Infant Nighttime Cloth Diapering Solutions

Having diapered now 4 babies at nighttime, here is what we personally did:

With our first, who was by far the lightest wetter of them all, prefolds and covers worked very well. When she stopped having bowel movements at night, one prefold still held her all night under a simple PUL cover (proraps at the time). Looking back I am wondering if she didn’t have enough hydration-LOL-because she really barely wet at night.

Baby #2 was a heavier wetter, we did use Kissaluvs and covers at nighttime, sometimes folding an infant prefold in half and putting it between the fitted and cover for absorbency protection, this would hold her for the night.

Baby #3 started with Thirsties fitteds and Thirsties covers, but was a big baby (11 pounds coming home from the hospital, 12-14 pounds around the two month mark). She fit into older sister’s one size pockets pretty early, so I would stuff bumgenius pockets with an infant prefold folded in half, and a small joey bunz behind it all in the pocket.

Baby #4, little Sebastian, is a very heavy wetter. Fitteds and covers worked for the first week or so, even changing every two hours at night, they would get pretty soaked. We then went into some one size pockets with a folded prefold and one hemp insert, and those were saturated, too. We then found and love our solution now. He is just under 10 pounds, and we use a medium Happy Hempy pocket fitted, stuffed with an infant prefold folded in half. A Disana wool cover goes over the whole thing. Our cover is a well-felted one from older sister, it started as a large but is now the size of a medium soaker. The hempy is barely wet in the morning, so I know it has room to spare with absorbency. Now all of this does not fit into a sleeper, so I advise mom and dad to invest in some sleep sacks (those cute little potato-sack sleepers that are just gathered elastic at the legs), to accomodate the stuffing and make for easy changes at night.

Our Hempys in the store have a stay dry fleece inner, so it is not a natural fabric against him. I prefer a stay dry inner anyway, but if you like the idea of the hempy, we can order them with the hemp inner so the natural fabric is against the baby’s skin.

One size fitteds would have been a good route, too, especially the Baby Beehinds or Swaddlebees one size Organic Velour fitteds.

From talking with our customers, I would have to guess the breakdown for babies 0-3 months would be: 20% very light wetters, 70 % average wetters, 10% heavy wetters. Meaning, chances are you aren’t going to have to pull out the big guns with a wool soaker early on, but also I would not rely on just a single prefold to last all night.

Hemp inserts are great for any system to boost absorbency, they do need to be used in combination with something (so not just hemp alone in a pocket diaper), they are a really dense fabric, and will oversaturate in the middle before the urine has a chance to distribute if used by themselves. Combined with microfiber, cotton prefolds, even hemp/fleece fabric inserts, they do an incredible job of absorbing lots in a very trim way.


May 6, 2010. Diaper Chatter, Night time solutions.


  1. Susan M. replied:

    Great information! Really dumb questions, because I always wonder this when people write it…when you say “…with an infant prefold folded in half, and a small joey bunz behind it…” does behind it mean closer to the baby or the cover/pocket?! In general, does the hemp go by the baby or by the cover?!

  2. Rose replied:

    Meaning urine hits first:
    hemp insert
    PUL part of diaper (either back of pocket or cover).
    In general, hemp goes by the cover~

    • Susan M. replied:

      Thanks! That is what I thought, just wanted to make sure!

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