Football Widow Giveaway, part 2 :)

This is good for one free diaper of your choice, up to a $33.00 value 🙂
Here is how to play, leave a genuine review for one product we carry on the site using the Powerreviews button on the product. Email me at when you do, use the subject line “review”.
I will pick one random winner, then verify you made the review, and you will be emailed for your diaper choice 🙂
Winner will be picked Monday afternoon, so get your reviews/emails done by 12 noon, Eastern time.


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  1. Lasharne Owens replied:

    I just cant get enough of Abbys Lane! wish the only internet I had at home was not just my cell!

  2. Jessica replied:

    done!!! Thanks!

  3. crystal d replied:

    love all your stuff beautiful hope to win for my 9 month old son

  4. VirtualM replied:

    Hooray! I ❤ cloth diapers.

  5. abbyslane replied:

    Thank you everyone! This helps with the “you need more reviews” part, and gives away some fluff, so both parties win 😉

    Don’t forget to check FB for lots of links to great giveaways, but if you subscribe to this blog you will get the feed directly, too. Be sure to check out the serviceman/servicewoman giveaway if it applies to you or your partner, plus the $50.00 voucher giveaways, both on the blog 🙂

  6. Jennifer replied:

    I did! I reviewed the kissaluv marvel AIO.

  7. Elizabeth K. replied:

    ❤ my Bluberry Minky!

  8. Allyson replied:

    Just entered! Thanks Abbyslane!

  9. Alisha S replied:

    Just reviewed the Bumgenius AIO:)

  10. Jill replied:

    I tried, but it kicked me out and said to try later. Bummer when I had a HUGE review written.

    • Jessie H replied:

      That’s happened to me before Jill!! Horrible!! Now I’ve gotten in the habit of copying the review once I’ve finished writing it just in case it doesn’t take. That way I can just paste it without having to write the whole thing over! So frustrating!

  11. Jessie H replied:

    Done! I’ll try to be better about writing reviews from now on. Maybe during naptime I can get a few written 😉

  12. Jill replied:

    Note to others. Don’t bother trying to use internet explorer, go straight to firefox. 🙂

  13. Leah R replied:

    I just left a review but haven’t gotten my confirmation email yet so it hasn’t posted! I keep checking my email…I hope it will still count!!

  14. abbyslane replied:

    Thank you everyone! We counted anyone who emailed us, so if you emailed us you are good to go 🙂

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