What NOT to do with your diapers

As much as I hate to bring it up to even introduce the ideas, they do need to be discussed as to why they are dangerous, and what other options there are. The three biggies I want to tackle today are:
-Boiling the diapers
-Using the dishwasher for stripping the diapers
-Treating yeast and other infections with essential oils (not so much a diaper issue as a health issue).

Boiling the diapers: I am seeing this being recommended for stripping detergent buildup, disinfecting on a semi-regular basis, or disinfecting the diapers after a yeast infection, or other skin infection. The obvious problem here is it is a fire hazard, and dangerous to both you and anyone in your home while you are handling a huge pot of boiling water and scorching hot fabrics in the pot. Boiling very quickly shortens the life of your diapers, will melt snaps, and kill your elastic. It will void any and all warranties, besides all of that, it isn’t 100% effective in killing yeast, or even ridding the diapers of residues. If you want help with these issues, please email me before committing your diapers to this treatment~

Using the dishwasher: This one is honestly one I can’t wrap my head around how it would have gotten started, truly, mixing diapers where you wash your dishes. The idea is that putting the diapers in the dishwasher and running a cycle with hot water will strip the diapers of detergent buildup. See above why this is not a valid choice for the diaper fabrics, it invalidates all warranties, melts snaps and kills elastic. Plus, this is a huge fire hazard in your home that you would not even know about until flames were coming out from around your appliance. Diapers will flip and flop around, and your heating elements in your dishwasher are not designed for contact with fabric. You see what they do to the plastic spatulas that fall down, don’t risk this with your diapers. Again, email us with any questions~

Treating bacterial or other skin infections in the diapers with essential oils. Now, this one won’t burn your house down or kill the diapers themselves, but it is not 100% effective in treating a diagnosed skin infection. As common as yeast can be in certain children, it is not something you want coming back time after time, or half-treating but not ridding all the way. Yeast comes from the body, not from the diapers, but it can grow and thrive in the diapers if not disinfected. The only guaranteed 100% proven way to disinfect diapers is with bleach. Is there some rate of effectiveness using essential oils? Yes, but speaking with many customers who did this and had it come right back, it just isn’t worth rolling the dice on your children’s health. Yeast does need to be treated by a physician, who will prescribe a topical antifungal, or a systemic one, then your diapers do need to be disinfected. Dyed prefolds or fitteds? They are your diapers, but this is a health issue. I would rather have some bleach spots than be wondering if my child’s skin is going to break out again with a possibly worse strain then before.


June 18, 2010. Tags: . cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, Q & A, Wash routines.

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