A breath of (ocean) air

Our winning guest poster was Ana from http://mammagiraffe.blogspot.com/!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We received so many fabulous entries that we just may have to feature all of them individually!

How do you use cloth diapers when every second of your day is full?  When you have two working parents who race to the metro, race to meetings all day, then race to get home for some quality time at the park before book, bath, bottle, bed?  And how do you have the time to blog about it?  Well, the same way you have the time to eat lunch, go to the bathroom, and (occasionally) even have time to have sex with your husband and/or watch an episode of 30 Rock.  You make time.  Yes, sometimes finding the time is as difficult as finding socks that stay on your baby, but when at the end of the week you go to empty the diaper genie and realize that there are NO diapers in it, its like taking a deep breath of fresh, cool, ocean air.  So, yes, to me fitting cloth diapering into my busy schedule is like taking a vacation to the beach.

What are the pros of cloth diapering, besides that cool, ocean air thing?  Well, there’s feeling good about doing something great for the environment.  Then there’s that whole saving thousands of dollars so that you can afford to take an actual beach vacation thing.  And, I have to admit, it helps assuage my working mom’s guilt.  I hate to think there is anything I can’t do for my baby and family just because I go to work during the week.  And finally, cloth diapers are just cute and fun and interesting.

So, now let’s move onto the cons.  Really, there’s just one, the washing.  How do you fit in the time to wash diapers when you have a toddler to bathe, other laundry to do and two adults that need to shower, all between the hours of 5 pm and 10 pm?  Well, so far my best answer is buy more cloth diapers so that you can wash them less often!

Ana Greene lives with her husband and daughter in Arlington, VA.  She is a mild mannered federal government employee by day and blogger by night.  She is a Supermom 24 hours a day to her 15 month old daughter Alice.


April 1, 2010. cloth diapers, Guest post.

One Comment

  1. Stacey replied:

    Great article! I have a lot of friends that work and assume that using cloth diapers is just impossible. I will be passing this along!

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