Soft Water

We are revisiting a topic that has been the source of several emails this week. A few months ago, we presented the idea to moms with really soft water to try HE detergents in their regular top loaders. We had some really positive feedback from moms who tried this, as it solved some buildup/rinsing problems. The summary is this:
-You CAN use HE detergents in a regular machine
-You CANNOT use regular detergents in an HE machine, including HE toploaders.

HE detergents are formulated to be low-sudsing, putting regular detergent in your HE machine will end up like a bad I Love Lucy episode, but you will get some very sparkly floors out of it. Or, some really warped hardwood if you have wood in your laundry room. IN a regular top loader, HE detergents are fine, the low sudsing formulas are working well for moms with very soft water. You usually can tell you have soft water by looking at your faucets and showerheads. If you notice a white, powdery film on them instead of orange and brown minerals, that is indicative of soft water. Really soft water means you are using a tablespoon of detergent and still getting buildup (indicated by smelling fine out of the dryer, but like stale urine and feces once freshly peed in). Try some HE detergent if this is you, we are finding powder versions working better over liquid versions, our detergent list on our website still applies to which brands we are finding work with the most success from all of our customer feedback.


July 8, 2010. Wash routines.

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  1. Robert replied:

    This is scarily true – my son’s nappies do this!

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