cloth diaper wash routines

I make the assumption in this week’s section that mom does the bulk of the diaper laundry and diaper assembly, for the stay at home dad’s or dad’s that share equally in diapering and laundry, this is for you, too, and kudos to you for pitching in 🙂

One thing I have found over almost 8 years of diapering is having a regular diaper laundry routine makes things much easier. Now for our regular clothes, forget it, it gets done when it gets done, but with diapers if you run out you are really stuck, so having a good routine going keeps things in supply.
For our house, I dump the diapers in the wash right before I go to bed. That way the hot water doesn’t run out in the showers, and it provides one last time to make sure the doors are locked and lights are out. If I happen to walk by the fridge and shove some M&M’s in my mouth, that doesn’t hurt either (and makes laundry a little more exciting!)

Hubby puts them in the dryer when he goes to work first thing, so by noon I can fold and sort while the kids eat lunch. I usually wash every day for the most part, but now that Lucy is getting close to 2 I go every other day since she uses less diapers than before.
I find many of our customers stuff their pockets when you pull them out of the dryer, if you can let them cool for an hour, this will help prolong your elastic. Some stuff as they go, I like to have them ready in the changing area.

Once a month, I like to clean out my diaper pail, just to get rid of anything that may have hit the lid and keep the pail itself smelling fresh. An easy way I have found to do this, take it outside, squirt some liquid dish soap on the inside, and full blast your hose at it. I don’t ever scrub it manually, just swishing and spraying seems to do the job nicely, and it waters the lawn.

Now that the weather is warmer, line drying is easier. Many moms let the diapers line dry, if you want to make it a faster process, mix the two. Let them start outside, bring them in about half way dry and finish in the machine. This cuts down on your machine use, and keeps your aplix in good shape. If you line dry exclusively, once a week give them a tumble in the machine, if only for a few minutes, to curl your hook on the aplix, and keeps your PUL in good condition.
I like to go over cloth wipes in this section, many of you use them already, but if you are on the fence, consider my very lazy way of using cloth wipes. If you have a 3 month old or younger, you are using a lot of wipes through the day. When my babies are little, I get an empty Huggies wipe container, and prewet the wipes in the morning with just water. Use throughout the day, and at the end of the day whatever is unused gets washed anyway to prevent mildew odors. As the babies get older, I keep them dry in a basket, and run them under the tap when I grab a diaper if I know there is a poopy change. It really is easy to use cloth wipes, it saves you the trouble of picking out disintegrated pieces from your diaper laundry if you wash them, or having to bag them and take out stinky garbage if you toss them in the trash. Baby Washcloths make great cloth wipes, you can get a 5 pack at the dollar store, for a few dollars you will have all you will ever need for your baby’s time in cloth. Take the money you save on disposable wipes and treat yourself to a nice Starbucks instead 🙂


September 18, 2010. cloth diapers, Wash routines.

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  1. Sarah Sparks replied:

    Love this! My hubby does not do any laundry I don’t trust him lol. My cloth wipes live in a basket by the kitchen sink. I have a question, on the bum genius tags it says to only line dry the covers (for the pockets)should I put them in the dryer once they are dry just so they get a little heat?
    Thanks for the great blog

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