Boost absorbency

We are going over ways to boost fitteds for absorbency. We had a few emails this week with mamas wondering how to make their fitteds more nap and nighttime friendly. The problem with making a fitted super absorbent, the more layers you sew in, the harder they are to clean and the longer to dry. That being said, one of the best fitteds for absorbency is a real underdog, the Baby Beehinds one size fitted. We don’t sell a lot of these, but they really pack a punch for their trimness.

A few ways to increase absorbency with fitteds:
-If you have nothing else on hand, cut up some old hand towels or use washcloths, fold in half and lay between the fitted and cover. When we used prefolds and covers 7 years ago with not a nickel to spare, I used lots of old rags to boost absorbency, terry cloth items can work really well!
-If you have prefolds, fold in half and lay in as well, same way between cover and fitted.
-Hemp inserts will pack the most absorbency per inch for their trimness, joey bunz are inexpensive and last forever, you can upsize easily if you don’t mind tucking them under a little in the back, a little extra bulk and you can skip a size with these.
-If you use pocket fitteds stuff them with anything absorbenct, wipes, washcloths, prefolds or hemp inserts. If you have only microfiber inserts on hand, they can be laid behind the fitted as well, you just don’t want them laying against your baby’s skin.
-Preemies and newborns do well with baby washcloths folded behind their little fitteds, if you just need a tiny boost try these first since you usually have a bunch on hand.


July 30, 2010. cloth diapers, Fitteds, Night time solutions, Q & A.


  1. Christine replied:

    I’ve been wondering what to do for nighttime diapering. It’s premature because I’m not due for four more weeks, and I think I have everything I need for the first 12 weeks. After that, I was hoping to get something trim, then be able to stuff it more for nighttime use. Fitteds with a cover seem really popular.

  2. Stephanie Binaco replied:

    I just add Joey Bunz to almost anything. My little guy is sleeping now in a Bumgenius organic AIO with a Joey Bunz on top. Even when I was cloth diapering 7+ years ago, that’s always been my go-to, add a Joey Bunz when your fitted or AIO needs help.

    My other favorite are the GroVia boosters. They are a much more narrow doubler so they work in AIO’s & fitteds that aren’t as wide as a Joey Bunz is.

  3. Rose replied:

    Christine, click on “night time diapering” and “night time solutions” under our categories for help with that issue! And congrats! 🙂

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