The Wonders of Wool

The organic and natural features speak for themselves, so this chat is about how wool works for your baby, and later we will get into super-easy ways to care for it ( I promise super easy because I do it, and as the laziest wash routine person on the planet, I can tell you it is easy!)

-Why wool? The first time I saw a Disana wool cover I literally laughed out loud. Why some sadistic mother would put a urine soaked dog sweater on their child’s sweaty bottom was beyond me. It looked huge, uncomfortable, and the idea of handwashing something made my stomach turn. (Never mind I was a big dummy and didn’t actually feel it to see it was really pretty darn soft).

Then I had my second daughter, little Camille, who as a petite and tiny baby had a bladder that could take on any racehorse at the track. Every nighttime and naptime solution I tried failed. The poor child would have a bottom that extended four feet off her rear and it still became saturated and would leak. In desperation I thought I would give this wool thing a try, and two children later I have not turned back.

Wool by nature is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The lanolin naturally present in fresh wool, and present when you relanolize it, works with the properties of the wool to self-clean it. When you use it and urine gets on it, if you flip it inside out and let it air out throughout the day, press it on your nose at night you will not smell one thing.

Wool is truly hugely absorbent in and of itself. An easy way to see this is when you wash it, compress it down into a basin of water, and that little soaker will suck up everything in the basin. You can also enhance its “waterproofing” abilities with lanolin, by coating the fabrics with a slick, waxy substance to really give it some oomph in working for a heavy wetter.

The neat thing about wool, while most customers use them over fitteds or prefolds, is it is 100% breatheable, and truly can be used over anything you want. No different than putting pajama pants over a diaper, I use my wool over PUL pockets stuffed with lots of absorbency, you will not be trapping heat, so for the heaviest of wetters you have a failproof solution.

Wool is great to a point, but you do have to have adequate absorbency underneath. A prefold for a 2 year old isn’t going to cut it, we need to double up, fold in some hemp, possibly some other inserts, then try the wool.


May 29, 2010. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, Q & A, Wool.

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