Night time diapering for 6-12 month olds

We are tackling nighttime diapering for the 6-12 month age group. I like to do these sections by age rather than weight, wetting patterns are usually more linked to age, bladder size and control more so than by size, but please let me know if you have a child that these suggestions are not working for, we can find a solution~

For this age group, they may be starting to sleep in 3-6 hour stretches, if your child is sleeping longer than by golly consider yourself blessed and I don’t want to hear about it 😉

If you are using:

Pocket diapers: A good nighttime combo would include a prefold, trifolded like a business letter, sandwihed between hemp inserts, or a microfiber/hemp combination of inserts. Make sure the pocket isn’t having gaps at the legs from stuffing it, this will cause side leaks. Now, a good rule of thumb is to out anything with microfiber closest to where the urine hits first. Not outside of the pocket, but right underneath the fleece or suedecloth. Microfiber is “quickly” absorbent, and will distribute the urine better to the layers underneath, rather than concentrating it in the middle. Put your prefold in the middle, and your hemp underneath. I like Joey Bunz regular hemp inserts, or even the premium inserts for this combo, and you can always upgrade from your indian prefolds to a Babykicks hemp/fleece prefold for this nighttime task. They are more expensive, but you really only need 2 (one to use while washing the other), so they can be a great investment. If you have to stuff your pocket so much you are having gaps, don’t forget I am a huge fan of putting that Disana wool cover over the whole thing as a backup.

Prefolds/Covers: If you are using prefolds and covers at this point, you will need some extra oomph in the prefold. You may need to upsize on your cover to make this work, you can trifold another prefold, laying it in the middle to act as a doubler with lots of layers of absorbency, you can also lay in a hemp insert like the premium joey bunz, or a Happy Heiny Stuffin to add extra layers. If you are finding at this point you are noticing the child has a red tint to their skin when they wake in the morning, you may need a fleece liner to help keep the wetness from their skin at night.

Fitteds: This is a great time to invest in one of the one size fitteds that carry a higher price tag. The bulkiness of the newborn stage is gone, you have lots of life in the sizing, and they will work well for overnights. Baby Beehinds and Swaddlebees one size Organic Velour fitteds are two that we like, you may need to add doublers in cotton or hemp as well. YOu can add doublers between the fitted and the cover here, especially if your fitted has a stay dry liner, put the trifolded prefold behind the fitted, or the hemp inserts behind the fitted, inside the cover.


June 23, 2010. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, night time diapering, Q & A.

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  1. Michelle LeCorps replied:

    Wow 1500 fans, that’s wonderful! Hope to place an order with you soon, this is my 5th child but we’ll be new to cloth diapering! I can already see I’m probably going to have a cloth diaper obsession with all the cute dipes out there! =)

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