More nighttime diapering

Last time we went over upsizing for nighttime, and pajama choices. Today we are talking a little more about what to use inside the diaper for nighttime, to best optimize your absorbency. You can have the exact same nighttime items, but placed in different orders can give you very different results with the same child. For fitteds, AIOs, and nighttime, what the urine is hitting first can affect if your urine will distribute throughout or compress in the middle and leak out the legs. Your most dense fabrics, namely your pure hemp (not the hemp blends), and cotton you want to be hit last with the urine. Cotton is less dense then hemp, so if you have prefolds with hemp, have the urine hit the prefold first. Your least dense, but also lease absorbent, materials will be your microfiber, and micoterry blends. Fleece and suedecloth are just stay dry liners to let urine pass through, nothing gets absorbed. Keep this in mind when layering your nighttime diapers, placing hemp on top and microfiber underneath can leak well before switching the two. Microfiber shouldn’t touch baby’s skin directly, but under a fleece, flannel, silk or bamboo liner it is perfectly fine.


June 14, 2010. Tags: , . cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, Night time solutions, Q & A.

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