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If you are like me, you saw the Diva Cup or the aforementioned Sea Pearls, and after you picked your jaw off the ground, immediately laughed at the crazy hippies using reuseable menstrual supplies in their communes and tents. I am here today to proudly lift my head and say I not only came around to the idea, but still feel like an idiot for NOT using them for many years past, and have nothing but 110% confidence that you will feel the same way if you decide to try them.
Here are the things I realized and researched about tampons:

-They are expensive! One pack of generic tampons is around $6.00, I always had to buy pads anyway for backup, so a year I was throwing away, literally, over $80.00 on supplies.

-They are painful. You have two choices when Aunt Flo is coming, use a tampon or pad early, and waste money tossing them unused while you wait, or be caught without them in a messy situation. Also, you know how removing an unused tampon feels, it truly is damaging to your vaginal walls to drag out absorbent cotton that is clinging to your internal skin. You know that burning feeling and pain after you remove it? Not good for the insides.

-Toward the end of your cycle, tampons are painful to use again! Even the “light” ones hurt like the dickens getting them out, so you either put up with the pain, or use bulky pads to finish your cycle, and I always found lightly used pads “stuck” to me, and hurt to remove their adhesion to my skin.

-The mess. Now, I realize you can wrap it in toilet paper a million times (wasting toilet paper that costs money and makes more waste), and toss it, but now you have to remember to take your rarely-used bathroom trash can out every day or we all know how that makes the bathroom smell when you go in.

-Remember being a teenager and your mom telling you about “TSS”? It still happens, and is very serious. Reuseable menstrual solutions have virtually no tisk of TSS, they are not devices that promote the growth of bacteria, and put your health at risk.

-There are countless other reasons related to health, between them chemicals in tampons, how your body treats a foreign object in your vagina, etc….
Here are the devices we sell, why I love them, and why you should consider giving them a try.

The Diva Cup:
A medical grade silicon collection device, it sits in your vagina just under your cervix. Your empty it 2-3 times a day (really, it won’t overflow). If you are in your home, wash it out with soap and water in your bathroom sink before reinserting, if you are in a public restroom, wipe it out with toilet paper, and wash it when you get home. When inserted properly, you should not feel it. IF you have an IUD or prolapse, this may not be the device for you, it just depends on how low your cervix is and where your IUD falls, it may not be comfortable, but we do have customers who can wear it successfully with their IUDs. The Diva cups lasts upwards of 10 years! FOr $32.50, that is $.27 cents a month. I have had mine now for about 4 years, please don’t be embarrassed to e-mail me with questions on how to use it or insert it comfortably. For the first time, I always recommend a little lubricant and inserting it while it in the shower, you will be relaxed and the KY Jelly will help guide it in until you get the hang of it. You can sleep with it, swim with it, play sports with it.

Sea Pearls:
My latest love for these reuseable tampons came after I had my third baby. My second birth was traumatic to my nether-regions, thanks to a forceps delivery on a very stubborn Camille after 4 days of labor. I could still use the Diva, it took a little more effort and tweaking to get it in comfortably (which is why i say to e-mail me, I have lots of tricks for the Diva). After Lucy was born, despite her being a very easy birth with minimal damage, it required even more effort with the Diva, and I looked for something else. I stumbled upon Sea Pearls, which are 100% natural real sea sponges, one little sponge lasts for 2-4 cycles, so for a pack of 2 sponges, you can use them for 4-8 cycles. Even few hours, when you use the restroom, remove it, rinse it out with soap and water and reinsert. It sits very comfortably in your vagina, you don’t have to worry about positioning it or any leaking. For mamas with little or no vaginal tone, or damage from a vaginal birth, these are really fantastic. You can sleep with it, swim with it, play sports with it.

Lastly, we have our Many Moons menstrual pads. These were one of the original products when we opened our store almost 5 years ago, and I still love them after seeing many other brands come out. They are pocket pads, you have a shell with waterproof backing, and liners you can insert to customize your absorbency. I use them as a backup for the Diva, you can use them solo, and still have the proper absorbency for a very heavy flow.

Really, just think about it, and see if you are open to the idea. If you are unhappy with your current menstrual products, give one of the above products a try. I am very thrilled to offer my daughters something other than a box of tampons to cart around at high school when the time comes. I don’t dread that time of the month as *much* (I mean, who really looks forward to it?), but you can make yourself a bit more comfortable, save $$, help the environment and keep chemicals away from your reproductive system all at the same time.

Let me know if you have any questions! If you have specific health or bith control issues, I may refer you to the staff at Diva or Jade&Pearl if I cannot help, I want you to have 100% confidence in what you buy for your circumstances.


August 10, 2010. Mama Cloth, menstruation alternatives.


  1. Jessica Goodison replied:

    I love this post!! I wanted to add that the many moons are also super easy to use when working. I did it for years! I love them.

  2. A.H replied:

    So I just used my Diva Cup for my second cycle after having my daughter. I love it but I do have one small issue. When you take it out to empty and wash, do you just get up and go to the sink? And if so, what do you do in the meantime? On my heavier days the flow is near constant and if I stood up to go to the sink I’d make a mess. Luckily I can reach the sink from the toilet in my bathroom but I wondered for when I’m other places.

  3. Skye replied:

    After much comparison shopping. I bought a Lunette menstrual cup, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I was able to use it less than 6 weeks after giving birth, it is very comfortable and easy to use.

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