what makes cloth fun in the summertime

We had so many great comments on what makes cloth fun in the summertime that I decided to compile them all into one “best of summer” cloth list.  The overwhelming majority of you said — IT’S JUST DARN CUTE!!

We’re almost at the weekend, everyone.  Enjoy!

… …. seeing all those pretty colors and fun prints hanging from the clothesline!

Watching my son pull off his diaper and run bare butt around the yard. I guess he’s outsmarting the velcro on our BGs!

Cuteness aside, it is also a great season to be a cloth advocate.  With all these opportunities to show-off the cloth, you will have lots of chances to talk to other mommies out and about town about why you choose to cloth diaper.

What makes cloth diapering fun in the summer is that my baby looks adorable in nothing but a diaper!

Cloth diapering is great in the summer because I can let my older ones be creative! They get to tye dye or regular dye all my plain prefolds and make them pretty.

Saving even more money by being able to hang my diapers outside to dry! 🙂

You can use one without an insert as a swim diaper!


April 15, 2010. cloth diapers, Fun.

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