The scoop on Babylegs

We are going to talk about BabyLegs. Many of you are saying “why the heck would you need leg warmers for your kid?”, I will address what we use and love BabyLegs for 🙂

-For babies, in the summertime, perfect with onesies when you go from a hot car or outside into air conditioning, either running errands or in a home, they are perfect to slip on and off rather than a hot blanket to keep little legs, and arms, warm.

-In the fall, same deal as above but with a long sleeve oneside. In a warmer home but cooler outside, I loved having my babies in a long sleeved onesie so I could nibble their little thighs and kiss chunky leg rolls, and change diapers easily, but going out was easy to slip them on and travel.

-For a fashion statement, they are absolutely adorable over pants, or under dresses instead of tights (and yes, boys wear them, too, see the pirates and flames!)

-For little girls, they are really perfect under dresses, not only for the cute factor but they also don’t pull on cloth diapers like tights do, making them gap at the legs and leak. It makes diaper changes SO much easier than tights, too.

-If you have a toddler gymnastics, ballet or tumbling class, they are great with the little leotards and suits, and they can still be footless so they don’t slip.

-If your preschooler does a tap/ballet combo class, they are PERFECT for keeping legs warm and fashionable, but then in the tap shoes you can slip on socks do they don’t slip around in the shoes and fall. This made class so easy for my girls, they could change their shoes themselves and not be falling all over.

-For arms on preschoolers and school agers, on chilly mornings when the heat hasn’t kicked on quite yet.

-My favorite time really is the fall, with Indian Summer making days super hot but afternoons and evenings quite cold, it is so easy to throw a pair in the car for errand running or activities, their legs get chilly and you can throw them on, rather than hearing them fuss about wearing pants when it is hotter early in the day.


August 7, 2010. Baby Legs.


  1. Ashley replied:

    I never used them on my son, but I LOVE babylegs for my daughter. I find myself going to her closet or going shopping to look for onsies or dresses that will match them. My fav. are the rainbow ones…that match so many shirts. For Halloween she is going to be a ballerina and I bought a cute pink pair of babylegs to go under the skirt!

  2. Jamie Lenigan replied:

    You know I never thought to use the babylegs for little arms. Glad I’m reading up!

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