Blog Chat/Giveaways

Join us Monday evening, August 9, from 9-10 Eastern time. Myself (Stephanie) and Rose will give 10 participants one free One Size diaper each. Prizes will include: Bumgenius 4.0 OS, Fuzzi Bunz OS, Rumparooz OS, Happy Heiny OS, Knickernappies OS, Bumboo OS by Babykicks, Blueberry Minky OS, Econappi OS by Swaddlebees, Tiny Tush OS and a KatyDid OS. Just log on at that time to participate with the entries!


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  1. Jessica Roberson replied:

    Just commenting on how much a love abby’s lane for your excellent selection, free shipping and awesome giveaways! And hoping to win a flip insert!! I love my flips, but have never tried organics 🙂

  2. Melissa Phinney replied:

    is that 9-10 am or pm? I work full time and wouldn’t be able to make am 😦

  3. Julie replied:

    Can’t wait! Will totally be there!

  4. Aubrie replied:

    Can’t wait! I work till 9pm but will haul it home afterwards in hopes to join in around 9:30ish

  5. abbyslane replied:

    OM! Sorry, it is 9-10 pm 🙂 Eastern time~

  6. Chris replied:

    I’ve been wanting to try a Katydid OS. Can’t wait!

  7. Melissa Phinney replied:

    Thinking that’s 8pm central….

  8. abbyslane replied:

    9 eastern, 8 central, 7 mountain and 6 pacific 🙂

  9. Jennifer replied:

    Where do we log on at?

  10. Danni replied:

    How do you participate in a “blog chat”? I’ve never done that before…

  11. Aubrey G replied:

    Woohoo! I’ve been really looking forward to this!

  12. Rose replied:

    You really just show need to keep this website open so that you can post comments in response to our entries! Super easy!

  13. A Mom's Take replied:

    This sounds fun!! How do we “join in” I didn’t see a chat place anywhere! 🙂

  14. Maria replied:

    My kids usually end up being party poopers when I’m trying to do a twitter party, LOL. Fingers crossed they will GO TO SLEEP tonight!

    I’m stealing Melissa’s idea and leaving this open in a tab so I don’t forget!!

  15. Deanna replied:

    So….how do I participate? Is this the right place for the blog chat?

  16. Deb replied:

    I’m not sure i know how to log on?? No reply was given to the question in comments above. Thanks!

  17. Maria replied:

    OK I am here, am I here at the right time? Finally have both kiddos in bed!

  18. Enas replied:

    how does this work ? is this the right time ? so confused! 😦

  19. Lisa replied:

    Did I miss it? I was thinking CST?! 😦

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