Yuck! A sprayer would be a life saver!!!

  230. manda2257 replied:

    Yes. I need one!! I just kinda shake them over the toilet and what doesn’t come off goes into the wash. Unfortunately, sometimes a stray poopy gets lost in the washer and I have to clean my washer between my rinse and wash πŸ˜›

  231. Kaylene replied:

    Yes, we need one! We have one in diapers and one on the way so a diaper sprayer would REALLY come in handy!

  232. Katy Lindhag replied:

    We have finally been convinced by friends to try out cloth diapers on our 5 month old little girl. We are trying to gather the necessary supplies and would love the conveniece of a diaper sprayer!

  233. SaraB replied:

    I have 2 in cloth and I’ve been holding off starting solids with my almost 7 month old because I don’t have a sprayer!!! HELP!

  234. craftymontanagirl replied:

    We have one in our kid bathroom. Which is convenient for the kid. But we could use one in our master bath – as the babe is in our room and that’s where we change her!

    Sprayers ROCK!

  235. sarah replied:

    I have one but would love to have one for a friend who just had a baby. They are sooo awesome!

  236. Keeley X replied:

    My little girl just started solids and I would love a sprayer!

  237. Lauren P replied:

    Yes please! Going to be starting solids soon!

  238. tyler replied:

    starting solids soon, and we could really use this.

  239. Rachel S. replied:

    We live in an old place, and the toilet is kind of scary! I don’t want to interact with it any more than I have to! XD

  240. Carly replied:

    O Yes!!! I currently dunk and swish…It works for me,but my Husband will not do it..I am expecting another baby in 3 weeks and will then have 2 under 2 in cloth. Money is tight and I concider a Diaper Sprayer a luxury,so yes Winning one would be sweet!!

  241. Becka replied:

    Oh I love my diaper sprayer! I need one for my friend who is CD now. She’s been using a sink!

  242. Nicole replied:

    Yes I have to dunk and squeeze

  243. Andrea M replied:

    Desperately. My hands are so dry from a lot of washing after handling toddler diapers. ::shudder::

  244. Shaina replied:

    I would love to try one for those icky poops when my son starts eating solids. We live in an apartment and our washer and dryer are tiny and not as powerful as I’d like. A quick spray before I load them would be great.

  245. Christina O'Donnell replied:

    Being a full time working mom with 3 children under the age of 4, I need anything that will make my life easier.

  246. Melissa Bodzioch replied:

    I had done a TON of research on cding while preggers and decided to avoid having to spend money each time my baby grew. I also wanted to spend the least amount of money on cd’s and always wanted to tell people I ONLY spent $200 cding my baby from birth to potty training. I decided on buying one FLIP & one ECONOBUM set thinking whichever I liked better I would buy another couple sets of.. yeah.. then my baby arrived and their pf’s were a bit bulky and I decided to go back and research.. $500 in one week later my husband finally had to pull in the reins and say “enough”. I never even thought about the diaper sprayer, so of course here I am with all this fluff, an EBF baby, and of course knowing full well one day we’ll need a sprayer when she starts eating solids! DOH!

  247. nesta jessup replied:

    i have twins! that should be enough. but they have peanutbutter poo too! hehehe.

  248. Aurelie replied:

    Yep. Got one on Saturday and it leaks like crazy. Need a new one

  249. Natalie replied:

    We CDed two kids without and for number 3… I give in!! I must have one this time!

  250. Jaime replied:

    would love to have one for my downstairs bathroom!! love it!!!

  251. natasha replied:

    i dont think scraping poo poo off into the toilet with my hands is a very great idea….my lil one is almost on solids..YUKKK

  252. Meg replied:

    2 under 2, I’ll dealing with a lot of poo!

  253. jessica browne replied:

    would LOVE

  254. Angela replied:

    My husband didn’t turn ours off every time after using it and now ours leaks.

  255. Julie Jensen replied:

    I don’t need one but I have a friend who is pregnant and will be raising her kid on her own AND plans to cloth diaper YAY!! I would LOVE to win this FOR HER!

  256. Porschia Haley W. replied:

    coin operated laundry, small stash, extremely limited funds…do a lot of prewash and extra soaks in our bath tub and line drying…getting stains but I think being able to spray would help, not to mention it would encourage us to rinse more immediately so they don’t sit for hours or a day 😦 πŸ™‚

  257. Rachel S replied:

    We just started feeding baby avocados….nuff said!!!

  258. Rachel D replied:

    I have two in diapers and currently using the bathtub!

  259. Jennie V replied:

    my daughters poop’s just started to really stain her organic diapers, and many friends have suggested a diaper sprayer. I’d love to have one! Its been to cloudy here in the mornings (when the sun hits my back yard) so sunning hasn’t worked to get the diapers stain-free lately.

  260. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    My baby will arrive in 5 weeks and I still need to a ;pt of things..a diaper sprayer is one of then..we are on a tight budget and have not been working for 3 months now =[

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