Tonight’s “chat”

Everyone – let’s clear up any confusion! To participate in tonight’s blog chat, all you need to do is simply show up, and keep an eye on this blog! We will have a welcome message, maybe some fun questions, etc. You just comment on the post to participate – the same as you would for any of our posts or giveaways. No live chat feature, no need to really “do” anything but join in, and have fun!

Looking forward to seeing all of you! 🙂


August 9, 2010. Fun, Giveaway.


  1. Jessica Goodison replied:

    Thank you for clairying! I was all confused but very new to the blog thing.

  2. Rose replied:

    No worries! It will work *exactly* as we are interacting right now. So thank YOU for being a nice example for the class. 🙂

  3. Chrystal replied:

    Great! I can actually participate after all! 9 pm your time is 3 AM our time and I knew there was no way I could actually “chat” at 3 am! Thank you and you rock! 😀

  4. Allyson replied:

    Thanks for clearing it up … I was confused as well! 🙂

  5. Rose replied:

    One more reminder: you will want to refresh your screen periodically. There will be some lag, though it should be pretty instant. Have fun!

  6. Lynda replied:

    is it 9pm yet? 😉

  7. Jessica replied:

    its 9, its 9, woo hoo!

  8. Jessica replied:

    oh wait or is it at 9pm central time?

  9. Andrea replied:

    has it started yet? am I doing something wrong. I don’t see any new posts?

  10. Margaret replied:

    Anyone there? can we clear up the time thingy?

  11. Jessica replied:

    im confused????

  12. abbyslane replied:

    Keep refreshing and look under the topics being posted on the main page 🙂

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