Night time training

Now, if you thought our advice on day training was very “sit back and see where they go”, nighttime doesn’t get better. For my own children, it is really a matter of waiting until after they are day trained and wake up dry for a good two weeks straight before we try underwear at night.

If your child has been day trained for a few months and still has nighttime wetting, try something to see where they are. Lay a natural fiber inside the diaper, so it provides a wetness cue. It can be a hemp insert, a wipe, a prefold, anything that isn’t stay dry or microfiber. See how your child does, if she wakes up due to the wetness enough to call you and finish urinating on the toilet, you may have a case for a few trainers to provide a different feel than a diaper. If she pees through and doesn’t wake, she will leak out of the trainers, so don’t bother with them yet.

I am not a fan of witholding fluids to encourage nighttime training, especially going into the warmer months, after a hot day of play kids needs to hydrate when they have a chance to settle down at night. The Happy Heiny trainers, which are very diaper-like in feel and absorbency (meaning you can stuff them as much as you need to for older toddlers) can go well into 50+ pounds, so you are covered for nighttime as long as your child needs it. It really is not unusual for us to see emails for children who are 5, 6 and older to need help at night. If you have ruled out any medical conditions that need attention, it is just a matter of those cues and when your child is ready to plug those cues into toilet readiness, and enough bladder control to last all night.

In the ironic twist of life, the reality is they may be helping us with our diapers if we are lucky enough to live so long, so patience is the name of the game here~


June 2, 2010. Night time solutions, Q & A, toilet training & learning.


  1. Christine replied:

    Thanks, this article was really helpful for me. My 4 year old son wets the bed every night. He completely fills up a disposable pullup (I have never used cloth before). I bought him a Potty Scotty nighttime trainer and he wets right through it every night. I just ordered a Happy Heiny trainer from your website, and a hemp stuffin insert. I can’t put cloth diapers on my son b/c he’s been potty trained long enough, and using disposable pullups at night, that he won’t go back to something that’s not like underpants. He has no motivation to stay dry at night, so I’m really hopeful that the Happy Heiny will keep him – and the sheets! – dry.

    Thanks for the insight about when kids are and aren’t ready. I am moving to cloth for baby #2, and I want my older son in reusable pullups, but I can’t take the wet sheets every day!!!


  2. .:karen:. replied:

    For our 2.5 yo daughter who is day-trained, we use a combination of two med/lg gDiapers with either nicki’s diaper micro-terry inserts or Gflappers from the nappy shoppe, two WAHM-made night-time trainers switching out five 3-layer snap-in inserts, and a Happy Heiny’s no-snap trainer stuffed usually with a nicki’s diaper micro-terry insert and a generic “doubler” from them as well.

    I don’t like the idea of limiting fluids before bed especially as we don’t eat until right before bedtime since both my husband and I work and don’t get home until late. We’ve started waking her up in the middle of the night to pee. Sometimes we catch her before she’s gone, sometimes we don’t. Other times, she’ll go with us, but still pee sometime between then and the rest of the morning.

    We’re trying to get away from the gDiapers since a) we want her to wake up, go to the bathroom and pull her pants down on her own, which she can’t do with a gDiaper. And b) She’s already 1 lb over their limit, but they still fit for the most part b/c she’s pretty lean. Overall, they work pretty well with the inserts, though sometimes we’ve had leaks and damp pj’s.

    I really want to like our WAHM-made night trainers. The inserts are similar to the Gflappers and are very thirsty, but our daughter has always been a heavy wetter and we’ll usually have soaked sheets in the morning if we didn’t get her up during the night.

    So far, the Happy Heiny’s trainer has been the most bullet-proof option (they wick the moisture away from the skin and into the inserts so well!) and I’m thinking I should just pick up some more for night time and some for her naps at daycare. My question about them (and I’m new to cloth overall…just started with the night time training) is after a night where they’ve wet, do we just pull the inserts out for the wash and let the pants dry and reuse them another 1-2 times? Or do you throw the whole thing in the wash? I guess that same question would apply to a regular pocket diaper too. Any thoughts?

    blondredhead at mac dot com

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