Organic Flip Insert Giveaway

Comment below with one thing you like about our store, and one thing you would like to see added in the future πŸ™‚
On Sunday, August 8, 2 pm eastern time, we will pick 10 winners for a Flip Organic Insert each πŸ™‚


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  1. Chrystal replied:

    Kissaluvs contours would be a nice addition! πŸ™‚ They are so soft and squishy!

  2. Chrystal replied:

    Darn! And I ❀ your selection! You have all of the most popular brands plus all of the ones I didn't know I couldn't live without! :p

  3. Stephanie replied:

    I love everything about your store! All the options were overwhelming when I first began cloth diapering, but with help from Steph, I was able to narrow down my options. Great customer service!! The only thing I wished your store had was a search bar which you already added. πŸ™‚

  4. Bambino replied:

    I love a lot about your store, but one big thing is the free shipping. It makes it so much easier to try different styles of diapers. One thing that would be nice to have added are the Dancing Bears nighttime soakers. I don’t even know if they are sold other places, though! πŸ™‚

  5. The Jacobsen Family replied:

    I love the variety of products I can purchase on your site! Since we’re new to cloth, I’m not sure exactly what else I’d like to see on your site. Looks like you have everything available that I’d be looking for!

  6. Shawna Nowels replied:

    I love shopping at Abby’s Lane! The selection of products can’t be beat and the customer service is excellent. The free shipping doesn’t hurt either. πŸ™‚

  7. Danielle replied:

    I love the AMAZING customer service and free shipping. I thought you should add a feature for us to leave reviews and you did so to me there isn’t anything really I think you are missing. Maybe some organic toys.

  8. Randie Sanders replied:

    I LOVE the wonderful customer service and tell everyone I can about it :)The free shipping also gets me every time.

    The only thing I wanted added was the ability to leave reviews but you added that! I would love to see grasshopper diapers sold at your store but I’m not sure if she sells through other internet stores so I don’t even know if it’s possible lol. Basically I just love your site so much!

  9. Tiffany U replied:

    I love the free shipping, that you are close to me so stuff gets here faster than CA stores, and how fun and sociable you are on facebook!

    I want L colored Sandys!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Pamela replied:

    I love the information you guys freely give via your store and customer service e-mail responses. It really has been a life-saver (or diaper-saver, maybe?) a few times! I’d love to see some SmartiPants OS and newborn dipes added – so economical and I’ve heard awesome things about them!

  11. Michelle replied:

    I love the free shipping! And I would love to see you carry Bum-Ware AIOs!

  12. Rebecca Mann replied:

    Very impressed with your store! I would love to try Rocky Mountain one size diapers.

  13. Tiffany Williams replied:

    I love that you have so many options and your site is easy to navigate through. I’d love there to be an option to shop by type of diapers; like pocket, aio, onesize, etc.

  14. Derrick W replied:

    I like that your store offers lots of natural parenting products. I would like to see you carry bottombumpers

  15. Kayla replied:

    I love the free shipping and I’d like to see you carry flats πŸ™‚

  16. merritt replied:

    I recommend Abby’s Lane to everyone based on the awesome customer service. And I throw in the fact that shipping is free.

    I want to try BottomBumpers.

  17. mccecoblog replied:

    I can’t pick just one thing! I love the selection, customer service and free shipping. When my daughter was born 18 months ago you recommend a nighttime solution for us that is still working (18 months later). No leaks… ever!

    Hhhmm… one thing I’d like to see in the future… I can’t think of anything. You really have it all!

  18. Nicole replied:

    I love the customer service!

    The only thing you don’t carry that I frequently purchase is Rainshine Design diapers, but I think she only does her own site and HyenaCart, so not much you can do there! I attended your Cloth 101 session and think you should do a 102 for more ‘advanced’ diapering topics!

  19. Alexis replied:

    I love the customer service and free shipping! I also love that there is always a coupon. I would love to see applecheeks swim diapers.

  20. Aubrie replied:

    I love your huge selection, detailed product information..and free shipping! Would love to see Kissaluvs Contours, Boosters and Super Soakers added!
    and… I would love love love to try a Flip Organic Insert! I own 2 Flip Covers which we absolutely adore but no inserts nevertheless covers are amazing!!

  21. Keturah replied:

    Your store offers an excellent selection, and free shipping rocks. I would like to see Wahmies O/S pocket diapers. There aren’t a lot of retailers that carry them, and they are one of my favorite diapers.

  22. Andrea M replied:

    I love the free and SUPER FAST shipping. Also, I found your sight in the first place because you had the best prices on Thirsties covers when I started cloth diapring.
    I’d love to see a bigger selection of DryBees fleece night time diapers. I’m willing to pay full price for a pretty color, but the options listed leave me running to ebay usually.
    I LOVE your store and I link to it ALL the time and have sent many new customers to you! THanks so much!

  23. Angela replied:

    I love your prices!! I would Love to see more night time diapers!!

  24. Heidi K replied:

    I like the Abby’s Lane Dollars. I would like to see Envibum diapers in your store.

  25. Maria replied:

    I love the different ways one can shop on your site: by price, by brand, and by category. I’d love to see you carry some cloth friendly bottom balm style products for rashes and such- they are so difficult to find!

  26. Enas replied:

    Customer service – you guys define customer service !
    When I needed you ,You were there ! And saved my blueberry’s !!! my husband thanks you by the way :)super fast shipping !
    There is nothing i need that you don’t have ! and even if there was i would not buy it unless it is from you πŸ˜‰

  27. Lori Bowen replied:

    I love the free shipping, great selection and great prices!

  28. Allyson replied:

    I love selection on diapers, however, would love to see more types of night diapers. We have the worst time with leaks!

  29. Catie replied:

    I was drawn to your site by the free shipping, but I have stayed because of the fantatstic customer service. As far as what to add, I haven’t a clue! There is so much great stuff already.

  30. Rebecca Ambrogi replied:

    I love the cloth diapering 101 section in particular, it really helped me figure out how to get started cloth diapering my 2 boys. I also really like the free shipping, and how fast you respond to customer inquiries….the factors keep me ordering here instead of elsewhere! One thing that would have helped me get started, however, would have been if there were any reviews on the products….maybe there is a way to encourage customers to review some of the diapers to help “newbies” like me.

  31. Jessica replied:

    You can’t beat the free shipping! I’ve also emailed with questions on products as well as how to care for my baby’s cloth daipers and have always gotten a thoughtful and thorough response! Thanks!

  32. maryhaas replied:

    I love the customer service (you have solved so many of my problems) and free shipping. I would like to see you add Lusa baby wipe juice concentrate and northern essence rash cream, because those are the only things I use that I am unable to buy from you with free shipping.

  33. Elizabeth C. replied:

    I love the no shipping fees!! In the future I would like to see some diaper pails on sale!

  34. Shasta replied:

    I love the customer service and Free shipping! I would like to see more reviews- which I know is starting up now, and more pictures of real life kids in the diapers.

  35. Tricia replied:

    I love your huge selection and free shipping. Free shipping is a huge factor for me and I typically get my stuff the next day since I am local πŸ™‚

  36. Ashley replied:

    Love the free shipping….more Kissaluvs products would be a nice addition!

  37. J replied:

    Love the free shipping & the customer service. I agree that customer reviews can help a lot, although sometimes people say odd things. What I think might be useful as well would be for you to comment on the products -what you like about them, how you can envision them being used.

    In terms of products, I selfishly wish you’d include other types of covers- e.g. systems like the WeeHuggers that can be pre-stuffed but aren’t pockets- since I use g-diaper covers. But, that’s just me πŸ˜‰

  38. Meaghan Woodford replied:

    I love the speedy free shipping. I wish you carried the Goodmama hanging pails (I saw two at a friend’s house and I’m smitten!).

  39. Nicole replied:

    I love fast free shipping with great customer service. I would love to see more trainers. Maybe less expensive ones around 10-11$.

  40. Sarah G. replied:

    I LOVE that you offer free shipping on all orders! It’s great!

  41. Britney replied:

    I love everything about your store! Especially the free shipping, selection, customer service, monthly 5% off code, I could go on and on!
    Hmmmm… one thing to add. Maybe some cloth diaper friendly rash cream?

  42. Lyn k replied:

    I love the FAST, free shipping, I get my order in a day or two! (I’m impatient after I order something online;-) ) I would like to see Rocky Mountain Cloth Diapers on the site, they have adorable designs. Thank you!

  43. laura kelly replied:

    I love the GREAT Customer Service… always ready to help out in any way possible! It would be fun to have some cool t-shirts for little boys that would look great with just the cloth diapers… it’s so easy to find things for girls, but it seems like the boys always get left out!!!

  44. Corrie replied:

    My favorite thing about your store is that you always have a good selection in stock. I send all my new cloth diapering friends to you to register because I can trust you will not run out of diapers on them.

    I wish you would add cloth wipes by

  45. Heidi J replied:

    I love the free shipping and great selection!

    I wish you had a more obvious link to this blog from your website.

  46. Chris replied:

    Excellent customer service and free shipping = one loyal customer!

    I’d love to see you carry Leslie’s Boutique wet/dry bags.

  47. sarah austin replied:

    I love the way your website draws cloth diapering moms together. You have created a sociaL network that easily allows people to communicate and share stories and experiences with one another. The fact that you provide one on one customer service to each and every customer is awesome and truely unique! I think selling virgin cold pressed coconut oil would be a great addition to your store.

  48. Stephanie G replied:

    I love your customer service! It’s absolutely amazing!!! I also love the wonderful selection you have. I would love to see a B&M store added. πŸ˜‰ I would settle for seeing milkies milksavers though — seriously I think they’re the best thing in the world! And I buy them for all my baby shower gifts (and I’m a pastor’s wife so I have lots of baby showers to go to) so you would get enough business just from me to carry them. πŸ™‚

  49. Christina replied:

    I love love love the free shipping! When you’re starting out or trying a new brand it was so nice to order couple diaper to try without paying shipping. I can’t think of anything to add to your store. You pretty much have everthing for cloth diaper covered ans so much more!!

  50. Kelly replied:

    I love the customer service. I can’t think of anything to add at the minute.

  51. Carrie replied:

    I really like the selection and great customer service — you all make it feel like you are one of our friends, helping us out. One minor improvement to the site – when viewing specific products from a line (like one pattern of BabyLegs), a few of the “return to catalog” links go back to the home page, rather than the product page. I found this particularly noticeable after clicking on “return to shopping” after viewing my cart.

  52. Heather GG replied:

    I like the free shipping and the great customer service.
    I would like to see some toy options.

  53. Wendy Demeris replied:

    Super quick and free shipping πŸ™‚

  54. Tara replied:

    I love that you have such a big variety, plus free shipping is awesome! I love Pooters hemp fitteds for night, but I would also love to see Applecheeks swim diaper. πŸ™‚

  55. Lisa replied:

    I LOVE that you offer free shipping, and I would like to see you sell Applecheeks Swim Diapers.
    lisar79 at msn dot com

  56. Julie replied:

    There are many things I love about your site. Probably one of my favorites is that everything is so easy to find. I can either find things I want by brand, or someone who doesn’t really know brands can look under “Pocket Diapers,” etc. One thing I’d really like to see is pictures with items in the “Odds and Ends” area. I know they’re probably not top priority, but I have bought several things from this section after going to other sites to see what they look like (unless of course I know because I already have one!). I really don’t have any complaints though! Keep up the great work and thanks!

  57. Susan M. replied:

    The Free shipping is great (plus you are sooo fast!). Maybe some fleece covers?!

  58. Jen replied:

    Great variety! I’d love to see Rocky Mountain dipes!

  59. Joy replied:

    I like the free shipping AND the honest way you tell about your products. You help people! What about some nursing tops and nightgowns? Thanks a bunch!

  60. Diaper Dad replied:

    Best part is Free US shipping.
    What I’d like to see? Free (or cheap) international shipping for when we are out of the country and need to place a small order.

  61. kristen huss replied:

    I love the free shipping. I’d like to see you carry Beco Carriers.

  62. tbtorra replied:

    I agree with previous posters that free shipping is awesome! Can’t think of anything else that I would add. Love your site!

  63. Miguel replied:

    I’m so happy to see the “Cloth 101” section- it really helps answer all of my questions. I generally prefer to use fitted diapers and covers. My favorite diapers right now are Clover side-snapping velour fitteds, but you don’t carry them (hint, hint).

  64. Cheyenne replied:

    One thing that I really have enjoyed and noticed about your store online and in reading your email newsletters is that you treat your customers like family and friends. Like you truly care that we are getting the best products for our babes. You always keep us well informed of the specials that go on month to month and any new items. You are committed to doing your very best! At least that’s what I “see”:0) Also, I belong to the DCCD’ers yahoo group and you (Stephanie) always have wonderful suggestions and helpful advice on there! It’s awesome! One other big bonus is that you have FREE SHIPPING! I ALWAYS check your site to see if you guys have what I am looking for so I can get a little relief on shipping! You ROCK!!! I love Abby’s Lane!

  65. Jodi replied:

    I’m so excited that you carry the SoftBums AI2 system. I wish you had the “Basic Pack” since that’s the package I’ve decided that I need, though.

  66. Ellen replied:

    I love the selection and the free shipping.

    I’d like to see you carry Smartipants, though.

  67. Rachel replied:

    I love the customer service! Can’t think of anything I would add.

  68. Melissa replied:

    I love the cloth diaper selection and the free shipping is awesome! What would I like to see more of in the future…hmmmm, maybe more baby toys that are organic/made in the US.

    Thanks for all the great products and great customer service!!

  69. Cary replied:

    I love the variety of cloth diapers, the customer service and the free shipping! Since I am a soon to be first time mommy I’m not sure what else you could carry, maybe offer some starter cloth diaper packages!

  70. rachel replied:

    I love the added info — I had no idea how many cloth swim diapers to buy, and there it is! Maybe add some postpartum mama pads?

  71. Alana replied:

    I like that you offer free shipping – I always order from stores with free shipping. I wish you carried the Kissaluvs antibacterial pail liner, I’ve heard good things about it and want to try it out.

  72. fancygrlnancy replied:

    I like the variety of choices you have availiable.. I would like to see more swim diapers.. applecheeks

  73. Amanda replied:

    I love that you added the review feature. I also love the free shipping and the customer service. I agree that some more swim diapers could be a good addition.

  74. Gina Marie replied:

    I love how accessible & helpful you are when I have questions or problems with cloth diapering. I would like to be able to search or more easily see where a product is made & whether it is organic or not.

  75. Christy replied:

    Free Shipping keeps me coming back! I can’t think of anything you should add at the moment. πŸ˜‰

  76. Laura replied:

    I love the selection! I would love to be able to buy Tiny Tush covers from you.

  77. Rebecca replied:

    I love your newsletter. I’ve learned so much from the Diaper Chat section. It’s helped encourage me to try different diapers, and also made me feel comfortable contacting you with questions/problems. It’s both been educational and has made you seem very approachable. Thanks for that!

    I’d love to see the store carry Cotton Babies’ Insert Sock. We just started experimenting with one and it’s a nice way to keep my daughter’s skin dry. Sometimes I stuff it with microfiber and hemp, and use it alone in a wrap. I also like putting a thin insert in it, and laying it inside a flannel fitted diaper. That makes the fitted diaper become “stay dry” while also boosting its absorbency.

  78. Annie replied:

    I would like to see nursing covers added.

  79. Jen K. replied:

    I love free, fast shipping. Would love to see SBish products.

  80. Mary replied:

    love free shipping and would love to see umm…..nothing! πŸ™‚

  81. Lissy replied:

    Like that you are close…
    would like more carriers…

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