Diapering a Newborn!

Our first daughter was diapered in prefolds and covers almost 7 years ago, eventually graduating to Happy Heiny pocket diapers. Our second daughter was prefolds and covers for the first few months, than into one size pockets (Bumgenius had just come out when she was born over 4 years ago), and then mixed with a few AIOs as she got closer to training. Our third daughter spent her newborn stage in fitteds and covers, then one size pockets/AIOs from older sister. With Sebastian I have learned something important. We always have advised this to moms of boys, but I now understand how crucial it is to keep their penis pointed down in the diapers. Boy, oh boy, when it isn’t, I can count on him leaking within 20 minutes out of his diapers. If you have a boy, do make sure he is aimed south, it really can make a difference 🙂

Sebastian is also a very heavy wetter, and also my smallest baby. He came home at just under 8 pounds (daughter #1 was born at almost 11 pounds, so he feels like a preemie to me!), so he was able to go right into Thirsties extra small fitteds, Kissaluvs size 0, Thirsties extra small covers and a few Bumgenius extra small all in ones. All of those fit ( I love aplix closure, so I do reach for my thirsties fitteds over the kissaluvs). This is my daytime stash, at nighttime he really only pooped once or twice a night right off the bat, so we do have success with some one size pockets at this stage. Only having to change every few hours at nighttime, versus 90 minutes or less during the day, meant we needed more absorbency. We also have a Gen-y cover in the newborn size that is great for the bigger fitteds, the large cut does well to cover them. The pockets I love for 8 pounds are: Rumparooz (I actually do like the snap fit on him), Tiny Tush one size, the aplix crosses all the way at 8 pounds, and now at almost 9 pounds it is still on the absolute smallest setting, Bumgenius one size, and extra small Fuzzi Bunz diapers.

I use a variety of inserts in here just from our collection over the years, mostly small microfiber inserts, small joey bunz, infant prefolds folded in half, and small premium joey bunz. Just last night I tried a Happy Hempy on him, under a Disana cover and it did very well also. One of our helpers at the store is my sister in law, who has a little girl now 10 weeks old. Little Hannah spent her newborn days in Thirsties Duo Diapers size one, and the discontinued Thirsties AIOs in extra small. Both did tremendously well for her, mommy Jenn really raved about the inserts that come in the duo diapers. Hannah was just under 10 pounds at birth.

Newborn diapering is about keeping the bowel movements contained. Now having tried really the whole range of things, if I had to pick my absolute favorites, I would have to say:
-Rumparooz one size pockets, Thirsties extra small fitteds and covers, Bumgenius extra small AIOs, Tiny Tush one size pockets, Bumgenius one size pockets, and Happy Hempys for nighttime. Jenn I know would add Thirsties are the name of the game as well, namely the duo diapers size one.

Are pockets are failproof for the bowel movement containment as prefolds and fitteds? Here is where it gets sticky (sorry, bad choice of words-LOL). My girls could not do pockets to save their lives until about 6 weeks/12 pounds or so. All three of them had hugely explosive bowels and while the pockets worked most of the time, they weren’t failproof like my prefolds and fitteds. Now to really embarrass my son, he isn’t as explosive. His bowel movements are just…less for lack of a better word. They stay in the middle of the diaper and don’t get to the sides. My girls are just super poopers I suppose, they could fill a diaper side to side, front to back in one bowel movement. Of course you don’t know this going into newborn diapering, so I stand by the advice that prefolds/covers and/or fitteds/covers will give you the best shot for the majority of babies, but those duo diaper size one, extra small AIOs, and even some one size pockets really can hold their own as well. A sampling of a few products with the bulk being the “tried and true” options will give you a good idea of what suits you and your baby.

My personal preference is to get into a system of all the same thing as quickly as possible. With 4 now under age 6, laundry is a constant, so having things as simple as possible keeps mom happy. I will be leaning towards the Tiny Tush pockets as we go through the next few months as he sizes out of the others, having trained Lucy out of them I know they give you a terrific size range on the larger end, she is 35 pounds now and could easily fit into them still if she were still in diapers, while other one size pockets have been outgrown (she is a sturdy build, very tall and a good waist size on her).


May 13, 2010. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter.

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