push me over the edge

All right all you cloth diaper advocates….as I indicated in my earlier post, I used to use cloth pretty much full time, and then I kinda fell off the wagon.  I am *trying* to get back onto the wagon….I am also trying to toilet train my two and a half year old.  So I have an almost-11-month old, and a two a half year old in diapers.  I would like to have just one in diapers.  I would like to believe that I can go back to full time cloth.  Help convince me!! Comment below…anyone share this experience?


April 19, 2010. cloth diapers.


  1. Nicole replied:

    I never found cloth diapering to be a big deal or difficult. I love that i am helping the environment and my pocketbook. I love my BG 3.0 OS pocket diapers. I wash every other day but have enough of a stash for 3+ days. This way if you are to busy to stuff the pockets you have a whole extra day to do it. I keep 5 night time diapers (BG sized up with the main microfiber insert, thirsties hemp insert, small microfiber insert, hemp babies insert – never had a leak) Plus, stuffing time is my time. it is my excuse to sit my botty down and watch what ever tv show i want to. No guilt! It has to get done right? I also do my first cold wash right after i put my DD down, then before bed start up the second hot wash and go to sleep. In the AM i either put the inserts in the dryer or hang them outside to sun (shells always are hung). I love cloth diapering. I really think disposables should only be LEGAL for traveling. I love everything about cloth diapering and will miss it when we start potty training our daughter.

  2. Stacey replied:

    You can definitely get back to full-time cloth diapering! If you are potty training your 2.5 year old, you are likely to have a few accidents in training undies, possibly every day for a little while. Washing them by themselves doesn’t make a lot of sense, so why not start using cloth diapers on the baby and toss the wet undies in with those? This is exactly what got me into cloth diapering! It made no sense to me to keep using disposables when I was washing wet undies for potty training! We do diaper laundry every other day and start the washer after bath time. Before we go to bed, we throw them in the dryer and they’re ready for the morning. I use fitteds & aios, so folding is a breeze! You can do it! Just jump! 🙂

  3. Rachel replied:

    I am in a similar boat! I have a 2 1/2 yr. old I would like to PL, and a 12 mo. old. They only difference is I have been cding the whole time. I only have a big enough stash for a day with 2 in dipes, so I wash every night. Makes it part of my routine, easier that way. I don’t have great answers for PLing the older one, mine is resistant. However making using the potty part of her routine after every dipe change, before naps, bath, bed, etc. seems to be helping a little, as well as trying to encourage her to keep her diaper dry. I just keep telling myself to think of all I’m saving over sposies with 2 in dipes :).

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