Football Widow Giveaways

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All winners chosen by Monday, September 13 at noon Eastern time, so make sure to enter by then 🙂


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  1. Alisha S replied:

    Me, Me! 🙂

  2. Stephanie-jean replied:

    Me 🙂

  3. Lisa A. replied:

    Me! 🙂

    • Lisa A. replied:

      Duh!! I didn’t see that you had to post something to improve the shopping experience!! :/ Sorry!

      Honestly, I have been very happy with my shopping experience at Abby’s Lane. Not only do you offer discount codes, but you inform the shoppers of sales and give them hints that might sometimes allow the customer to NOT buy from you but look into other options.
      Here’s an idea: Have you thought of making little “seasonal” packages or gift packages for customers? i.e.- Xmas time put in a BabyLegs in holiday-like print, a green pocket diaper, a red wool dryer ball, and a sample of Rockin’ Green(red and green motif) . As far as the gift idea goes, I was thinking more of a trial pack for a new mom kind of thing. Where you give a sampling of each thing and the person can then make an educated choice as to what they want. There will be lots of people buying gifts for new moms out there and sometimes a gift certificate doesn’t do it. I know you have an awesome trial run of all your products, but this is just an idea.
      As far as service, you guys go above and beyond the call of duty with answering emails and chats…here’s a suggestion: can you get a brick and mortar store soon? 😉 Thanks for all you do!! 🙂

      • abbyslane replied:

        Lisa, promise the B&M is in the works, just working out the first steps 😉

  4. Chrissy replied:

    I have no idea what you could do to improve! Free shipping is the biggest thing for me with your store, plus awesome customer service!

    • Kayla Kirk replied:

      Hook em horns

  5. Tracie Gasiorowski replied:

    I dont really think there is anything on your site that would make my shopping experience better. I buy 98% of all my CD stuff from Abbys lane!

  6. Jill replied:

    Aren’t we supposed to put what would be a better shopping experience? Um, so yeah, I would say free shipping is always a plus, and then there’s finding what you’re looking for easily (accessible tabs/links), as well as a ‘cheap’ section-say dipes under $15–which could be clearance or inexpensive options and one for coupons or current deals.

  7. Kendra replied:

    I actually don’t have any recommendations to make it easier to shop at your site! I love how you have the option to shop by category or brand. Perfect in my book! 🙂

  8. Amy Fosdick replied:

    Only woman in the house. 4 sons and a husband–they’re all Colts fans. 😦

  9. Heather replied:

    I can’t think of anything I would improve. Your customer service is fantastic. I think I had an error in my order once and you called me personally to fix it, and that was over 3 years ago now. We are fully potty learned here, but I still shop your site for the other goodies you have 🙂

  10. Britney replied:

    I honestly can’t think of anything you could do to improve the store! I love it! The selection is great and customer service is the best!

  11. ColieJ replied:

    Honestly you do a great job. One thing I really appreciate is quick (free) shipping & tracking to obsess on. The only thing that lures me to the competition occasionally is free diaper giveaways.

  12. Nikki replied:

    Can’t think of any improvements but I’m in!

  13. adrian replied:

    the only thing I could even begin to say would improve it is some kind of online monitoring of your abby’s lane dollars, other than that, great time, and can’t wait for the storefront!!!

    • adrian replied:

      oh, and ability to shop clearance diapers vs clearance other stuff. again, not huge!

  14. abbyslane replied:

    I will take the “me’s” as an entry, they are our blog subscribers 😉
    But hey, go up and tell me what we can do to make your shopping experience better~

  15. Sara replied:

    Football widow…I am so there!

  16. Abbie Neary replied:

    I like your store I would love if you had
    free shipping to Canada 🙂

  17. Liz B. replied:

    Are we supposed to answer the question here? I don’t really have an idea of what you can do to make the shopping experience better for me. I LOVE the free shipping–I’m on a super tight budget so whenever I can afford to buy a new diaper, I only look at stores with free shipping. I also like monthly promotions. And ways to earn store credit–like helping out or referring someone.

  18. Aubrey G replied:

    The only thing that would make my shopping experience better would be if I had an unlimited budget! But seriously, the only CD items I buy that I can’t get from you are Lulu’s detergent and Angel Baby Bottom Balm. If you carried those items I would love that!

  19. nikki replied:


  20. Jamie replied:

    I think your site is great! The only suggestion would be to have customer reviews (and a spot to leave a review) on each individual product page (instead of having to navigate to blogs). Easy to say but I know web design can be a giant pain, so might not be as easy to impliment 😉

  21. Christy replied:

    Lol! Enter me please! 🙂

  22. Ashley Campbell replied:

    Ok I seriously love your site, and there’s really nothing I would change, but one thing I think you could change is to divide up your flex and original pedis by gender. It makes it easier to shop (at least to me lol).

    Maybe could even be applied to the babylegs section too?

    Other than that I LOVE it!

  23. KatieYoung replied:

    Free shipping, FAST shipping, and awesome customer service…what’s to improve?
    I agree with a way to track your abby’s lane $$. I have loved the addition of the odds & ends section! I check it often and have bought a few items. Maybe adding a trial package option?

  24. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    I love your free shipping and Abby’s Lanes Dollars. Do you do monthly specials or having a way of notifying customers of sales?

  25. Tori replied:

    Wow, I can’t really think of anything you can do to improve your site! I love that you have free shipping and I think your site is easy to navigate. It would be cool to add a page where you talk about the best way to care for your diapers, what detergents to use, how to wash and strip them. Also, a list of CD safe creams would be good. It would make it really nice to be able to quickly look up suggestions while shopping.

  26. Ashleyn replied:

    I would like secret freebies added to orders.

  27. Rebecca W replied:

    The shipping is what gets me. The shipping is kinda costly. Something you can do is for a limited time if someone orders 3 or more diapers they get a free diaper of your choice. (so they get 4 diapers for the price of 3) or some kinda promotion they that.

    • abbyslane replied:

      Free shipping 😉
      I wish we had the budget to do free diapers, unfortunately we would lose money every time, we do offer a newsletter discount though, and the shipping is free 🙂

    • Rebecca W replied:

      You have free shipping but some companies don’t

      • abbyslane replied:

        Got it! Thought you meant us 🙂

      • Maria replied:

        The free shipping is AWESOME. Seriously. If Abby’s Lane sells it, I’m buying it there. I hated trying to wait until I had $50, $75 or $100 worth of stuffz before I could buy. At Abby’s Lane, I can buy a snappi & nothing else, and still get free shipping. It still works out cheaper than even the places that have a first class option. I despise the flat rate shipping places, bleh.

  28. Susan M. replied:

    I love your site and free shipping, etc…I don’t anything would make my shopping experience better, but the registry could be a little more user friendly…like if more items showed up on one page; also when a registered for color is out of stock the item sometimes shows up with the other color options (I am not making a whole lot of sense, am I?! :))

    • abbyslane replied:

      We are trying to work out some registry kinks, I agree it needs work. The out of stock option I have set like that so even if we are out and people really want it, we will switch out the color for you if it is coming back (rather than the person not get it). My train of thought though often is not the best, so we may revisit that-LOL

  29. Alisha S replied:

    Ooops… I forgot to mention how to improve the shopping experience. I love your site so this is hard. I wish I could view all of the sale items on one page or just a couple of pages. It sometimes takes a while to scroll through them all and then I forget what pages the items that interest me are on. Of course, I love that you have a lot of sale items. I recommend your site to everyone!

  30. Tiffany U replied:

    I wish you carried Aden and Anais…and a discounted/gently used section would be nice!

    • abbyslane replied:

      Tiffany, we are going to check them out at a trade show next month 🙂

  31. Katie replied:

    I think your site is very easy to navigate. Not sure you have a need to change anything. 🙂 Maybe your new product news link a little more prominent?

  32. Jennifer replied:

    I don’t know what would improve your store! You’ve got great customer service and free shipping! Maybe a used section?

  33. Sarah replied:

    I was browsing Pedipeds the other day. I kept wishing they were by gender. Other than that I have never run into anything on your site that bugs me 🙂

  34. peggy replied:

    Maybe throwing a small sample of something in the package? I know that’s turned me on to lots of different things I otherwise might not have purchased.

  35. Meg replied:

    Love the free shipping! I would live to see customer reviews and pictures, like on amazon.

  36. katie replied:

    I love your store! I can’t think of anything that I would change!

  37. Julia Stell replied:

    it would be neat if instead of organizing the pedipeds by size, they were organized by style. then you can add the size you need. just my two cents. though i love shopping abby’s lane and always have a great experience! 🙂

  38. Jenni replied:

    have more specific categories under clearance/sale so its not so much to look through

  39. Another Ginger replied:

    I’d love to see a chart of what size cloth diapers equate to what size disposables! It would make it a lot easier if you’re trying to switch from sposies to cloth!

  40. merritt replied:

    Your store is amazing! Perhaps a way to track our Abby’s Lane Dollars.

  41. Laura replied:

    I can’t think of anything to improve! You have great communication, customer service, and selection. I love the free shipping and all of your generous giveaways. Seriously… Nothing to improve!!

  42. Amy B. replied:

    I think the site is awesome! The only thing that might be a great addition to the store is a trial package and then a gently used section for the returns.

    • abbyslane replied:

      Used sections are tricky with insurance. I will have to revisit the idea with them, but cloth diapers are viewed as a special category of hygeine/apparel, so our rates really sky rocket when we talk about reselling them (even if we say we will bleach them, etc..) but that was about 2 years ago so I will have to see if our carrier feels differently now.

      • KatieYoung replied:

        that’s really interesting-I had no idea!

      • abbyslane replied:

        Insurance is the devil, I swear (unless you or your partner sells insurance, then we love you and your business-LOL)

  43. Carrie replied:

    I love your Abby’s Lane dollars program, but sometimes find it a wee bit challenging to remember what my total is at a given time. If there was some easy way to automate it, I think it’d be great if perhaps our totals would appear either on the order confirmation or shipping email notice.

  44. Linnea replied:

    The only thing I can think of would be to sub categorize your sale section. I love your site!

  45. Monica F replied:

    Football widows of the world, unite!

  46. Jen replied:

    A way to keep track of the Abby’s lane dollars on-line. Other than that everything is great. The free shipping got me hooked and now I keep coming back because of great service.

  47. Taylor Louden replied:

    Go Bears! And basically, you’re awesome sooo, nothing much to improve on

  48. Jessica replied:

    You’re the best!! 😀

  49. Shannon replied:

    Honestly there isn’t much to improve on with your store. The only thing I can think of that would be nice is a great trial package that could compete with other cloth diaper stores! There are some mama’s out there that have wanted to do a trial package and I have had to direct them to other sites. Everything else about your store is amazing though! Great selection and free shipping are a must!

  50. Brie replied:

    I have been super-happy with any orders I have done with Abby’s Closet, so I would have to agree with everyone that as far as I can tell, there’s not too much to improve! As soon as my husband finds a nursing job, I can go back to shopping away! 🙂

  51. Jessica replied:

    I can’t tell you what to improve!! 😀 I honestly think you are awesome!

  52. VirtualM replied:

    I can’t think of much….if I recall, there isn’t a way to set up an ‘account’ to save shipping addresses, etc. That may be a nice feature, but it’s not vital as you are good about sending out e-mails, etc., to keep customers informed of order status (other websites I’ve used – not so much.) Thanks for the coupon codes and free shipping!

  53. Stephanie P. replied:

    Football then D&D widow… can’t catch a break 😉

  54. Julia replied:

    Just found this, so I have no answers, but I’m in!

  55. Joni replied:

    Hmmm…I absolutely love shopping on your site and the only thing I could think of is maybe a cool new “diaper finder” section where you answer a few questions about what you like and it comes back with product suggestions.

  56. Dora B replied:

    I’m new to the site (found it about 2 weeks ago) I love the site and the variety in products. I can’t say how the service is until I get my order in. But good service is a big thing for me!

  57. April Nantz replied:

    I think you should carry more brands of detergent. I like Rockin’ Green but there are a few others out there that I believe are even better. Such as Clean B. and Lulu’s in the Fluff. Just a suggestion.

  58. Rebecca Huss replied:

    I’m with Jamie… I like having the reviews on the same page like with the Ergo… Otherwise I LOVE Abby’s Lane and wouldn’t really change anything!

  59. Cristin replied:

    The free shipping is great, keep it around. I also enjoy the blog nights 🙂 fun to hear what people out there are using on their babies bums

  60. VirtualM replied:

    HAHA – um – nevermind. Ignore my comment, obviously I was thinking about one of those other sites as you have the option to save addresses & info for future purchases. So nope, you’re good!

  61. Allison replied:

    I am so far very pleased with my experience with Abbyslane. The customer Service, prompt responses, and knowledge of your employees has been VERY helpful. I also enjoy how quickly I receive my packages (whether in the mail or via Jenn:)

  62. Sarah replied:

    Enter me please!

  63. Lindsay Johnson replied:

    I love your store and that is why it is one of the only 2 stores I’ve chosen to order cloth diapers from. My favorite thing is the free shipping, and there is not much you really need to do to improve the experience! I do wish you offered a wider range of products – I’ve been looking to buy weehuggers diapers but they aren’t at your store.

  64. Amy replied:

    I’m going to say a way to track the rewards too 🙂 LOVE your site 🙂

  65. Amity B. replied:

    Not a football widow per say as Im on my laptop in a room attached to the living room. DH is pacing as the “boys” are on and im watching too. Been sitting on the couch with him all day watching RedZone.

    • Amity B. replied:

      I think a major improvement would be subcategories. Specially in your sale section. its going on 10 pages long and i hate having to scroll through each full page and clicking next. Other than that I love the store!

  66. Stephanie replied:

    Enter me please!

  67. Jessica replied:

    I ordered hemp from Abby’s lane and it shipped insanely fast! The last giveaway I won a diaper and had it in 2 days! You guys rock!

  68. Maria replied:

    I would LOVE it if we had a “my account” feature where we could automatically receive and track our points, and also if we could combine the discount code with gift certificates. 🙂

  69. Crystal replied:

    I have never shopped with you before but I know I love free shipping!

  70. nikki replied:


  71. Rachel S. replied:

    Yay. :3

  72. Jenny replied:

    I have never had an issue on your site, so I’m not sure what you could improve on. I love the free shipping and you ship quickly too.
    I’m not a football widow, but I am a Lord of the Ring Online game widow, can I still play? Lol. Thanks, Jenny

  73. Cristin replied:

    good ideas 🙂

  74. Kimberlie Tiegen replied:

    I’m totally a football widow… as far as the website, I like the layout and think you carry some great products.
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  75. Jessica replied:

    the store is very easy to shop from, i dont have any problems finding what i want/need 🙂

  76. Sarah G. replied:

    I don’t see any question to answer, but it seems everyone else is talking about improvements. 🙂 I honestly don’t know of any! Your site is great!

  77. Elizabeth K. replied:

    Well Abbyslane, you have truely made my transition to cloth diapering very smooth. A++++ ON customer service, which is great bc I don’t have to worry about getting the wrong item and I can count on it being shipped so fast!! Free shipping is very important as well. I am not sure if your up for this, but I think maybe partnering with an impressive wham mom would be great….I just love a custom made diaper! I would def. go to your site for something like that….I have a daughter and I am always looking for a unique, fluffy, fruffy, frilly, diaper. Which brings me to Babylegs. I have yet to look through all of them and pick one because I get overwhelmed by the quanity. That also happened with the pedipeds- in the case of having so much inventory of these items I would say less is more. It makes them feel more exclusive. I would suggest maybe putting a “most popular” babyleg’s tab or creating a Babyday special the 2nd monday of the month where you introduce a new babylegs.But really I would say your website is just great-and I am always ready to buy from you:)

  78. alice replied:

    lots more discounts=) or ‘cj sewing room’ butter supplies!!;)

  79. Allison replied:

    Love your site! As others have said, free shipping, coupons, sales, giveaways are all great! A clearance section would be fantastic 🙂

    I’m watching the game AND posting. Multitasking 😉

  80. Rachel replied:

    I would love to see more reviews of the products. It seems like theres not enough so I always have to go to diaperpin or something. Also, some demo videos or fit pics like has are awesome.

  81. leasa replied:

    The free shipping is AWESOME and the customer service is out of this world! Keep it up!

  82. Carlee H replied:

    I love that you carry BabyLegs AND Pedoodles (I can’t find those ANYWHERE!!) AND Rockin’ Green!!

    What could you do to make my shopping experience better? Umm…does allowing me to pay with Monopoly money count? 🙂

  83. abbyslane replied:

    Giveaway number 2 and 3 will be an email entry, so keep your eyes peeled for my comments here 🙂

    Giveaway number two is for a pair of BabyLegs, your choice (individual not a set).
    Email me at with the subject line “BabyLegs!” and why you would ❤ a pair 🙂

  84. Alexis replied:

    Go Cowboys!

    Thanks for all the great customer service!

    • Alexis replied:

      I forgot to say what you can do better. When you open the new store, you could have a grand openning sale. I can’t wait for the store!

  85. Amanda replied:

    Wow, just came online to giveaways! Well I am not a football widow, I am a “my husband works midnights and is catching some shut-eye before he leaves” widow right now.

    I love your store and you already added my one site recommendation, which was add reviews.

    • Amanda replied:

      Oh and I am embarassed to say I have to root for the Detroit Lions!

  86. mtgcshakopeemn replied:

    enter me please—I hate football!!!
    husskl at

  87. kristen huss replied:

    enter me please! I hate football!!

  88. Tara replied:

    You have it all!! I can not think of any way to improve the shopping experience. Free shipping awesome. Getting around the site awesome. Customer service very awesome!

  89. Lenore replied:

    I have no complaints. Fair pricing, good discounts, awesome customer service, fast shipping! Maybe have a sample registry set up so people have an idea what to order if they are new to cloth (how many diapers, wipes, pail liners, wet bags etc.)

  90. Annie replied:

    Could you categorize the clearance section? There’s too many pages to search. For example, when you click on clearance there’s a diaper category, shoe category, etc.

  91. Janae replied:

    I can’t think of anything to improve – I love the free shipping and of course, the great customer service you provide. Your site is very user-friendly and it’s always easy to see what you have in stock.

  92. Colleen Maurina replied:

    Haven’t come up with any ideas for improvement, but sure do love some of the things you already do! The free shipping is a bigee and you have a good sale/clearance section as well. You also have many different diaper brands to choose from and you carry my two favorite baby carriers – Ergo & Moby. Just keep having discounts and specials and you will keep everyone happy!

  93. Jessie replied:

    I hate football! Enter me!

  94. Roxanne replied:

    I love abbys lane. i tell everyone i know who is interested in cloth diapers about abbys lane. i wouldnt change a thing. my fav. is the free shipping.

  95. abbyslane replied:

    While everyone is here, make sure you join our newsletter:

    Discounts, news, helpful articles. Plus, we have a great sale event coming up on Wednesday, and you get 5% off already big sale prices

  96. Jodi replied:

    Your left sidebar list of categories is long and time-consuming to browse through. What if you had categories and subcategories (Mama stuff, baby stuff, cloth diapers, etc.)??? It would make it fast and easy for people to find what they are looking for.

  97. Andrea replied:

    I don’t know what you could do either. You’re the only site I order from now that I found you! I do agree with the others out there to see if you could do a sample package. I’m trying to convince a few mom’s I know to go cloth, but it’s a tough battle. And I have given other sites as references b/c of their trial package options. But, if a trial package doesn’t work- mostly b/c other sites allow for returns, and then if there is no way for you to get rid of used diapers. Then perhaps a chart of what dipe works best for what type of baby. ie. chubby babies with chunky thighs fit well in XXX, skinny babies with chubby thighs wear YYY, skinny babies with skinny legs fit ZZZ well.

  98. kara replied:

    your customer service is great and so is free shipping! i would love to see a way to track our abbys lane dollars. also would love to someday see organic baby bath and lotions and wipe solutions.

  99. Tara replied:


  100. brett replied:

    Your customer service is above and beyond. really. and this is the funniest giveaway reason ever, by the way!

  101. crystal d replied:

    i love alll your stuff i just joined

  102. Tammy Weiss replied:

    I love your website. I think a way to track Abby’s dollars would be nice. I am sure as you can agree it is hard to keep track of your own keys when you are mother, one less thing is nice.

  103. Mollie replied:

    Communication is the key. The more communication, the better the customer feels about doing business with someone!

  104. Nicole replied:

    Honestly, Abby’s Lane is one of the easiest sites to use with the best customer service. If I have one request, it’s a tool to help me monitor my Abby’s Lane dollars!

  105. Rachel W replied:


  106. Brittany replied:

    I love you, Abby’s Lane!

  107. Jaime replied:

    hope I’m not too late! i agree that having a way to keep track of abby’s lane dollars and credits would be awesome!

  108. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    I would like to be able to log-in and see my abby’s lane dollars balance on-line 🙂

  109. Rachel K replied:


  110. Julia replied:

    Enter me please. I would like it if you carried lulus

  111. Rachel S replied:

    I dont have any problems with shopping on the site–I love it! It was super easy to make my order, and I couldnt be happier.

  112. Janelle replied:

    I’d love a way to track my abbys lane dollars. I love your store and have had great shopping experiences with you.

  113. abbyslane replied:

    Thank you everyone! Be sure to get your emails for the BabyLegs and Wet Bag into me by Monday 12 noon eastern time. is where you need to send them with the correct subject line.

    Don’t forget to check FB for lots of links to great giveaways, but if you subscribe to this blog you will get the feed directly, too. Be sure to check out the serviceman/servicewoman giveaway if it applies to you or your partner, plus the $50.00 voucher giveaways, both on the blog 🙂

  114. Jennifer A replied:

    I can’t think of anything that would make shopping at abby’s lane any better. I love how easy it is to find things on your site, and the free shipping and customer service is awesome!

  115. Jennie replied:


  116. Heather Hudson-Alouf replied:

    I think free shipping is my favorite thing. The only thing I could think of would be to offer Kawaii’s.

  117. Jen K. replied:

    How about offering credits toward Abby’s Lane dollars for posting reviews on the website? I think Oompa toys does something like this. Each review could be the equivalent of a dollar in purchases, or some fraction of a dollar.

  118. Enas replied:

    Your service is FAB I would not change a thing !!!

  119. BrassyDel replied:

    Sometimes the organization on the shop confuses me. For example, when I look for Li’l Joeys I go to the Rumparooz section but they aren’t there. I have to go to AIO/AI2 section to find them. (Also, one of your competitors offers them in split two-packs, but another does the same as you – each two-pack must be two of the same color…)

    And the links on the Yahoo! groups newsletter are always broken for me. I have to piece them back together to go check them out. Minor, but a smidge frustrating.

    That’s all I got! I love your free shipping, fast ship times, good customer service, broad selection, etc!

  120. Laura B. replied:

    I love shopping at Abby’s Lane! I think a search function where you could type in a keyword would be helpful. Sometimes its hard to sort through a lot of pages of Babylegs or Pedipeds. That way I could find the pattern/style I want by the name. Hope that helps. Keep up the great work!

  121. Michelle replied:

    There isn’t much I would change! Free shipping is the best thing you offer and why I always check your site first when looking for something. The only thing I would change would be adding the items I haven’t found through you, but the only one I can think of right now is Bum-Ware diapers. Thanks!

  122. Heather W. replied:

    Not an improvement but it would be awesome if you carried Nifty Nappy dipes!

  123. Sarah replied:

    I’d love to be entered! I don’t really think I’m a football widow though as I watch it with the guys! 🙂
    I’m a blog follower
    sarahkier at telus dot net

  124. betsy replied:


  125. Allyson replied:

    First of all, I am very impressed with the free shipping. What an excellent part of your business model! I always check your website first to see if you stock a product before any other websites for many reasons, but shipping being the first. I would LOVE to see a brick and mortar store in the Midwest (OK, well, maybe indianapolis)> We have no brick and mortar stores yet — one might be coming, but there are TONS of us girls that CD in Indy!! I would like to see maybe some SAHM-made cloth wipes at a reasonable price!! 🙂

  126. Terra Jones replied:

    My hubby is the football widow…I’m the sports addict in our house, lol, I’d still love to win though 😉

  127. Jenn replied:

    Would love to win! 🙂

  128. Katherine replied:

    I would love to win! I think your site is fantastic already, so I don’t have any new or creative suggestions.

  129. AussieAbbie replied:

    Ok.. My thoughts on the site to improve…. things like with pedipeds.. can you have the option to choose gender then the styles come up? This could also be applicable in the sale section since you have so many pages, you could make three options.. male, female or non specific? That way I can quickly (shh during my work time) scroll thru just the boy stuff!! Still love your site regardless!!

  130. AussieAbbie replied:

    Oh… another.. in the checkout cart (for new customers) ask them if they were referred by someone or a returning customer.. this way you’ll see your loyal peeps keep on referring even if newbie forgets to put their name in the comment!

  131. Julie replied:

    Yea!! I’m in!

    • Julie replied:

      I’ve been extremely happy with my shopping experience. One thing I do often, though, is have to check for prewashing or washing instructions on the manufacturer’s site. It’s not a big deal, and I don’t mind doing it, but if that were included on all products’ pages, that would be great. 🙂

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