Sweet talk us

Today we are looking for two lucky winners!! Winners can pick a wet bag or pail liner of their choice (not both).

Comment on this entry with why you need one. We will pick the two most persuasive arguments, so make it good!! You have until Monday, July 26 to enter.


July 20, 2010. Fun, Giveaway.


  1. brett replied:

    I need a wet bag. Why? Because I have one, in the basement. We spend much of our time NOT in the basement. While I do appreciate good exercise as much as the next person, I also don’t like going up and down 2 flights of stairs 5 extra times per day to keep adding diapers to the pail. So I’d love a wetbag to keep up where our bedrooms are and cut down on my daily jaunts up and down the stairs. Plus, it means leaving the kids unattended and at 5, almost 3 and 11 months, that spells trouble, fast!

    • Becki replied:

      I would love a wetbag because I am just starting with cloth diapers and want to prove to all the naysayers that cloth isn’t difficult and is great for my child and the environment. Plus my hubby says it will not work so this would just be one more thing that I can say works just fine. Thanks

  2. Crystal replied:

    I need a wetbag. All we use are ziplock bags, which worked well for awhile. But I don’t like having to throw them away (waste of money and not good for the environment). I don’t know why I just haven’t bit the bullet and bought a wetbag…probably because I hope I will win one…

  3. Jill replied:

    I need a new pail liner. Both of mine have been in use for nearly 2 years and they are wearing out (as in they have HOLES in them. argh).

  4. Stephanie replied:

    A new wet bag would be great! When I switched to cloth diapers, my husband was very reluctant… The smell of the diapers while waiting to be washed was a big issue for him (he didn’t want the house to stink!). Since my current wet bag has developed a hole in it. We are beginning to have a little problem with smell. Right now, it can be controlled with air fresheners, but soon, I fear I will get the “I told you so” from my husband. I guess it is a pride thing of wanting to be right and keeping my husband in the supportive mode for cloth diapering. πŸ™‚

    • Beth replied:

      I could use a new wet bag, I got a medium size one thinking it would be fine, and It is too small for all the time use. I would like to make that my daycare one and win a nice one for our house. We do have a pail and liner, but I prefer the wetbag πŸ™‚

  5. Monica replied:

    About a year ago, I wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what I would use a wetbag or pail liner for. Fast forward to this year, a positive pregnancy test, and a flood of revelations about things I want to do as a parent, and I have a stash of beautiful, prepped cloth diapers and colorful wipes awaiting my soon-to-be-born son. Wetbags and pail liners are actually the two missing pieces to the collection that I have as of yet to purchase. I’ve been somewhat intimidated by purchasing these items, maybe because I figure people with experience know what size wetbag they need, or what type of pail liner works the best, and as a novice parent, I have no idea what kind of pooper my kid will be and what device will best hold his dirty diapers until wash day? Maybe shopping for these items is just not as much fun as adding another fluffy diaper to my shopping cart? If I win this giveaway (for either a wetbag or a pail liner– I have neither and need both!), I will have a starting point and for that I would be so grateful!

  6. Kelli Z replied:

    I need a new wet bag or pail liner because we have none! We have only a total of 15 diapers and we stack them on the floor next to the changing table. We have gone without a lot of the cloth diapering luxuries as my husband is in grad school so we’ve only purchased the necessities although I’m starting to think that IS a necessity! We would be so very appreciative if we won this giveaway. Thank you.

  7. Lisa B replied:

    Oh my! I JUST threw our Wahmies pail liner in the trash last night because the PUL was coming off in chunks and totally ruined. It was gross and looked like peeling skin after sunburn. How timely is your giveaway.

  8. Jamie replied:

    I’m a new mom just delving into the wonderful world of cloth diapering. I actually just bought my first cloth pail liner last week so I don’t actually NEED another one. However I would love to win one because I have several friends who are pregnant with their first babies, a couple of who are considering going the cloth diaper route. I’d love to give one to one of them if it helps nudge them in that direction πŸ™‚

  9. Pamela replied:

    I need a wetbag! I have been using those plastic disposable diaper bags – you know, the ones that are strung together like trash bags and have the cute little case that clips onto your diaper bag. It seemed like such a great idea… until my sweet baby boy discovered that he had a mind of his own and became a little criminal. He will get into the diaper bag and unravel those tiny plastic bags, dragging them through the house, wrapping them around our poor dog, and even lowering them down the laundry chute. I need to throw away those stupid plastic bags and get a cloth wet bag… for my sanity!!!

  10. Nicole replied:

    For the longest time we only cloth diapered at home and used sposies when out and about. This spring I became recommitted to cloth and we’ve only used three sposies in the past 3 months — and it’s so easy. Of course, as soon as we started using cloth more, the PUL on my diaper bag wet bag separated in the wash 😦 So, I’d really love to replace that!

  11. Rikki M. replied:

    As another fellow CDe rmentioned, my husband is very reluctant to cd. We have begun this trip with 10 diapers, some cloth wipes, and one wet bag. I am eager to show my husband that this can be affordable and easy. I think that a pail in my daughter’s room would help show him the ease of changing and then allow for easier trips as the wet bag can remain in the diaper bag. Right now we have one wet bag that moves around with us from the car, bathroom, bedroom, laundry room. Life is crazy with a three year old and one year old as home. I also think that this give a way might destress my day which is important because as a active duty military spouse, regardless of where in the world he is, the majority of the childcare and household duties are mine and mine alone.

  12. Melanie replied:

    I need a wet bag because I have two in diapers, 24 month old and a 9 month old. We have opted for cloth diapers mainly because of enviromental reasons. I use cloth shopping bags so I don’t have plastic bags at home to put the diapers in during the day. I refuse to buy plastic bags to put my diapers in because that seems to be defeating the whole purpose of eliminating waste. My house is only 960 square feet so it is difficult to not smell diapers in the house! I have been planning on buying a wet bag but winning one would be fabulous!

  13. Candice replied:

    Would love a pail liner… I LOVE my wet bags, but doing the wash every 2-3 days with two kids in cloth makes it so I have to use 2+wetbags, and with a wiggly newborn it would be alot easier to just throw and go, instead of messing with the zipper that half the time i forget to close. LOVE LOVE LOVE your wetbags and Im sure I’d LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE your pail liners πŸ™‚

  14. Allison replied:

    We have one wet bag that we’ve used all along with our first daughter, but now that we have a second daughter, the bag doesn’t hold enough. We’ve resorted to keeping the larger diapers in the wet bag and the smaller ones in a little basket near the laundry. However, our laundry is in the garage, and with the current heat wave on the East coast, you can imagine what it’s like when you walk into the garage!

  15. Therese replied:

    Hello! I could definitely use another wet bag! My daughter has made a habit out of throwing up her morning bottle all over herself and her car seat in the morning! It would be great to have a wet bag in the car to keep the stinky clothes so my car doesn’t smell quite as bad! She did it again this morning…. I wasn’t planning on cleaning her car seat on my birthday!!!

  16. Jennie Hinkamp replied:

    I need a wetbag because one of our cats, whom since the baby arrived has been short on attention, has begun marking our cloth diaper laundry bin. Probably on the sole purpose of covering up that smell of fermenting baby pee, as I only wash them every other day.

    Don’t let our sweet kitty get voted off the island!

  17. Tiffany U replied:

    I need another wetbag because when we moved, we have nowhere near the diaper changing area to put our diaper pail, and so have to put our dirty diapers in our going out wetbags…which aren’t nearly big enough to hold the diapers for the day!!! Hubs has started fussing about using cloth diapers at all over the (occasional) stink…(daughter has GI issues!). Keep us in cloth!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Rachel Watson replied:

    So here goes! πŸ™‚ I would LOVE a new pail liner! When I got started CDing about 6-8 weeks ago, I bought one and it has been great. However, I failed to anticipate a very stinky gross problem!! When I wash the diapers, I wash the liner too. Unfortunately my little one has not gotten the memo yet about ceasing ALL OUTPUT while Mommy is washing the diapers!! πŸ˜‰ SEVERAL times, while the wash is in progress, we have needed to change the little man’s diaper and we end up not knowing what to do with it because the pail has no liner. It has even been so bad that my very sweet hubby has put a stinky diaper in the EMPTY PAIL!!! I realize now, that to make my system fully functional, I need to pail liners… so the pail will never be without a liner!!! πŸ™‚ WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Misty replied:

    I just started cloth diapering after losing my job and becoming a stay at home mom suddenly. So, I am cloth diapering my 5 month old and sometimes my two year old. It is chaos! Because we don’t have a wet bag, I am running upstairs to the laundry room with every diaper change. And we don’t have a lot of money due to my job loss, so winning anything would be awesome.

  20. Maria replied:

    Right now I have two wetbags. One I keep in the laundry room, the other is a laundry day spare. I’d love ot have one to keep upstairs so I don’t have to drag each diper downstairs!

  21. Nicole replied:

    I need a new pail liner. Well I should say ANOTHER pail liner. Since I’m addicted to buying diapers, I have enough to wash every few days (read: once a week!), but am forced to wash every other day because I run out of space in my diaper pail!! My hubby is tired of me leaving dirty dipes on the changing table too. lol! I’d at least like the option of going a little longer between washes.

  22. Abbie Neary replied:

    I need a pail liner and lots of other stuff but a pail liner would be so great. I am on the way to being a first time mama. I am going to cloth diaper and I need supplies. I live in the country. There are no cute baby stores around to browse through. My little thrill is seeing all the cute baby stuff online and hoping to win some. Please make my day and get me going on my baby supplies. Help me to make my baby a cute cloth diapered newborn. Thank you.

  23. Melynda Wilson replied:

    I just had baby #3 June 28, and after 3 kiddos, I still don’t have a real pail liner (nor can I affrord any accessories), so I would be SO happy to win one!! I use cloth mamapads in addition to cloth on the baby 24/7 and cloth on my 3 yo at night. Our diaper pail needs major help with odor control, since non-waterproof nylon stuff sacks aren’t cutting it – they really stink, and my hubby complains about it all the time. Help!!

  24. Jessica Goodison replied:

    I love the wet bags! I have only one (I use it for my mama cloth pads) but need one for the new baby (due in the fall). I am not willing to give my mama cloth pad wet bag up! πŸ™‚

  25. Nancilea replied:

    I would LOVE another pail liner. When I am washing diapers (about every other day) I end up putting the diapers she uses while laundering on top of the diaper pail or on the floor (GROSS, I know!) Either that or hubby will put them in the empty diaper pail. Yuck!! I have really wanted one for a while, but we don’t really have the money to spend on it.

  26. Meg replied:

    We have a 13.5 month old daughter and a nearly 3 week old son. We currently have one wet bag that unfortunately, has begun to leak. We now have to bring a plastic grocery bag with us when we are out of the house.
    One of the reasons that we CD is to save money, so we try to get by with what we have and not go overboard with purchases. We could really use a functional wetbag for our 2 under 2!

  27. Kaylene replied:

    We need a wet bag or pail liner because we are trying to conceive and we are slowly trying to get stuff before the baby is conceived and/or born. I like the idea of buying a little at a time rather than buying all at once like we did with our son. It kind of softens the blow for my husband when he sees our bank account! Winning free stuff is WAY better than buying it!!!

  28. erica replied:

    I need a wetbag because I’m taking cloth to day care! I’ve convinced the center to give it a try and I want them to be just as successful with it as I am!
    Andrew will be the first cloth diapered baby in the history of the place (open 32 years) and if it’s successful with him the owner is going to consider it for all babies/interested parties!
    PA childcare law allows only of them to “dispose” of the diapers not flip out the poop into a waste can or toilet, so to compromise/”stay true to law” they have to throw the diapers straight into the wetbag.
    So lucky me I will have poopy diapers in my wetbag. So it would be great to have an extra wetbag because mine will be frequently laundered! (By the way I have to purchase wetbag number 1 what do you recommend?)
    Thanks for considering us!

  29. ColieJ replied:

    I need one because in my haste to prepare for CDing my baby I haven’t gotten one yet πŸ˜‰

  30. Rachel Graham replied:

    I need a wetbag!! I didn’t cd my first daughter, because I knew nothing about it. With my second daughter I got hubby on board when she was 4 months old. I never did buy a wetbag though, just used a laundry basket, and since I wash them every other day it wasn’t that big of a deal. Now my son is due in Nov and that’ll be a lot of diapers between him and my daughter, and I need somewhere better to store them!!

  31. katie replied:

    I don’t have a pail liner yet. It makes doing diaper laundry quite interesting sometimes!

  32. Amy Fosdick replied:

    I could really use another pail liner. I have 3 in diapers and only one liner. My puppy got it and now there are holes in it.

  33. Britney replied:

    I need a wet bag so I can use cloth on the go. I use a pail liner as a wet bag at home but when we go out we have to use sposies because I don’t have anything to put dirties in. I would LOVE to win!!!

  34. merritt replied:

    I’d love a new wetbag since my current one doesn’t snap well. Every time I go to put a diaper in the bag, it snaps off the doorknob.

  35. Rebecca replied:

    I need a pail liner because I just got started cloth diapering and I was trying to get started as inexpensively as possible. So when I purchased my 12 diapers I own I bought seconds that the PUL has now delaminated on. I now have to repurchase diapers and will not be buying seconds. I guess I learned my lesson, spend a little bit more the first time around to save money in the long run!. So a free pail liner would definitely help, one less thing for me to purchase!

  36. Catie replied:

    I really need something for my pail. It is a tall, skinny plastic container that was originally for wrapping paper. I have flipped the lid upside down to fit down into the container, but it is not a snug fit. I was using some old laundry bags as liners, but since they are not waterproof, I ended up with a stinky, soaking wet bag after a day. I am currently not using a bag at all, but that makes the lid fit even worse and the stinky urine smell starts to leach out after a day. I am controlling the stench with baking soda, but clearly, I need a better system.

  37. Aisha replied:

    I REALLY need a new pail liner my current bag just got a hole in it and the smell is seeping thru and stinking up the nursery! Yuck!

  38. Naomi Rozak (was Curlett) replied:

    I need a wet bag that WORKS! I researched well (I thought), when I started cloth diapering a year ago. Unfortunately the three different-sized matching “wet bags” I bought on e-bay weren’t made of proper material and they let wetness through, which in essence means I can’t use them for cloth diapering or anything else wet, because who wants poopy wetness flooding your diaper bag? Odours also leak through. For the sake of the environment (because the plastic bags I take along in lieu of wetbags get thrown out after one use), a wet bag is a must – but we are not financially in a position to buy one, and so I continue to use my leftover grocery bags.

  39. Alli replied:

    We need a new wetbag! Our wetbag was stolen out of our car when it was broken into and they stole our diaper bag! I hope they opened it up too! LOL! We are currently using plastic grocery shopping bags when we have to change a diaper during errands, since those large ziplock bags are SO expensive and grocery bags are free.

  40. Nicole replied:

    Hi there,
    We are totally in need of a pail liner!! I am pregnant with surprise baby girl #3. We thought we were done and had sold off our stash of dipes, accessories, and pretty much everything baby over a year ago. The just after Christmas we got the surprise news that we are pregnant again!!! So we are slowly trying to buy all the necessities for new baby. Being a stay at home mom of course money is tight, so the new crib, swings, etc. have definitely but a crunch in the budget!! So we would love the help with the budget!! Thanks

  41. Terra Jones replied:

    Our wet bag ripped months ago & haven’t had one to use since then. We’ve just been throwing them on the counter in the boys’ bathroom. Baby #3 is coming in a few weeks & the last thing I want is newborn poo all over our counter!!! πŸ™‚

    thanks for the chance!

  42. Casey replied:

    Oh! Oh! I could definitely use a new wetbag! The handle on ours is starting to tear and it would be nice to have an extra to keep in the bathroom next to the sprayer.

  43. Chrissy replied:

    I need a wetbag. Right now I’ve been using plastic grocery sacks until I can buy a wetbag. I have three older children that are in sports so we are never home. When we are home, and it’s the middle of the night, I have just been tossing the dirty diaper in the floor because I’m so sleep deprived that I physically cannot get up to take the diaper to the pail in the bathroom.

  44. Luz Mueller replied:

    Hi, I’d love to win a wet bag so I can gift it to my sister. Her baby girl was born two weeks ago and she is planning on CDing! A wet bag as a present will encourage her and get her even more excited. I CD my twin girls and we love it! Thank you guys for being so incredibly helpful and generous!!!

  45. cynthia hegarty replied:

    I need a new pail liner. The one I have the elastic doesn’t work verywell so when its laundry day I have to struggle with getting it seperated from the pail and it takes a few min. Meanwhile I am getting a great whiff of why its laundry day. Then for some reason that I can’t figure out is that the bottom of the liner is wicking and it’s just gross. It’s just time for a new one. A better quality one then what I have now.

  46. Liz replied:

    I need both! I have baby number 2 on the way and absolutely no CD supplies! I didn’t CD number 1 even though I REALLY REALLY wanted to because we couldn’t afford the initial investment. (We were broke.) Things are better now, but still tight. But by gosh, I am slowly collecting what I need to CD this baby! (I’m starting early and picking up what we need when it goes on sale.) But I don’t have either a pail liner or a wet bag. Pretty please with sugar (and a cherry – maraschino πŸ™‚ ) on top?!

  47. Terran replied:

    I NEED a new wetbag soooo bad! Mine is no longer holding in stink due to tearing. My kids all wear diapers (2 @ night 1 all day). My hubby is whining about it and a happy husband=a happy life ; )

  48. Elisabeth Crowl replied:

    I would love either a wet bag or pail liner, I need both as we’re getting ready for our little guy to arrive. We’re new to cding and we’ve had so many negative comments from friends and family about going the cloth route and can’t wait to prove them wrong. We’ve had a couple set backs and can’t afford a lot right now so winning one would really help out and be amazing!

  49. Sarah replied:

    I would love a wetbag to give to my sister-in-law who is having her first baby. I have shown her all my cloth diapers and shared how great it has been for us. She is excited to cloth diapers at home, but thinks disposables would be easier when out and about. It would be great to give her a wetbag and show her out easy it will be to use cloth exclusively. Thanks!!

  50. Sadie replied:

    Why do I need a wet bag? Because I don’t have one, LOL. I gave both of my Bummi wetbags to my cousin’s wife along with the rest of my cloth diaper stash a year ago because we were “done” having kids… then I changed my mind. πŸ˜‰

  51. Lacey R replied:

    I would love a new wetbag. I have one but really need one for daycare. I think that if I had one to leave there, I could talk her into using cloth on DD’s bum. Right now, she doesn’t care if DD arrives in one, but without all the proper equipment, I don’t feel like I can ask her to use it full time. If she had somewhere to put stinkies, I think it would help a lot. Thanks!

  52. Katherine Allen replied:

    I need a wetbag because Abby’s Lane is the most awesome CD store ever! πŸ™‚ But seriously, we had a snappi rip through the PUL on one of our daybags. I need to get a new bag that will hold all the good stuff INSIDE. I want to try mama cloth but need at least one more wetbag to do so!

  53. Vanessa replied:

    I need a wet bag because while I have a pail liner at home, I reuse sandwich baggies, newspaper bags, or grocery bags when we are out. While I do appreciate the opportunity to reuse plastic bags that we acquire, I’d love the security of knowing I will always have a bag to put our dirty cloth in when we are away from home. Also, we are working on baby #3 and plan on using cloth from day one, so a new wet bag would be used for two children!

  54. Serena replied:

    I need a new wetbag because I can’t find mine!!!! I feel like it has to be here somewhere, but I can’t find it! I don’t want to just give in and get a new one yet, but it’s been missing for awhile. ARGH!!!

  55. Sarah replied:

    I REALLY need a wetbag that I can keep in the bathroom (or outside it). We have a hamper that we used to keep in the nursery, but with the 17-month old poops we’re dealing with, we’ve had to move it to outside the bathroom. Since we have to spray/dunk/flush the diapers now, we need to have a wetbag/pail+liner close by so we don’t drip wet dirty diaper drips all the way back to the nursery, but now we have to walk the wipes and wet diapers down the hall too. It’d be sooooo nice to have a wetbag/pail+liner in the nursery still AND one in the bathroom. I might even keep my sanity!!

  56. Amanda replied:

    Hi, I need a new pail liner, because like a previous poster said, mine looks like it has a peeling sunburn on it. It has lasted almost two years so far, and I doubt that it will make it through baby #2 coming in October. Sorry for the pity party, but winning one would be wonderful. I live in Michigan and have been unemployed for awhile now. Cloth diapers and wipes have been a saving grace for us because I haven’t had to buy anything. Now with a new baby coming, some stuff isn’t going to last as long as I had thought. Thanks!

  57. Lindsey replied:

    Oh… I so need a pail liner, very badly. I was trying to keep cd start up costs low and chose to buy a laundry bag from Dollar Tree that said “washable”. Well, after about 10 washes now it’s frayed and is so thin there is hardly enough material to hold the cds. I’m getting a little worried that I’ll be carrying it through the house and the bottom will fall out and I’ll leave a trail of poopy cd’s through the house!

    Thanks for the giveaways!
    lindseygalvez at gmail dot com

  58. Melissa replied:

    I need a wet bag because my son is starting a mothers day out program in the fall and they “might” let him use cloth diapers! When we go in for our meeting with the teachers I plan on taking my easiest, velcro diapers to show them how easy it will be to use them. I will also supply a wet bag to make it simple to bring the dirties home.

  59. laura kelly replied:

    I’m a new cloth mama and decided to invest all my $ in my dipes, so I’m using just a plain ol’ cloth laundry bag inside my diaper pail/trash can. I’m thinking that one of those fancy pail liners would help keep the stink to a minimum and my husband would thank me (and you!)! He was a little reluctant toward the whole cloth thing, but I am pleased to tell you that he’s ON BOARD now and even said, “we should have done this with the other three!” It would be so great to give him a great big thank you with the gift of a pail liner and a stink-free pail to dump when he does the laundry (yep, he’s even done that part too! but sorry, you can’t have him πŸ™‚ )

  60. Brianna replied:

    I have been cloth diapering my first child for 2 years now. But, when we go out of the house or out of town I have been using disposables because I don’t like to carry dirty diapers in my diaper bag. I am expecting my 2nd child this October and I am making a vow to eliminate using disposable diapers and use cloth only. A wet bag would give me a place to put those used diapers without putting them directly in my diaper bag.

  61. steph replied:

    I need one since I am an obsessive wetbag launderer. I always have mine all wet and then of course I need a dry one! πŸ™‚

  62. Sarah J replied:

    I would love a wet bag. I’ve been reusing plastic shopping bags to carry home dirty cloth diapers when I’m out and about. But, I don’t usually like to use plastic shopping bags even for shopping, so I haven’t had very many. I’ve been reusing them and they are getting holes in them. I’ve been trying to enter all the giveaways I can find for wetbags but haven’t won one yet.

  63. Krista replied:

    Well I was just about to buy a pail liner yesterday, then our only car broke down. Bummer. Now we have to spend a lot of money to get the car fixed. Thus, the pail liner will wait…

  64. Kim replied:

    I would love a wet bag! I actually just accepted a nanny job which will be at another family’s house. I get to bring my son along and I really need a wet bag to transfer his dirty cloth diapers from their home to mine every day. I am thankful the mom is letting me cloth diaper my son at her house and I want to keep the dirty diapers in a wet bag so they do not smell up her home. I have always used ziplock bags at home but I really need a nicer, larger bag for a whole day of diapers.

  65. Carla replied:

    I need a pail liner. Why? Because I am expecting a lil one and we don’t have one! πŸ™‚ would make laundry day easier

  66. Caroline replied:

    I NEED a wet bag as my name’s Caroline and I’m addicted to cloth diapering!

  67. Carrie replied:

    “Need” is a tricky term — most all of us would really like a new liner or wetbag, but could honestly survive without. That said, of course they are wonderful for as many reasons as there are people who use them. My husband and I both work full-time, for now bring our 3.5 month old daughter with us to our offices, and are using two small bags to bring CDs home. A full-size one would be great to have in the evenings, rather than reusing plastic bags in our tall can. But we still can make do! Best of luck to everyone!

  68. Christine replied:

    I could really use a pail liner. My baby is due soon, and I plan to change diapers in the nursery. Then I’ll bring poopy diapers to the bathroom to dump the poop and maybe rinse it. At that point, I want to throw it right in the pail, so the pail needs to be in the bathroom. For convenience sake, I think pee pee diapers will need to be tossed in a pail in the nursery. We’re not going to want to bring every diaper down the hall. Will we? It’s so hard to plan it all out when there’s not even a baby yet!!! It’s hard to buy something when I’m not sure I’ll need it, so I would definitely love to win a pail liner!

  69. Jes replied:

    I need one because I also dont have one, and have been trying to figure something else out until I did get one…

    …and because Im a horrible person! lol I keep using the lack of a wet bag/pail liner as an excuse so I dont have to go spend the weekends at my in laws! (<–lol true story, sad huh?!) …Anyway my 'excuse' is no longer going over so well, so now I guess I need one even more! πŸ™‚

  70. Alisha replied:

    I would love a new pail liner. Given that I only have one, we run into the problem of having a diaper pail with no liner for several hours while it is being washed. I recently became a stay-at-home mom so a pail liner is now considered a splurge. This would be such a nice treat and surprise.

  71. Ashli L replied:

    Would *love* to win a pail liner or wetbag!! I only have one of each, and could definitely use at least another pail liner for when our newbie gets here (in addition to our twins still in cloth part time)!!

  72. Amber replied:

    I would like a new pail liner because the elastic is just starting to give out in one of mine!

  73. Nicole replied:

    I’m applying to ‘win’ the new pail liner for my youngest child.

    If he could talk he’d tell you….

    “I need a new pail liner because I’m the FORTH kid and I barely ever get anything new. I even wear my sister’s hand-me-down cloth diapers– including a few lovely shades of pinks (blossom?)– real men wear pink, right? (cause this may be my first full sentence). By the way, my purple pail liner has been leaking– though mom’s tried to water proof it. I’d love a new pail bag of my own in a BOY color… heck, I’d love anything new of my own and I know if my stinky diapers are in it my brother and sisters won’t take it. Pick me, pick me! Love, Isaac”.

    • Nicole replied:

      oops, totally meant fourth πŸ™‚

  74. Tracy replied:

    I need a wetbag because my DS will be going to a babysitter in the fall. 😦 I will need one for her to use throughout the day. Very glad to have found a sitter who will CD though! tracyhgb at hotmail dot com

  75. Brookelyn P replied:

    Hi! This is an awesome giveaway! I could use either a wet bag or a pail liner. I have just recently started cloth diapering my 6 month old little boy. I have a wahmies pail liner I purchased from Abbys Lane and it would be nice to have another liner to use when one is in the wash. I would love, love, love a wetbag to take when we leave the house. Right now I’m just sticking the dipe in my diaper bag and hoping we don’t have some major blowout while we’re gone!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!! Pick me, pick me!!!

  76. stampedwithgrace replied:

    It sounds like I’m missing out! I started reading everyone’s posts about needing another pail liner or wet bag for one reason or another, and being a new CD mom I don’t have either. I really feel left out and am thinking I should be checking out these items. do I need both or do they serve the same purpose? I’d love to win one and try it out so that I too can wish I had two of them πŸ™‚

    btw for all you newbies out there, after 7 babies in disposables, I switched to cloth for #8 and have LOVED it! I wouldn’t switch back and have told so many others about it πŸ™‚

  77. Heidi K replied:

    I really could use a pail liner. I’m just getting started in cloth diapering and I haven’t ordered one yet. It’d be nice to have somewhere to put all those dirty diapers.

  78. Stephanie Finefrock replied:

    I would love a WETBAG!!! I started CDing in Feb and I STILL don’t have a wetbag!! We currently are using grocery bags in the bathroom!! LOL ewwwww!!!! Needless to say there has to be a nicer way right??? Answer: WETBAG!!! Also I looooooooooooooove you guys!!!

  79. Amanda replied:

    I need a wetbag because I own four diapers and I currently carry them around in a plastic grocery bag. (I’m new to CDing) πŸ™‚

  80. Tori replied:

    I need a new wet bag SOOOOOOO badly!!! We have been having to travel a lot lately to see my in-laws because they are no longer able to travel here. My husband, God bless him, is what we’d call a cheapskate! He makes me use a plastic bag for the diapers when we travel or we tote along a pail liner. The pail liner is a pain b/c it doesn’t close, so our car or luggage ends up stinking like nobody’s business! We do have one small wetbag, but it only fits like 2 diapers in it so it’s reallly not to ideal for travel. Thanks for doing this giveaway – I sure hope I can win! πŸ™‚

  81. Amber C replied:

    I would love a new wetbag! I have an itty bitty one – but with 2 in cloth, I can only fit 1 diaper change in there! And then I have to resort to the dreaded plastic bags – YUCK! If I had another wet bag, taking my cloth-diapered babies on the go would be so much easier πŸ™‚

  82. Gina replied:

    I need a pail liner, not a second one, but my first and only one. My son has just turned two and I’ve never had a pail liner for him, despite cloth diapering from about 4 months of age. I work full time and I still take the time to cloth diaper, so you could definitely say I’m committed to i.

    I have some very nice wetbags, but for whatever reason when I get some money for accessories and I’m about to buy a liner, I always seem to need something else. A diaper sprayer, another wet bag, some hemp inserts to up absorbancy. I’ve entered about a jillion Abby’s Lane giveaways and did the GCDH and still, I have never won a single contest. So I have perfectly nice BumGeniuses sitting around in a plastic garbage bag. Oh the shame….please help!

  83. Kendra replied:

    I’m throwing my cousin a “cloth diaper baby shower in a box” and I still haven’t purchased a wetbag to get her started. When I had my first baby I bought all of my own stuff and did all the research myself. My cousin’s husband is a pastor and I know finances are tight so I would love to give her a complete package of diapers with all the accessories to go along with it.

  84. Nikki replied:

    i would love a second pail liner so i can rotate on laundry day and not use my wet bags. then i wouldn’t have to wash my pail liner with my diapers because it sometimes holds water in the wash and causes repelling. fun!

  85. Amy replied:

    I’ve been holding off buying a second pail-liner since I am not working (for pay) and that is putting a limit on our budget. I have one pail-liner, a large wet bag, and a small travel wet bag. When the pail-liner is in the wash, we are forced to use the large wet bag which doesn’t fit at all in the step trash can that we usually use for the CD’s and doesn’t easily zip with one hand while you are holding baby and trying to remove the DD. Then there’s the issue of having two storage places for wet, dirty diapers since we do some changing upstairs and some downstairs depending on the time of day, and house goings on. So, I would love to win a second pail-liner to keep up with the CD’s as my baby progresses to the more smelly solid-food-poop in a few months.

  86. BrassyDel replied:

    I could use another wet bag for the times when we’re out of the house several days in a row. I have two bags, but I don’t want to use one bag for more than one day, it can get difficult to alternate depending on laundry day (diapers are approx. every 3 days).

  87. Erin replied:

    I need a new wet bag because of the HUNDREDS of uses for them, we don’t have enough! We’re in TX where our summers are HOT and LONG and we use them for swimsuits, and keeping dry clothes dry, and wet panties (potty training), diapers (baby), leaking messes in the car, and hundreds of other things. They’re amazing!

  88. Kate replied:

    I would love a new wet bag for TWO reason!
    1. We just switched to un-paper towels so we need one for the kitchen.
    2. My hubby has set up lots of adventures for us this summer and I need a wet bag with a zipper to keep buggies and ickies out of our wet bag while camping, in hotels and at these crazy outside airshows!!

    Kate πŸ™‚

  89. J replied:

    I need a new wetbag because I’m addicted to wet bags! Actually, they’re so darn useful that I use them everywhere except for the cloth diapers…

  90. Leanne Marquis replied:

    I am 31 weeks along and yesterday I went into preterm labor. I am now on bed rest and taking steroid shots to help my baby’s lungs and meds to try to stop my contractions. I have a list of everything i need to buy for cloth diapering on this site but i thought i had time. I haven’t bought anything yet and now i won’t be able to work and might need everything much sooner than i thought. Any type of giveaway would be such a blessing to me since the truth is being out of work i’m not sure where the diaper money will come from. I have my own little eco friendly cleaning service and am dedicated to doing my part to leave less of a negative impact on the environment. Also knowing that cloth diapers are better for my baby make this such an easy descision. I will be happy for whoever wins though! Good luck all! πŸ™‚

  91. Alaina replied:

    I started cloth diapering just two months ago.
    When I decided to start then, little did I know
    How fast I would come to love diapering way better than before,
    But the lack of storage options has fast become a chore.
    Throw diapers in the garbage? Not anymore!
    Say adios to the trash bag, but now what do I use?
    Thinking about the cost of pail liners for home and two daycares gives me the blues
    Since I need not only one, but technically three,
    And right now I have none, so even one would be great don’t you see?
    β€˜Cause hauling poop in the car is enough of a drag,
    But it would be much sweeter with a nice diaper pail liner bag!

  92. Amanda replied:

    I need a wet bag because I don’t have one. I own four diapers that I carry around in a plastic grocery bag. One day last week, I was visiting my parents and my dad threw my dirty diapers away because he thought it was trash. So I had to dig through the garbage. Not cool.

  93. Justine McD. replied:

    I would love a wet bag because the one I have is barley big enough to fit 1 diaper in it, so I rarely take it and end up having to put dirty diapers right into my bag (or if I’m lucky and have a reusable bag on me I’ll use that)

  94. Susan Gilchrist replied:

    I desperately need a wetbag because…..I honestly don’t have one! We’ve been cloth diapering Emma since she was 3 months old and I don’t own a wetbag. I use plastic grocery bags to hold the diapers when we’re out and about. Very NOT environmentally-friendly!

  95. Jennifer replied:

    Ooh! I need a wetbag. I am a cloth diaper convert from a very dear friend of mine. She willingly mailed me 2 dozen kissaluv xs, 2 thirsties xs covers, cloth wipes and you guessed it-a wet bag! I gave cloth a “go.” And have since decided it’s for us (my sweet little girl is 6 months, we’ve been doing CD for 5). And now she’s nearly 13 lbs and those newborn dipes do not fit anymore. Plus, I really need to mail back my friends dipes and wetbag;) So I could really, really use one!

  96. Erica replied:

    I am in DESPERATE need of a wetbag. I don’t have anything right now. I was using zip-locks, but total waste of money and not very eco-friendly. so I don’t use anything and it gets nasty in my diaper bag!! I am sick of washing it. PLEASE for the sake of no more poopy diaper bag pick me!!!

  97. Jen Repetto replied:

    I need another large wetbag. Why? Because we only have one and when I wash it with the diapers on wash day, I have no place to put dirty diapers until the wash is done. So inconvenient… Sigh…

  98. Erin Patrick replied:

    I seriously need a pail liner – it might save my marriage. We have one pail liner and we love it. However, when I am washing and drying diapers and the pail liner my husband gets LAZY about where the diapers go. Instead of piling them in a neat pile in the laundry room awaiting a fresh, clean pail liner – my husband randomly lays diapers around the laundry room because he apparently doesn’t know what to do when the one pail liner we have is out of commission. I find wet diapers in our regular laundry basket, sitting on the washing machine, sitting where the clean diapers go, etc. Because this is now a pet peeve of mine, I get irritated every time I found a rogue diaper that should be waiting to go in the pail liner. I have decided that either we have to get a back up pail liner to use when one is being washed or I will divorce my husband.

  99. Tiffany w replied:

    I would choose a pail liner because I am in desperate need of one as I don’t yet have one in my stash! If I don’t get one it will come down to using plastic bags, which is a total waste! I’m already having a hard time convincing dh to go along with cloth diapering so I need to make everything as simple as possible for him. Daddy is not going to be fond of poopy diapers and having to smell them in plastic bags will throw him off of the cloth diaper wagon 😦

  100. Annelee Giese replied:

    I need a new wet bag because I only have one.. and I have to wash it with EVERY washing, which is going to probably cause damage to it and if I have to leave while it is in the wash, then I have to use a grocery bag or ziploc.. NOT environmentally friendly! πŸ™‚ And.. i’d buy another one, but I just had a biopsy of a lump growing on my neck and got slammed with a HUGE bill because we have no insurance. So for the moment, we are sticking to a VERY strict budget. Thanks for hearing my “argument.” πŸ™‚

  101. Natalie replied:

    I’m desperate for another wet bag. Why? Because I’ve started using mama cloth, so I now have a toddler in nighttime diapers and daytime trainers, a two week old in cloth round the clock, and myself. It’d be really wonderful to have a bag upstairs for those night baby and mama changes so I don’t have to navigate down to our diaper pail in a sleepy, postpartum stupor.

  102. Jessica Lister replied:

    I need a wet bag or a pail liner. I want to start doing family cloth, at least for number 1. I already have plenty of wipes but don’t have any place to store the dirty ones!

  103. Maggie replied:

    give that pail liner a home
    where cloth diapers roam
    and stinky odors never seem to obey
    Where my toddler destroys
    his daddy’s Playboys πŸ˜‰
    and his mommy just laughs it away!

  104. Lauren replied:

    I’ve been needing a pail liner for a while. Right now we’re just using plastic bags so none of the yuckies get on the actual trashcan. DH has been saying I don’t “need” one so I’ve held off on spending the money. Oh – and on hot days like today (90+) them dipes get RIPE! I’m sure a little sent spot (like on most wetbags) come in handy!
    If you picked me, the pail liner would be put to good use, that I can promise! =)

  105. Sarah Laing replied:

    I desperately need a wet bag!! We are constantly on the go and I only have one small wetbag for out and about. It can only hold like 2 or 3 diapers. So I am always worried about my daughter going through more diapers than that, and having to leave a stinky diaper directly in the diaper bag. Also I am going on a 2 week holiday to visit my family, and I know we will be doing some all day trips and that darn wet bag just wont cut it!
    Thanks for considering me πŸ™‚

  106. Eve & Milo's Mom replied:

    I have been having a battle with my diapers as of late. I had been using a wetbag but it started to disinigrate and I have been keeping our other wetbag for when we do trips out and about. Right now the dirty diapers sit in our bathroom sink. I would really love to try a pail liner instead.

    So please help me get the diapers out of my sink and into a diaper pail where they should be instead.

  107. Janice replied:

    I need a pail liner and some advice on how to keep pail liners from getting caught up in the edge of the dryer drum. My dryer has put holes in two pail liners now!!! They aren’t so waterproof when you can stick your fingers through the bottom.

  108. Erin P replied:

    While I am very fortunate to be blessed with 2 in diapers (6 wks and 15 months) and fortunate to have enough diapers to go through two days before doing diaper laundry, my pail is maxxed out before that! My current wetbag has holes… On top of that, I am “blessed” with a front loader and hard water, which means I make trip after trip to the washer with my measuring glasses full of water. My parents, which we visit often, have a top loader and SOFT water! I tote as many diapers as I can on our trips there, but have to use trash bags – bad for the environment! Help!

  109. Kelly replied:

    I NEEEEEEED a pail liner so that I don’t have to stack the dirty dipes on the floor next to the empty pail when my current pail liner is still in the wash! The dirty diapers on the floor are nasty, but what’s even worse is when my daughter drags them around the room when I’m not looking! It’s happened twice now! Gross!!!

  110. Jen K. replied:

    We need a wetbag. We live in a two story house and right now have one that we use. If it is not on floor where my husband is when he changes our son, he will leave the diaper on the floor and then forget where it is. I have found nasty, stinky diapers under the bed, in a corner, and under our storage ottoman, among other places.

    • Jen K. replied:

      Hubby outdid himself this morning, so I had to update. I came downstairs this morning to find a poppy diaper on the dining room table. At my spot, of course.

  111. Ashley Noble replied:

    I need a new wetbag because mine is faded and the zipper is getting worn out.

  112. Angela replied:

    I NEED a pail liner because I currently use trash bags. Originally I wasn’t using anything in my trash can (which I use as a pail) and I tried to wash it every time I washed diapers… it was too much to keep up with. Now I use trash bags. Not only is it expensive because I have to replace it with a new trash bag every time I wash but it creates unneeded waste, which is very counterproductive. If I could afford to buy one, I would. Being a one income family and having just spent $400.00+ building a cloth stash makes it so I cannot afford any extra accessories. Please consider me for the pail liner:)

  113. Gina Staub replied:

    Why do I need a wet bag or pail liner? First of all, we currently have three or so plastic grocery bags scattered around the house trying hard to be a pretty “wet bag” or “pail liner.” A beautiful wet bag or pail liner would work much better and then the plastic bags could be sent to their rightful place in the recycling bin πŸ™‚ Why else do I need a wet bag or pail liner? My son is just starting solids!! The last thing I need now is newly solid poo leaking out of a used plastic grocery bag! Yuck!

    Thank you for considering me! πŸ™‚

  114. Sian replied:

    I would love to have a wet bag for my husband’s diaper bag! I have a small and medium size one in fairly girly colors, and I would love to win a more masculine one for him to go in the diaper bag that he so proudly researched and purchased for himself. Our son was just born on Monday and I see lots of Daddy and son trips in the near future!

  115. Jodie S replied:

    I desperately need a new pail liner. I have only one & when I wash I still have to toss the diapers somewhere so into the un-lined can they go. Yucko!!!!!! As my toddler would say “Mama thas Nasteee!” Thanks for a much needed & would be truly appreciated give-away. :o)

  116. Jody G. replied:

    I need a wet bag because I am getting ready to cloth diaper our soon-to-be 2nd child (did disposables with the first). I am trying to build our cd inventory without breaking the bank, and winning a wet bag sure would help!!!!

    Besides, I am quickly becoming obsessed with all things cloth-diaper…so my husband might kill me if I buy another thing! Help me, please! πŸ™‚

  117. Cary replied:

    I’m a soon to be mommy (Due Oct 30) just starting out on the journey of cloth diapering. I need everything at this point, but I am determine to cloth diaper!

  118. Vered replied:

    I need a wetbag – I forgot my wetbag with a poopy diaper at a friend’s house and it’s been festering there for two weeks now, I’m not sure I’ll have the courage to open it when I finally get to see her :-D.

  119. Rachel replied:

    I desperately need a wetbag! Despite the fact that I’ve been exclusively CDing for nearly 6 months (to prove to DH that I could and would stick with it), I actually don’t have either. My husband was very opposed to cloth diapering. And he still doesn’t seem terribly impressed by the cost savings yet (and I’ve only bought 2 new diapers-all the rest of my stash has been used, handed-down, free with coupons, giveaways, or homemade-mostly from leftover fabrics and sale PUL w/coupon-purchased H&L). I hand-wash frequently, line-dry only, and yet he’s still concerned about the costs and my commitment to cloth. As a result, our 1/2 bath sink is always full of dirty diapers (no utility sink in our laundry room)and I use nylon (non water-proof) drawstring bags, inside of plastic bags, when those start dripping)for outings. Your giveaway would be a dream come true for me-to help me continue proving the husband wrong. Thanks so much!

  120. Dan replied:

    We could really use a wet bag. We’ve gotten by for about 4 months without a real one, but our son will be undergoing a lumpectomy, to remove a tumor in his leg, so our routine of carrying a small nylon (not waterproof) bag, inside of a small bucket in the car isn’t going to cut it with a baby in a hospital. Our expenses have been such that we haven’t really wanted to spend any extra money, knowing that we’ll be incurring some major medical costs, so the wife has been trying to make due, but it would really help us tremendously. Thanks so much for this fabulous giveaway!

  121. Travis replied:

    One of the best things about Cloth Diapering is talking to people I meet while changing my daughter. When my wife was pregnant, I went to a “New Dads Boot Camp”. After my daughter was born, I went back many times to bring her as a “example baby”). Each time, I showed the soon-to-be fathers how to hold, calm, and comfort a baby. And, of course, change one! We’ve CD’d from the beginning and I loved showing off my baby AND her cool diapers. I think I converted a few as well. We only have one wetbag at present (Leslie’s Boutique in an Owl Print). But if I win the giveaway, *I* get to pick the fabric! And I need a macho one! Help a guy out?

  122. Kerrie Egbert replied:

    I would love to have a pail liner because I do not have one. It would be so great to be able to toss the liner in the wash with my soiled diapers rather than bleaching the pail each time.
    I am a Mother of 4 and began CD’ing my 13 month old & 2 year old about 3 months ago to avoid the weekly strain of buying sposies for two bottoms, being that my husband is the only one employed atm. I started out with old fashion method using Gerber prefolds, diaper pins, and the standard rubber pants. After doing this for a while
    I really wanted to be able to buy quality products to make life easier on me and more comfortable for my girls. So I decided to have a garage sale to raise money for my CD’ing fund, and that is exactly what I did! Out of the sale I was able to buy 16 DSQ prefolds and two Flip covers!
    WoW! Now that’s what I call cloth diapering 21st century style! I love them so much I do hope to be able to buy more soon! I have looked at the pail liners/ and wet bag totes to use as a pail liner.. However my first priority is focused on building a quality CD stash when extra money allows and I would be ever so grateful if chosen to win this very useful item.

  123. Tiffany replied:

    Oh man do I need a wet bag! My son is almost 2 and the potency of his diapers seems to have increased exponentially in the past few months. We use a diaper sprayer and pre rinse all diapers, but it is still not enough. It is time to banish the stench to a zippered wet bag. Please help us reclaim the bathroom from the stinkies!

  124. Nancy Harness replied:

    I could definitely use a wet bag. We just started using cloth diapers on my 20 month old son. I was feeling very guilty about all the disposable diapers I had used on my three older children and decided we were quite capable of changing to cloth diapers. Right now we are using a reusable cloth shopping bag but a wet bag would be awesome to have especially when we are not home. We just finished our first week with cloth diapers and I am so glad we made the switch.

  125. Christina replied:

    I could REALLY use a pail liner. Right now I’m using a nylon clothes bag I got at walmart for a couple dollars. The bag has no water proof liner so it is pretty gross to grab out of the pail and dump the diapers out into the washer. My husband refuses to do it so I can’t even ask for help anymore. The budget is really tight so I would love to win one.

  126. Lisa replied:

    I need a pail liner, because I’m due with my second child in about 7 weeks, and my 18 month old is still in diapers. With two babies in cloth diapers my current medium sized hanging wet bag won’t hold enough. (Plus it’s ripping pretty bad and it won’t last much longer.) My husband works a lot of overtime in order for us to make ends meet, but money is still tight. It would be so helpful to win this giveaway. Thanks!

  127. LaNell replied:

    I just found out that my new babysitter is interested in cloth diapering. She is willing to use cloth diapers while she keeps our two kids. Having a wet bag to send with the kids would possibly help her see the benefits to cloth diapering since the smell would be contained. She has a 6 month old and has been interested in cloth but just hadn’t taken the plunge. I figure that this is a great opportunity to introduce her to cloth diapers and I would get to continue cloth diapering with a sitter.

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