How my trip to Canada made me a believer in sea pearls

Well, my adventures with sea sponges continue!

I had to go to Canada for about four days for my grandfather’s burial. We were going to be in Inverness, a beautiful little beach town on Cape Breton Island. But then I realized …. that my dear Aunt Flow was going to be coming along for the ride. Oh. Joy. (In fact, she decided to join me en route to Canada – on the airplane to be precise, but that’s another story)

I was staying in what I affectionately refer to as “the frat house.” Myself, and nine other adults. And at least one of those people was another woman who was having her cycle. With one bathroom.

I had brought my sea pearls for the beach, and some pads. And I saw that this house had one (ONE!) bathroom and I thought, my goodness, I’ll never be able to use these while I’m here. And I don’t have enough pads.

Boy, was I ever wrong. Somehow, all over this tiny, tiny island, I had no problem using the sponges. Public restrooms often had just one actual bathroom, so rinsing out in the sink was no problem. Just like home. It was great. And I mean, really great!! Especially in the frat house. Where the trash was always full, and you didn’t exactly want to throw your used pads in there on top of it.

So trust me, ladies: if I can survive using the sponges in a foreign land, anyone can do it!


August 11, 2010. Mama Cloth, menstruation alternatives, Posted by Rose.

One Comment

  1. Rose replied:

    I am commenting to add that these in fact MAKE CRAMPS SO MUCH BETTER. I had such terrible cramps last cycle I was practically doubled over in pain. But whenever I had the sponge in, I felt great.

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