Night time diapering for runabout babies

We are dishing on nighttime diapering for the 1-2 year old age group. No way around it, nighttime diapering at this age is going to be bulky. The older your baby gets, the more absorbency they need, which means more layers, which means more bulk. Now, certain fabrics are bulkier than others, but be prepared for a booty-galore on your baby. I promise it won’t make them bowlegged, and they will sleep just fine. For pockets, a prefold is going to need to be in there, trifolded like a business letter. This is a great point for a Babykicks hemp/fleece prefold, these do have more absorbency than a cotton prefold, hence the higher price tag. Sandwich this with some hemp on the bottom (a Happy Heinys Stuffin or a Joey Bunz Hemparoo) and either hemp or microfiber on top, and it makes a nice sandwich for the diaper. If your baby is still in size medium during daytime diapering, you may need to upsize to a large diaper for nighttime, this goes for covers, too, if you are using covers and prefolds/fitteds.

Prefolds at night can be tricky at this age. You will need more than a prefold, including some hemp doublers or inserts tucked in them, which may just be to bulky even for the easy going baby. Try the babykicks hemp/fleece prefold first, and see if that meets your absorbency needs, but this would be a time to consider a fitted diaper under your cover for the ability to have more absorbency and also to lay things underneath it inside your wool or PUL laminate cover. We have talked about the Happy Hempy pocket fitted before, this is a good one to look into, it is under $15.00, and you really can stuff the heck out of it for nighttime diapering. It does need a cover, and it does have a fleece stay-dry inner liner.

If you are getting deep red marks on the baby’s legs or waist from the nighttime diaper, it may be time to upsize. Now, some red marks will be normal (think of your bra or underwear), any close fitting clothing with thin elastic will most likely leave a mark if left on all night, as long as it goes away within an hour and doesn’t appear too deep or painful, I really wouldn’t worry about it. If it is deep and looks painful or irritating, time to upsize or switch to a different cut of diaper.

If your baby/toddler is outwetting the suggestions above, you can always pull a Disana wool cover over the whole shebang, it is really a breatheable backup to avoid leaks. If that still is not enough for your little super soaker, please e-mail me, we have some other mamas who sew diapers that we would love to refer you to for some customized diapering options, especially for mamas who have babies aged 3+ who still need nighttime help with their wetting patterns.


June 22, 2010. Tags: , . cloth diapers, night time diapering, Q & A.

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