Night time diapering for wee ones (6 wks – 6 months)

In the first six months, babies are still waking to eat/play/laugh all night long, but they are no longer having bowel movements at night. This is when you would like to encourage nighttime as a quiet, non-playtime time period, and often having to change a diaper really wakes up the baby and makes it harder to get some rest. What makes this easier is knowing you don’t have to change the diaper, you can just feed/burp/soothe and get through the night.

At this point many of our customers switch to pocket diapers. You can certainly use your natural fibers (prefolds, fitteds, etc..) but if you find your baby is waking up to a bright red bottom, you need to either start changing again at nighttime to keep the wetness away, or use a polyester liner to provide that “stay dry” effect.

Pockets are nice at this point for their ease of use. For the slender to average build baby, I like the Bumgenius pocket with a microfiber insert and prefold (trifolded like a business letter inside the diaper) or a prefold/joey bunz combo. A Happy Heiny one size diaper is nice for the average to chunky build baby, they are more generously cut in the legs and waist, allowing for more stuffing in the diaper itself without cutting into the thighs. Same combos, prefolds/microfiber or prefolds/hemp.

If you like using fitteds or prefolds with either a wool cover or a PUL cover, the Baby Beehinds one size fitted is a nice option at this point, it won’t seem so huge and really has a good deal of absorbency. Remember, you can always add a fleece liner to your natural fibers to keep using them if the baby shows irritation to the wetness. FOr prefolds, you may find you need hemp inserts laid inside to keep them absorbent enough.

Remember, you can always put a wool cover, like a Disana, over your pocket diaper/fitted/whatever you are using combo. Wool is 100% breatheable, no different than putting pajama pants on, it will be bulkier but will provide extra protection.


June 24, 2010. Tags: , . cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, night time diapering, Q & A.

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